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After 135 waymarks posted in the category "Dovecotes" it's time to pick one as featured waymark. The dovecot of the Château du Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life, seems to me perfectly suited for that purpose. Its exterior architecture, the originality of the octagonal interior, the quality and number of photos of the poster (exterior and interior) and the information provided make it a good example of a waymark for this category.

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I just approved an interesting Waymark, Sphinx Memorial, which I feel deserves recognition as a Featured Waymark. It is a World War I memorial carved from native sandstone in the shape of and 1/8 the size of, The Sphinx, and is flanked by a pair of small pyramids. It stands in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in New South Wales, Australia.

However, that's not the most interesting aspect of this memorial:

"Pte. William Shirley was a patient of the Lady Davidson Convalescent Hospital for returned World War One Australian veterans. He sailed to war in January 1916 and served with the 13th Btn A.I.F. (the “Two Blues” – as a result of the Battalion’s two tone blue colour patch). Like many of his comrades at Lady Davidson he suffered from gas inflicted during the fierce battles on the Western Front - with the added complications of a tuberculosis infection.

Between 1926 - 1928, an ailing William Shirley laboured at creating his personal memorial to his fallen A.I.F comrades. The Sphinx took some one and a half years to complete. He died in 1929, leaving an unusual legacy in stone to be contemplated by the many bushwalkers who enjoy the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park." (From the Waymark)

Courtesy of Google Street View one may do a "Walk By".



Edited by BK-Hunters

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As I mentioned in this topic, I discovered Waymarking through some Featured Waymarks in a Geocaching Magazine. The magazine was called Geomag and during some numbers it presented an article about a Featured Waymark, but it seems that they are Featured only in the magazine I did a seach and they are not on the site. So I would like to suggest if they could be added to the site Featured Waymarks.

After some hard work I was able to list the magazines number,pages and which waymark was Featured. (The magazines did not have an edition in English, I hope you can translate it with google) 

Nº13 - Page 108-109 -- WMMVYQ - Insect Hotel - Jardins St Martin - Monaco-Ville, Monaco

Nº14 - Page 118-119 -- WMMHXQ - Fuente de la Bola - A Coruña, Spain

Nº15 - Page 128-131 -- WMKX35 - Monte Brasileiro Peace Pole.

Nº16 - Page 36-37 -- WMF6AJ  - Ghost Bike - Jason MacIntyre - Fort William, Scotland, UK

Nº17 - Page 64-65 -- WMN980 - Caixa do Tempo - Matosinhos, Portugal

Nº18 - Page 82-83 -- WMK295 - Tagus Birdwatching - Póvoa, Portugal

Nº19 - Page 94-95 -- WMF763 - Greyfriars Bobby - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Nº20 - Page 88 -- WMB5JK - Castelo de Guimarães - Guimarães

Nº21 - Page 92-93 -- WMQBBB - Racoon - Lisbon, Portugal

Nº23 - Page 60-61 -- WMPJV1 - Sloth Crossing - Limón, Costa Rica

Nº24 - Page 68-69 -- WMAXQC - Ponte Maria Pia - Porto, Portugal

The magazine doesn't exist anymore it ended in number 26 :(

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As the leader of the new Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings category I would like to submit the following Squirrel Bridge waymark as a Featured Waymark. This submission represents perfectly what this category's mission should encompass.


Thanks to BK-Hunters for the waymark suggestion!



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Good thing the state got fixed first before it became a Featured Waymark! It happens more than you'd think. I hope to visit that squirrel crossing one day. I cannot tell from the photos of there's netting on the side or they just keep their balance while crossing. Looks scary to me! As someone who feeds squirrels on a daily basis I LOVE this animal crossing!

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Now how "Coo" is that. :D


Nice waymark and glad it is featured.


Greetings from "Canada" :rolleyes:


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Wow, another featured waymark for me. After Fergus the Hairy Coo it's now a HUGE glass mosaic. Unfortunately, the photos can't show the full beauty of it. You have to see all these glass pieces sparkling in the sun. It's incredible!

Edited by PISA-caching

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