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Champoeg Redux!!


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Champoeg Rendesvous II is on track!


I worked it out with Ranger Mike at C.S.P. The rough outline is:

May 31, the BrokenArrow event is scheduled to begin sometime in the late afternoon (judging from the countdown thing on Dr.I website). The yurts and some campsites are rented for that night. After the B.A. event: Shenanigans!


June1st: I have reserved Riverside #2 for the day(Pavillian was taken). I have set up with Ranger Mike that we will volunteer from 11-1pm on Ivy Pulling (sorry) and Woodchip spreading.


I will be setting up the Event page soon, but I first need some details from y'all..


Question 1: Shall we make June 1st a potluck?


Question 2: We will have a similar cache placement/repair for the groups (similar to last year). Who wants to create new containers? Just dont let me do the calculations! icon_razz.gif


Question3: Is anyone planning another event cache? I might have Apparatus II completed.

THat depends on if I retrieve the chickenblender intime.


Question4: Any other ideas/concerns/questions?

Please post them here.


I will set up the event page towards the end of the week when I get more of these details. -C

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Question 1: Potluck sounds good. I'll be sure to make something extra special for the event. Do we eat after we're through with the ivy?


Question 2: I can't even finish the container for the Great Scott Cache, so i'm out for creating a new container for this one. I think we should archive the two old ones and make two new caches, though.


Question 3: PLEASE get that chickenblender in time for the event. The Apparatus was more fun than a barrel of cheerleaders. Oh, wait.


Question 4: You might post a reminder on the cogeo.org forums. I think it would be cool if some dry-siders came over and made fun of us for rating our 1.5/1.5 caches as 2.5/3 caches. Is there a prize for the person/people that drove the farthest to be at this thing?


Thanks, soup, for putting this whole thing together. Unlike last year, i'm going to be sure to bring enough cigarettes for everyone this time. (emoticough)


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Sounds fun. Unlike last year we may only be able to stay for the event day. Sounds great to archive the old ones and put 2 new ones. Looking forward to the event. Maybe I'll take up smoking to I can bum one


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Q1 - Potluck sounds great.


Q2 - I too do not seem to be able to complete my own new containers lately icon_frown.gif


Q3 - Well I have to plead pure ignorance on this one... icon_eek.gif


Looking forward to a weekend of fun and friends. See ya all there.


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Sometimes it leaves completely...



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Okay on the Potluck

I agree to archive the old ones, but not until I find Rinse & repete.

We just plan on showing up and having fun, no event planed.

We have dozens of unfinished caches in our garage. (And an unfinished boat but that's another story)


We have lodging in Yurtville for the weekend and are looking forward to the event.


smile02.gif We're all here, because we're not 'all there'.



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Potluck sounds great is it on Saturday or Sunday? One thing to be aware of…checkout time typically is 1 PM for both yurts and campsites so (if like us) you are not staying over Sunday night you will need to be all packed and out of your site by the time we start the ivy pulling.



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Actually, a potluck can be on both days. Big one on Sunday, smaller one on Saturday. Aside from the B.A. event on Saturday, I didnt have too much planned for that day. I was hoping to solicite ideas from the rest of the group.


Sunday, aside from the volunteer work, there will be prizes handed out, update/replacement of the current caches, Geocaching discussions and food. Here are other ideas I have had (note: not all good)

1. People who play acoustic instruments can bring them by. We can make up songs about tupperware!?

2.Trick-or-treat the campsites for marshmellows and chocolate?

3.Frisbee GPS golf??? WHo else has ideas? Anyone?


PS. Hey Oregone, someone was using my ChickenBlender

And dont forget your precious PBR.

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i suggest that we have the big potluck on saturday because for people staying in yurts and tents it will be easier to keep perishable food good for saturday rather than for sunday. also, it's less likely to be plundered by hungry cachers trying to save the world from evil dr. isotope saturday night. just a suggeston, though. either way is really fine.


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Actually... I was planning a little event on Saturday night named "Capture the APPARATUS". OF course, it will be later in the night. Details are sketchy at this time, as all I know is you will need a flashlight, a FRSradio, and NO chickens!


