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  1. Came here to ask about this myself. I have been trying to create a PQ for caches only within the United States, but there just doesn't seem to be a way to do it.
  2. Yep, this has been happening to me recently as well. The system ignores the date you enter and always puts in today's date. Or perhaps tomorrows. You have to upload your image(s) and then go back and edit the visit. When you change the date on the edit page it seems to stick. The real annoyance is that for some unknown reason you can't edit a visit after twenty-four hours so I have several "bad" visit dates over the last few weeks. Not that anyone really cares but I do like for my stats, such as they are, to be correct.
  3. I always check the mini map - when it works. Which is not always, partly because my net access from home is pretty thin. But that one got by us both.
  4. ... a game in which you go 'round and 'round and 'round with the reviewer about how something is spelled, but neither of you notice that the coordinates are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean until after it's published.
  5. That is pretty interesting. Thanks for putting in all of that work for us. But Kansas sure is sad. No wonder I pick up so many "rare" categories in Wichita, there's no one there.
  6. So there is a work-around in Chrome. You have to do it for every page you want to print, though. F12 - brings up Chrome developer tools. If you don't see "Rendering" on the menu at the bottom, hit the three vertical dots on the top menu, select "More tools" and select Rendering. Now Rendering should appear on the menu bar at the bottom of the pane. Scroll to "Emulate CSS media type" and select "Screen." Now you have WYSIWYG printing for the current page.
  7. Came here to say just that - printing (from Chrome and Edge, the only browsers I have) still cuts off the GC code, and no longer prints any logs. This is probably due to mucking around with the "print" style sheet. And it is highly annoying as I often cache with paper out where there is no service and often want to refer to previous logs, so I always print the first page or two of logs. I use the "old" view (the new one is fine on a phone or tablet but awful on a PC) so I don't have a "print" button with an option to print logs.
  8. THANKS M/99 that is just what I needed.
  9. Often the descriptions in an Adventure Lab are pretty interesting, and I would like to read them again after completing the AL. But I cannot figure out how to get the app to show those to me; all I can see are the journal entries. Is there a way to see those descriptions again? THANKS.
  10. I wouldn't have thought that taking a photo doing something that some people do once in their lives would be a valid "Photo Goal." Unless you're allowed to fake it, and that doesn't make any sense to me either.
  11. And the opposite! I was photographing an old country church in Kansas (which became WM12RXN) when an old fellow pulled up to check on us. We got to chatting and found that he (among many others) had helped construct the addition on that building right after they all got out of the service after WWII. He knew the full history of the church (his parents had helped build it, over a century ago) and had lots of stories to tell and I wish I could have stayed more than the hour that we did.
  12. Hmmm, I think that's about infinity percent below the league average. Since we have a pretty good idea of what's rejected, why not post a list of potential Photo Goals that haven't yet been submitted that have some chance of acceptance?
  13. 100 miles is not enough; too bad you can't increase that. That's why I liked the "old" search; you could get into the URL and up the distance to 200 miles (or whatever), which gives me Wichita and the DFW area (from OKC).
  14. For a good long while this was a link right on the main page, and I found it quite useful. It's been gone for a while, and I just can not duplicate that search. Any help?
  15. Based on the list given earlier this category has a "decline" rate of 83%. I wonder if there is any other WM category that comes anywhere near that. But it does make me feel better about my current batting average here, which is zero.
  16. I have a few "remote" acquaintances now through Waymarking. Might meet one or two of them someday. But mostly Waymarking (and geocaching and benchmarking) takes me to interesting places that I would not have otherwise visited, and I really enjoy that.
  17. OK so this is pretty small potatoes... the GC code on a printed cache page (yes, I usually print quite a bit when out caching where data services will not be found) is too far to the right and gets cut off. My guess is that this just needs a little adjustment in the "print" section of the style sheet. But like I said, a minor little annoyance but it would be nice for it to be addressed some day.
  18. IMHO that wasn't the problem What we need is to be able to group our souvenirs. A country group; a state group; group by campaign (e.g. 31 Days of Geocaching), and so on.
  19. While not etched in stone, my criteria are: A well-constructed and entertaining cache page A well-constructed and artistic cache container that obviously required some thought and work A safe, legal place to park A cache that is in an unquestionably public area (or set with permission of the property owner), and there's no doubt that it's OK to be there to look for it. A have a good geo-friend who does incredible caches. His pages are epic. The containers are works of art. The puzzles (I do a lot of puzzles) are mind- bending but once solved you just have to laugh at how direct they actually were. Favorites, right? Nope - he invariably places them in non-public places, even in places where flat out no question about it trespassing is required. I would love to give him fave points, but no. Instead I send him photos of "No Trespassing" signs near the hide. Another does amazing puzzles. You feel like a brainiac when you actually figure one out. They're set in public places, often the remote corners of parks (and so there is also a nice big public parking lot). But the containers are plain Jane pill bottles with a scrap of paper for the log. I sometimes give them faves anyway and tease the CO later. That said, I owe a lot of caches favorite points and am slowly but surely going through logs and awarding them as appropriate. I rarely give an urban cache a favorite point. A mag key holder on an electrical box behind a strip mall? Better hope security doesn't catch you back there. Also, I find a lot of actual keys looking for those. Skirt lifter in a parking lot? I usually skip those unless it says "with permission" on the cache page. I cache to have fun, not to try to dodge the mall security car or get arrested. In a nice big drainage tunnel? City ordinances usually say that if you go in there, you're trespassing and if caught you'll get a nice big fine. On the wrong side of a fence? Not a chance. Caches like that really damage our reputation with law enforcement and I don't like that one little bit. So that was a bit of a rant but there you go. Give me good caches in a park or on a hiking trail or in a public wildlife preserve any day and you'll get favorite points in return.
  20. Is it just me? The mini map on Waymark pages hasn't worked since last night's updates. No joy at home, work, or smartphone - three computers, three networks.
  21. Our reviewer advises us to submit with a note "Coord check only, do not publish" and he gets back to us on those pretty quickly.
  22. When a submitted Waymark has to go out for a vote, do the other members of the WM group see the private message? Based on the feedback I've seen on a few of mine recently, my guess is that they do not. Or if they did, they didn't read it. But does anyone know for sure?
  23. LOL. I probably have thirteen thousand images posted to Waymarking, all with carefully worded captions (which are indicated as 'optional but recommended' but are not actually used anywhere) but none with descriptions (which are indicated as 'optional' but are actually visible if you look for them). So every one of mine shows "no description" when you hover over them in the gallery. And of course you cannot go back and "edit" an image. Well that's our beloved Waymarking web page code for you. I will just have to learn to ignore the captions and put some text in the descriptions instead.
  24. I have always put "caption" text on my Waymarking images. But as I look at waymarks I can find no way to see the caption for a particular image. How do I see a caption?
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