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Champoeg Redux!!


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Here is the list I pulled from the IvyPotluck webpage. Listed are all who plan on going.






Armando & Co


Team Misguided


Moose n Squirrel



Chubby Forest Monkey






Y'all still coming right?? Who else??

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We'll be making the middle of Yurtville heavy. Family O'Foxes will be there with 5, Stampin' Granny, and who knows who else may be there with us!


We are looking forward to this event and are very thankful to the organizers, especially for organizing something for the kids. (We have 3, 6yo - 5yo - 4yo). icon_eek.gif


We will be checking in on Friday and staying through Monday in Yurt "C". We look forward to meeting new people and making some new friends (not that there's anything wrong with the ones we already have icon_biggrin.gif).


As for signing up on the supplemental web page, we haven't done that yet as we still need to discuss what we will be bringing up with us.


Thanks again for all your hard work!


Jay - FoF



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Hopefully I will be staying in the "Yurtoni". (Bodoni's Yurt). If not, then my cache container will have to do. icon_wink.gif


Oh, if the supplemental website doesnt work, just email me directly (that is where the submissions go anyway).


Time is getting close..!!

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Yes, we just confirmed that we can go - will sign up on the webpage soon - looking forward to meeting you'all (some for the second time ("Schedule Cleared" was much fun icon_smile.gif), some for the first...). We expect to camp Fri/Sat night, but haven't actually reserved a spot yet. Should be lots of fun!



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The ones I have stayed in at the coast had electricity, heater, small table w2 chairs, bunk bed, and a fold down futon. Roughing it at it's finest. And although we can't get there friday because of work, Quantum Mechanic, Mardis Gras Man and I plan on getting there around 1600 on Saturday. I think we're in Yurt E right next to Dr. I.

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We have Yurt D. We'll be there late Friday night, unless Misguided One can get out of work early. We don't know what we are bringing to the pot luck yet. We'll look at it next week and try to bring something to fill in a gap.


smile02.gif We're all here, because we're not 'all there'.



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Great responses everyone.

Just wanted to bring up a point: I dont have anything planned for a group dinner. With the Broken Arrow at 5, the kids scavenger hunt at 6:30, and the Apparatus at 8:00, I might just grab some quick smores and drink some RedBull and hope for the best.


If anyone wants to setup a dinner type thing, let everyone know.

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Originally posted by familyO'foxes:

If Yurt "A" is not occupied by Geocachers, their gonna be in for a surprise!



Yurt A is occupied by yours truly. Also, i just reserved it for friday night, instead of only saturday and sunday. I hate to sound like a gay Mr. T here, but i pity the fool that thinks they can out-interior-decorate me with their yurt.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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Oregone brings up an interesting idea..


Since we OWN Yurtville, we can all try to decorate the yurts in x-mas lights, neon-beer signs, or nativity scenes in the front. I think I have a lightup SantaClause I can get out of storage.


This has a very hilarious potential...

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Hey soup...As far as the group dinner goes after all the events, I suggest we all find the best campfire and BYOHD & bun (bring your own Hot Dog) and a roasting stick...a few cans of beans...throw out a few bottles of condiments and there you go! Good food and great company to go with it! what do you think? icon_wink.gif Squirrel (of Moose n Squirrel)

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Howdy y'all from Texas! Sure is hot down here! Can't wait to get back up into the cool green of Oregon and watch Dr. I blow it all up. I'll be there with Sassquatch and MGM. Gonna have to look into the decoration thing. Sounds like a great idear as they say down thisa way. Thanks for bringing my shirt PDXMarathon Man.


-Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.-

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I must admit....


I'm feeling a bit excited about this......but


Remember in the Posideon Adventure when they showed all the people partying , yet miles away in the open ocean you could hear this deafening roar of something big coming their way? Wasn't that cool? If I hear voices coming out of the sink drain like in Stephen Kings IT, I am gonna freak out.


Now if I could just find those KISS concert flame cannons. Or maybe I'll just bring lights.

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Aha! It looks like geocachers will rule Champoeg (well at least for the weekend).


GeoDiva and I are staying in A39 for Saturday night. It looks like we will be surrounded by fellow geocachers (very cool).


Can't wait to see the people we have already met, and to meet all of the others.


I'm thinking Champoeg State Park is in for a big geocaching surprise... [icon_smile.gif]

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I think Champoeg will be very surprized.. In a good way. Lots of folks having fun and helping the park in the process.. I cant wait to see the Yurtdisplays. I have GOT to find that Santa!!


I am "pre" cracking up at this event. -C

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Ok here is the a final note: Dont forget


11:00 - 1:00 Ivy clearing project organized with the park staff Ranger Mike. Mike will give us the location and proper assistance. Gloves, long sleeves, and closed toe shoes required. Bring your own. I dont have the money to purchase gloves for everyone.


Awards: There will be awards for the usual stuff, how about one for the yurt and or tent decoration?


Personally, I would laugh my a** off at a tent encircled with christmas lights and beer signs.

But then again, I am easily amused..

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Please don't bring any Sprite disguised as Bud Light.


Ok, so maybe I am slow. I'm hoping this is an inside joke. But it does bring up a good question. Where I moved from (Pennsylvania) you were not allowed alcohol in the state parks, at least the one my family always camped in. Dad went to great lengths to disguise his beer cans. Anyway, are you allowed to bring alcohol into state parks, specifically Champoeg, in Oregon?


Judging from the posts in the NW Forum, the cachers from the PDX area wouldn't be there if alcohol were forbidden icon_eek.gif, so my guess is that beer is OK to bring.



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Ok, so maybe I am slow. I'm hoping this is an inside joke.


The story of that miserable beer case begins with me. 5 years ago, I moved into a house with 2 girls (think: 3's Company). At one point we decided to throw a party, and I had them get da brews. Mistake. I said awesome beer, they heard Bud. How?!?


Anyway, only a few were consumed, and the remainder was immediatly forgotten.. Until it was time to move out, a couple years later.


I was packing up the house, when I noticed the beer. Threw it in the back of the truck and headed on, but since it had some brews missing, they went ALL over the place. Solution? I filled that case up with Sprite (an equally gross beverage) and taped that sucker shut. A couple more years go by, as I bring that case to almost EVERY party I go to, in hopes of disposing the vile contents.. but no-one fell for it, and I was always left holding the bag (case?).


So the geocaching event comes around, and once again, I bring that miserable case with me, but this time I was DETERMINED to loose it. So, it was dark, and we were leaving when I see Slinger, fractal, martin, Lauren, and Tungsten. Pulled up beside and said "Dudes, I have this awesome beer that I will give to you for free!! Enjoy it! THey actually took it. I was so surprized that I was going to get rid of that miserable thing.


However, thinking they would soon discover the horrible secret of this case of beer, I hauled a** outta there before they could stop and beat me to a pulp.


I still think slinger is out to get me.. icon_razz.gif

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Here's a little side note for everyone. The week after this event I will be headed to the Virginia / Washington DC area. I plan to do some caching while I am there.


So if any of you have any travel bugs that are Eastward bound (or bound for the Virginia / Washington DC area) be sure to bring them to this event and I would be happy to help them on their way.

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