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Abandoned Places

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And then I was reminded of the Olema Line Kilns, which I used as a locationless cache back in the day. Nobody knows for certain who built them. Some believed that they might go as far back as the Russian exploration of Northern California, but the prevailing theory is that they were built around the gold rush period, when wood from this area was being sent off to San Francisco and someone might have thought that a kiln was a good idea.


The location was not easy to find. The local historian refused to tell me where it was ("who are you?). So to me it was the kind of challenge worthy of a locationless. You can't put a physical cache there. A virtual would not have been a particularly good idea. But a locationless? The idea for this part of the game would not work today, but back then it was a fun part of caching.



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The photo labeled "Bigfoot's dungeon" (hahaha!!) looks like an old company strongroom or vault, circa early 1900's-1920's. Just a guess (not familiar with Wendling, Oregon), but I've seen similar "ruins" that strike a resemblance. Thanks for sharing....awesome photo of past historical civilization. CHEERS!!

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Before we traveled to Utah, I read an article about an abandoned house. The person reported entering the house and finding old furniture, bullet holes in the walls, chains in the basement, blood on the walls, and a demon or two. I did not believe the report, but we decided to drive by and I discovered that there was a cache at the location. If my wife had not been waiting, I might have tried to see if the report was true, but she got nervous about the little exploration I did. Nevertheless it was an interesting place to see.


Abandoned House




Or a more ghostly view



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Part of the Monte Cristo Mining Ghost Town, this is Peabody's Garage.



The old Wellington town site along the abandoned Great Northern railbed that served the first Cascade Tunnel and was also the site of the worst rail disaster in American history when more than 96 people lost their lives in an avalanche here on March 1, 1910.


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California Ghost Town. A proclaimed free zone. There is a single "trading post" a short distance away from the town, and a sign encourages people to do what you want - even to sit in your car and "learn nothen" as long as you don't hurt anything or anyone. The cache is outside the town, an old style hide. What more could you want?


Post Office




This truck apparently belonged to Charlie Manson who took refuge around Death Valley



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Just up the highway a couple dozen miles from us is the abandoned mining town of Brice, New Mexico. There are a few caches hidden around, but by far my favorite was the one hidden in the old chow hall, Can You? 2.0, where thousands of old tin cans were quietly rusting away.


I hope the hint wasn't zntargvp.

The first iteration of that cache was apparently a micro in the cans somewhere. Thankfully the second is a regular size and is hidden differently.

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We have stopped in Helper, Utah, to meet a local artist (Ben Steele) and have an early dinner at the Balanced Rock. While there we noticed a tafoni earthcache a short drive away. We got there and looked at the names in the area - Standardville, Peerless, Latuda. It seemed like there must be ruins - and there were. The next morning we returned to explore others - who could resist a place said to be Utah's most haunted ruin? There were several caches in the area but I made do with a geotour's Spring Canyon Mysteries.





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