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Champoeg 2004


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Count us in! It is only 6:30am and Zoom & Peashooter are still sawing logs and do not have a clue that I have made the reservations. I think I will keep quiet and see how long it takes them to read the forum and see that we will be attending. So anyway, we will be in A16 next to Westly Crew and across from Mr. Snazz. Will be great to meet all you crazy cachers!

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What are the details? Start Friday (June 4th) or Saturday (june 5th)? We just might head on up. What kind of drunken hoopla goes on? Thanks, The Mailleman

Ususally most people start showing up Friday late afternoon/evening. (that whole silly work thing and all) Most of the actual events are on Saturday, but the drunken hoopla starts Friday and goes on the rest of the weekend. <_<

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The "group" thing would be the ivy pulling and the potluck that follows. Plus usually some cache type activities and of course Apparatus III (right Soup???)

Yes, the usual Ivy/Potluck will occur. Then there are the cache events, including a new fractalSoup adventure, and yes.. Apparatus III. I cant wait!! :(


However, there is PLENTY of room for other events if people are ambitious enough. Past ideas include: FrisbeeGPS, Kids Scavenger Hunt, and my new favorite... YurtCrawl! (Kinda like pubcrawl, but with yurts/tents!!). :D

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Team Maximus Posted on Jan 4 2004, 02:30 PM


I'll be making this my first event cache. I havn't frequented the forums so most of you don't know me but I guess I will see you all there. I talked to Quantum Mechanic and Sassquatch the other day and I'll be drinking...er staying with them since they have room for one more. ]


Oh Yeah!! Did I mention that Mardi Gras Man won't be in the sassquatch yurt. He's moving to New Mexico and will be replaced with newcomer Team Maximus so break out the tar and feathers for the hazing ceremony.

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Ooo, ooo...! Interconnected crop circles! Or better yet--discounting Yurt F--the likeness of an alien being: the main path outlines its body, and yurts A-E represent 5 protruding eyes!


I don't remember those trees in front of fractal's yurt last year. Have they been removed? Lots of those Terraserver images are several years old. Doug and I were both thrilled and intimidated when we easily zoomed in on our house! We couldn't believe it!


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Beer, beer, beer..that's all we hear about, well, ok maybe we heard something about pole danicing and special light effects. What we have to offer on the lonely quiet side, note quiet (maybe something to be said for having a quiet spot to crawl away from the shennigans), will be a jug or so of homemade vino (and we are noted for our Central Oregon Wine!), our own small effort at lighting and wild and crazy decorating. Just how many ways can you hang ivy, or dress up in it...hmm, any Adam and Eve visuals come to mind? I have to admit, neither of us intend to do any pole dancing, but we may be reeling in the middle of the night. Now am I refering to square dancing? Heck no! We may be Central Oregonians, but not all of us are desert cowboys. We do have a killer water ballon launcher, like, you can shoot those suckers 2 blocks--- if you're man enuf. Look out yurtsville! We have learned that any interseted individuals need to start stocking up on ballons and the nifty filler attachments now. A large cooler or rubbermaid container filled with water holds them pretty well, not to mention the back of a truck bed (ok, never saw that!), but, if you could get water to stay in the bed (truck bed) to float them babies, you would be the king, grand champ, sole survivor, of the water ballon fight! Now I must admit, this is a great way to entertain the kids, they'll have to fill 'em up and tie them off, hundreds of 'em. Just remember to come prepared, We'll only bring a hundred or so....you'll want your own artillery...we do have the park to ourselves don't we?!!!? Now..... any takers on the quiet side?

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I just purchased "the beast" water balloon launcher which is supposed to launch 1/8 of a mile... I couldn't have Yurtville go unprotected. :huh:

I got nailed with one of those on San Francisco Bay while sailing during opening day ceremonies. I was sitting on the foredeck when it struck and that baby knocked me out cold. If the other boat had boarded us I would have been no use at all.

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I think we are going to install air raid sirens in Yurtville, to notify us of incoming WMD (weapons of mass drenching) ballons. Then it wouldnt take too long to fire up our Patriot Missle Defense System.


We should be able to knock em outta da sky without much problem :huh:


Note: I cant friggen wait for this event!!!

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I like your style Shotgun, peashooter & zoom. Were camped next to you so I’m sure we can coordinate some decent panty raids over to Yurtville (aka: Where’s the hotel???). For the close in and sticky, I have a patented Navdog Marshmallow gun. Can you fill a water balloon with whip cream? Just a thought………

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hmmm....whip cream??? Glad to have you on our team! I had thought about colored water but thought we'd have a few unhappy (but well marked) cachers! Panty raids tho', now you have me thinking a whole new line of thought! I'll be pondering that one over night! I'll have to remember to bring the telescope for stargazing (or Yurt watching to see when the coast is clear). Shhh.. don't tell 'em! Oh yeah, and my giant flag pole, crikey there may not be room in the rig for geocaching equipment, what am I thinking?! (And they thought they had the corner market on silly shennanigans)! I think we may have a bazooka style marshmallow shooter tucked away in some dark corner. I'll have to see what I can uncover, nothing like a pounding of marshmallows by the gross to cheer you up. Now if you were covered in whip creme, you would look like a giant Easter bunny (or one big bee magnet). Late note:My other half tells me the bazooka has bit the dust, hmmmm with a name like Shotgun, I'll have to see if I can rig something up. You know, just for self defense, from the "hotel yurties". I'm sure they're good folks and undeserving of all this attention. Off to ponder the panty raid idea .......

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Oh!! it's like this huh. I feel a drive by comin on DAWG. With soup and fractal on the job I pity the fool. Those 2 could flat out make it rain. ( a nifty trick in Oregon). But to tell you the truth, this team Maximus is starting to scare me. dadgum glad they're on my side. The way YURTZILLA will reign down on the limp tent yurt wanabees will be UNORTHADOXT!! ( In all actuality I don't like the ratio happenin here) :blink:


I'm also thinking on a squirt gun filled with tequila but I haven't finalized that one yet.

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