The kiddy scavenger hunt would work well! Mr.Goose, you are cleared for takeoff!

Lets coordinate times offline.

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At the Barley Mill reunion we talked about ordering in real Texas bbq for Champoeg. If anyone is interested click here for the website of the resturant. We've eaten there, and ordered from their air mail catalog. Don't bother with the napkins, you'll want to lick your fingers clean!!! icon_eek.gif


Depending on how many are interested it would cost about $10-$12 per person. We would just have to heat everything up Saturday night.


smile02.gif We're all here, because we're not 'all there'.



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Question 1: Shall we make June 1st a potluck?


I think it should be just like last year -- every man, woman, child and squirrel for themselves.


Question 2: Who wants to create new containers?


No way -- you guys set the bar too high last year!


Question3: Is anyone planning another event cache?


Not me, just along for the ride.

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Q.M., Mardis Gras Man, and I don't plan on being there till 1600, Sat. afternoon which is check in time for our yurt. We work Sat. morn till 0730 and need some rest to wrestle control of the free world from the evil clutches of Dr. I. And to give our beer a chance to cool down. If anyone is planning anything before this please let me know. I wasn't at the last one and I don't want to miss a dadgum thing.

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Oh gosh, May is so busy for us! So far we have plans to be out of town all but one weekend. One at Greenridge Lookout, 3 weekend nights in Slinger/Bubble_lucious country, a weekend with the inlaws and now this. Currently our plans for Champoeg are Saturday evening only. After reading this, we may be wishing that we'd planned differently, but regardless how long or short our stay, we're gonna have a blast!


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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Hmm, since this is a "rough draft" what if I made the following changes to accomodate people who cannot attend the second day...

1. Make everything occure on May31st?


Here is what a schedule would look like...


+9-11am - Meet at Riverside #2 for food and discussions on G.C. stuff. People can find Rinse/Repeat and KittysX if they havent yet found them.


+ 11am-1pm - IVY Pullin and Wood chip spreading action! (BTW. The park REALLY appreciates this)


+ 2pm-4pm - Return to RIV#2 and give out prizes. UPDate/Replace the two existing caches (similar to last year method). POTLUCK. GPS frisby Golf (Can somebody make some game rules?)


+ 4pm-B.A. I dont know the B.A. start time, but beforehand, you can meditate, play music, or contemplate the world if either Dr.I or Voss wins.


+ After the B.A. - Kids Awesome Scavenger hunt brought to you by FatherGOOSE!


+ 9pm or 10pm - "Capture the APPARATUS" Eat more Chikin!


These times are in no way set in stone. I just wanted everyone to have a chance to participate in all that is the Champoeg Redux.


Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Threats?!?..

What do you all think?


[This message was edited by soup on April 23, 2003 at 02:01 PM.]

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Soup - You rock!


That itinerary really looks good. Especially since I am sure to be there Saturday, but whether I can convince any/all of my family that we should camp out and be there on Sunday is still a big question mark. But I ain't missin' the Apparatus II like I did #1.


Is it that simple to move the volunteering effort from Sunday to Saturday?


BTW: I can rent us a chicken blender at Snead's Rentals if we need it. Someone else will need to bring the chickens though.

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Looks awesome, except that i think maybe the apparatus should start a little earlier. not to hype it or anything, but it may motivate us to stay up a little afterwards talking about it--and you know how we shushed at promptly 10pm. of course, since we run yurtville, maybe they'll be a little more lenient this time with the quiet hours. Hopefully.


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Looks quite doable indeed icon_smile.gif. Perhaps we could add a breakfast scramble on Sunday for the folks that stay Saturday night...


I would volunteer for the GPS Frisbee Golf rules, but I am not quite sure how to integrate a GPS into the golf. Maybe a simple task of redefining the tees??? I have never played the course down there, so not really sure what there is to work with. If others have ideas, let's brainstorm and see what we can come up with.


If anyone needs preperation help wannatagalong and I will be arriving Friday afternoon sometime.


My mind not only wanders...

Sometimes it leaves completely...



