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  1. Any word if previously recorded scores are going to be corrected? Mine is still showing 450 versus the new and improved score of 750 for finding a cache with 10+ FPs.
  2. So I found 1 cache today to reach the basecamp of Elbron. A mystery with 16 FPs. I thought I would get 650 points for finding a mystery but I only received 450 because the cache had more than 10 FPs. I'll now have to work harder to find caches that have less than 10 FPs if their cache type base value is higher than 450. I think the code should be adjusted where if you find a mystery (or EC or LB) with more than 10 FPs you still get the full 600 points (or 750 or 550). The EC I have on my hit list for Saturday has 12 FPs so I am going to lose another 300 points. Can this be adjusted please?
  3. Maybe the bonus is to solve the equations on the trackables themselves? I found three and have solved Buddies Squared and Irrational Love of Pi. I think I need more info to solve Acutie on Duty. I suppose that could qualify as a 'special math bonus'.
  4. From the promo page: Lastly, there might just be a special math bonus if you’re able to find all five trackables. Get out there and start your own math adventure. There’s a whole world of math love waiting for you. <3 Does anyone know what the special math bonus is if you find all five?
  5. How can this link be edited to filter by a certain cache type? Suppose I want to only see my/some else's multi cache finds?
  6. I have noticed this as well. If I do a normal search (using play/search) then yes, I can tick the boxes and add to a list. If I go to another users profile and then select their list of geocache finds I am also presented these tick boxes but placing a check in them does nothing. It does not give me the option to add to one of my lists. The plus signs also do not work from these lists created from another user's profile. They DO work when doing a search - using play/search. I wanted to place all of a users caches on a list by going to their profile and viewing their list of hidden caches but they can't be added this way. I had to use Play/Search and add the filter Hidden By. However, this only gives active caches and not their entire catalog of hides. If I want to add the archived ones I need to type in the GC number in search then add to a list from the cache page. I am guessing the reason the tick boxes and plus signs do not work form the profile for both finds and hides has something to do with archived caches being part of these lists.
  7. Yep, been like that since the dawn of the app. Would be much more convenient if when you searched a new area if the list presented those search results but, as you found for yourself, it doesn't. It would be easier to get an overview of the available labs in that area instead of having to click the green pin for each one.
  8. Also would like to note that on a phone display as in the OP's post, the hamburger menu can no longer be scrolled so I can't get to the last column to sort by "Placed Date". This had worked prior to the change on April 20. If I want to search for the oldest caches in a state I must use a third party app to do it whereas before this change to the Search, I could use the website on my phone and scroll to the end of the hamburger menu list and then select "Placed On" and hit the column to change the sort order. Can this please be looked into as well. I use an iPhone7 v14.4.2 so the screen is small and all the choices do not fit.
  9. If you are not making a bonus cache (or even if you are) you could always turn the entire adventure off temporarily and disable the bonus cache until the river is back to safer levels. Once everything returns to normal just re-enable the bonus cache (if you have one) and turn the adventure back on to 'public'. That way, no one will miss out on your ultra cool location, which, btw, I can't wait to come find out what it is. I would be upset to read about this ultra cool location in other people's logs knowing I missed out on it because the stage had been temporarily changed to something else.
  10. This is still there. Just presented differently. When looking at your friends list of found caches there is a smiley over the type icon indicating if you've already found it. However, there is no indication you are looking at someone else's list unless you look in the URL. This should be displayed in the list header. What I will miss is the column "Last Found". I like to look at my list of geocache finds and then see if anyone has found the cache since I've been there. This cannot be done on this new list view. Can you please add this column to the "All Geocache Finds" list? As mentioned previously, it would be great if the end user could choose which columns they would like displayed and in what order then save the view. Also, add a filter box for Found Date (similar to Placed Date filter) so you could jump to a section in the list.
