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Champoeg 2004


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You have to wonder when this particular thread will die out.  I suspect in July???

Die out in July?! Well, then the discussion will start up again about Champoeg 2005. Planning and talk will start in August. Campsite reservation will start in September or October (can't remember which month it is that we can start "holding" our spots). :D


~Amy of FoF

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Adrian and I have finally made our reservation at the campground. We are looking forward to the events! We'll be out in the B Loop with Team Supergenious et al. Yea us! :unsure: I'm sure that Adrian will be hoping for some fun food. emoticon_letseat.gif


- Seth!

Who is also happy about having a special Post Icon -- icon13.gif

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Actually I was refering to the TOP SECRET sattelite photo that Capt. Smith posted showing my yurt as the, Beer/Alchol storage tent, extra demented. AKA B/AST,ED. And no offense but my idea of my sponge nurse is more along the lines of Brooke Burke not some guy named Dave. Although I'm sure your very good and come highly recomended. :D:D

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Sorry people but Red and I will not be attending your little get together.


It seems as Red is expecting another grandkid at that time so getting her away from here will not be possible.


Sure, I could show up by myself. But where would I live after the party?



Logscaler, We seem to only use our camper at Champoeg, so that would be available for you after the weekend .

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11 days remaining


The time is almost upon us.

The "devices" are almost complete from all parties.


A Last minute Anarchy event includes a combination of karoke, dancing, and shooters.

It has been dubbed "Champoeg Idol", and its gunna be a riot.


only 11 days left.. :tongue:

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Who knows what critters will be in A13 on friday.

I pity the fools. :tongue::blink:

Fools where? Team SuperGenius has a site on the B Loop also.


See ya there.


Mr. SuperGenius is brigning along his poker table, chips and cards just in case!



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