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We'll be there Saturday. At this point, not planning on camping out, but it's sounding like more and more fun. Looking forward to the festivities. Like others, we have not yet found the 3 in the park (although one of them looks like it was recently plundered). We'll try to do that before the get together in case they're fixing to be archived. Thanks for the work putting everything together Soup.


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I have the news.


icon_smile.gifThe Good:

I have got everything rescheduled. Tightened the bolts and nuts of this operation. Folks seem to like this version of events. Good.


icon_frown.gifThe Bad:

Looks like it will be IVY again. The woodchips got chucked by a wood chuck chuck, b'cause he could chuck, would chuck wood.


frog.gif and The Ugly:

The Park Manager feared it. The Fire Marshall was frightened by it. The Insurance Company would loath it. At this time, I got a "NO GO" on my next APPARATUS installment. I have 2 more cards up my sleeve...

1.Make adjustments to abate the Park Managements fears.

2.If this dosent work, I will have to launch this event in a unsuspecting park the next time I get the GoldenSPIKE.


I am still going to play MarshmelloSnipeHunt during the night.

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Originally posted by soup:

1.Make adjustments to abate the Park Managements fears.

2.If this dosent work, I will have to launch this event in a unsuspecting park the next time I get the GoldenSPIKE.


Since i have no idea what APP2 involves, my choice is by no means an informed one, but i gotta go for #1.

Since the Apparatus is kind of a tradition (yeah, i know this is only the second year) when it comes to champoeg, i'd vote for compromise in this case. You can call it Apparatus version 1.1 instead of version 2, then save the real thing for another time.


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A bit of a preemtive strike.


I would like to formally apologize for my behaviour at the camp out. I plan on drinking heavily and eating more brauts than any human should.


If there were to be an apperatus, I won't tell and nor should anyone else.


It's easier to ask for forgivness than ask for permision.


I'm drunk

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I finally have the time to set up the Event page today. Everything is going as planned. At 9:30am today, I will have confirmation from the parks folks about App#2. Wish me luck. icon_biggrin.gif


The APP had a couple offsprings. One of which was put together by TeamMisguided. Wish I could have been there to see Seths! reaction.


Jay, Here is the original APPARATUS.

Its been dissassembled. If I get the go-ahead for this years installment, I am sure I will give everyone a clear description of the mechanism, or not. icon_wink.gif

BTW. Kids are welcome.

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icon_smile.gif Well now, looks like I got proper permission for the next APPARATUS installment.


All I can say is..lock up your sharks, for they will now be weaponless. Detals soon to be made available.


Currently, I am putting together the CHampoeg Event page, as well as secondary pages to coordinate the IvyPull and Potluck. These details will soon be made available. -C

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Very awesome work soup....


I just wish Q.M., Mardi Gras Man and Myself could join you guys for the whole day. I haven't played disc golf since my stint in San Dog years ago. But alas we are of the nocturnal shift at the coal mine the night before and have to get some sleep before tackling Dr. I and/or Voss to the ground later that night. Which we all have to take off from work to do. I still want to do those caches there though. This is exactly what floating holidays are for. See everyone around 1600 in yurtville.

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Just to remind everyone that plans on attending the Champoeg Redux. Make sure you go to the extra webpage so I can get an accurate count of the Potluck and Ivy pull attendees.


Plus, I had to see if my account went back to "premium member". Lets see if the "Soccer Kick" avatar functions... c

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Great job! I'm not too sure how late in the day we'll be able to stay. I'm hoping that we'll be there for "Capture the App", but we'll see.


Bazzle... I only have one golf disc, but I'm pretty sure it'll fly further than my GPS. We could really geek out & have a distance contest, then use the GPS to gage who's disc went the furthest from the initial waypoint.


But seriously... this seemed like a cool idea. Instead of actual "holes" we use coordinates (no markers), then we rate it on the number of "putts" it takes you to get your Frisbee to w/in a certain # of ft (0,5,10?). GPS will give you distance, and "hopefully" direction. The rest is skill (or lack there of). Think of it as an 18 point multi-cache.


Just a thought.


Jason of JOYSON


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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