  11. Sounds to me that you create drafts when caching and then log your finds later. If you are also doing an Adventure Lab at the same time, those finds are added to your total in real time. So, if you started the day with 2996 finds and found 4 caches and saved them as 'drafts', the fourth draft would be your 3000th cache. But, you also found 5 adventure labs which registered immediately making your total 3001 before logging your drafts. All you really need to do is go into your milestones and select the cache that was your intended 3000th cache. It doesn't matter that the lab caches were registered before your official 3000th cache log was created. It really is just a number at the time of logging. You know which cache was your intended 3000th, so tell the site which one it is by locking in your milestone. No one is going to know after the fact that you logged 5 adventure labs before you changed your draft log into an official 'found it' log. This just happened to me for my 6000th. cache. If you look at my milestones you will see which cache I chose. Because I also did an adventure lab before converting my 6000th cache find draft to an official Found It log, a lab cache was listed as my milestone. I simply went into the milestones and changed it to the intended cache. It's no big deal. I really don't understand all the angst towards lab caches. They have always counted as one smiley per lab stop before there was even an app. I also don't think they should be compared to multis. They are each their own separate cache type for a reason. Multis have multiple stages for one find. Each lab stop counts as a find. It's always been this way, hasn't it? At least since I joined in 2012. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which caches you want to seek and how much effort you want to put into seeking those caches. Personally, I think labs are a really fun addition to the game. Most everyone I know loves the 5 easy finds and can't seem to get enough of them.
  12. Is this it? It is a Pathtag. Not a geocoin and only trackable on that site. It's a swag item you can keep or deposit in another cache. Me, I would keep it.
  13. True. I used my phone to capture a screenshot of geocaching.com Is this a better screenshot? This is from my chromebook. I think that qualifies as a pc.
  14. You can still page through them by choosing “View all logs” located right above the most recently recorded log.
  15. I notice sometimes my watchlist ( and the entire lists section) is not accessible from my dashboard as it should be. When I am on a cache page then click my user name in the top right it goes back to my dashboard but the entire list section is missing. If I hit refresh it appears. Depending on how I navigate to my Dashboard it is there the first time but it seems clicking my user name from a cache page causes this issue as well as clicking my user name from within my profile. I get the same results using both Chrome and Edge. If I scroll down quickly I see it is there but then it disappears. Refreshing in Chrome seems to work but does not in Edge. I can live with the refreshing of the screen to find it but was just wondering if this is a problem for any one else.
  16. I have never used this tag in any log I've written for a FTF. Instead, I place them on a public bookmark list and Project-GC has never had an issue with finding them. I prefer this method as I don't like the way this {*FTF*} looks in logs. You just need to set up the list then reference it in the Project-GC settings. You do not need to be a paying member (on PGC) to access this feature. A bookmark list also allows me to make additional notes, number them for my own reference or map them, all on geocaching.com.
  17. Use CTRL + mouse wheel. It's like magic
  18. Well, no. I didn't. I feel like such a dolt. It even works with the scroll wheel. Thanks bfj for teaching me something new.
  19. Using the "Search" option filters...Why can't I type in the dates I'd like to search between? It is very cumbersome to have to click through every month since May of 2000 to get to the current year. That's about 240 clicks to get to the current month. Can this please be changed to allow typing of the date in the box? My work around is to use Cachly which I use for most all my searches anyway but would still like to see this changed. I understand this is a worldwide game and the U.S. uses an odd date format compared to the rest of the world. This is probably the reason why you can't currently type in that field, but couldn't you add a date format preference so that searching by date could be a much more useful feature?
  20. It’s a test copy of the adventure lab. If you go to the list of adventures you will see there are two listed for the same lab (if the lab is set to public) Swipe to the left on the test tube icon version and it will disappear. Back on the map you will now only have the green pin
  21. I'm sure they are listening. I only meant that someone thought it was a great idea and now it's a flop. So back to the drawing board. It took me two seconds to figure out what the gear/star meant because I read the app update info in the app store. That info is available to everyone. They are probably hard at work right now writing and testing code to filter out found adventures. I personally think a smiley face ? instead of green check mark would be more fun. But only until I can filter those out.
  22. I bet the developers just love reading these comments. Probably a lot of heavy sighing going on in Seattle.
  23. Or just do the regional search as above then click the column header "Placed On" until the oldest dates are at the top of the list. You can then check the box for each cache you want to search for and add them to a list.
  24. Try typing in the name of your province in the search. It should appear in a list and say -Regional Search behind it. Click that choice then continue by adding the date filters.
  25. Well what do you know...that worked. Thanks Max. Although I swear I tried that before and it did not work. Must just be me. Problem solved.
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