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  1. Please take in consideration that visiting these sites can be a health risk. They are the most polluted zones of a country.
  2. I did as well. The wrong visit date bug is also very annoying and both issues could be fixed
  3. good advice, the E to W shift keeps appearing but at least the 00.0000 coordinates don't happen anymore
  4. Yay good job! I've got several ideas for waymarks already..
  5. Ok, i didn't know it's passed the officer vote. My objection was a minor one and the workaround bluesnote stated is fine. I hope it passes peer review!
  6. Sorry, but this line: "You must have actually taken the photos yourself, zero exceptions." I get the meaning of the line, but it might be fun to also add some pictures from the era of World War I itself, taken from the internet. This line pretty much lets your waymark be declined if you do that. Maybe add another line: "Pictures from the World War I era used for background infromation, taken from the internet or some other source are excluded, if you cite the source. These pictures don't count as one of the two required photos."
  7. Awesome, looks good! I've noticed that there is a section about WW2 graves not being accepted. This should be graves of WW1 veterans (as those go to specific veterans memorials).
  8. Today I visited a field in the Netherlands where an army camp from WW1 has been. To my astonishment, there isn't a category 'World war I sites'. I think it would be a great addition and can lead to many wm's in different countries globally. I'm a basic member so I can't make this category, but there might be premium members who like this idea?
  9. Thanks! It's approved! As a bonus it's the first political revolutions wm in the netherlands! The knights of the round table dont have a category right now, could be a fun category...
  10. In front of the city hall of Bergen of Zoom I found a cool plaque with the inscription: D'historie/van deez'plaats/mag Bergen leren:/laat eigen vrijheid/nooit/in 't Tegendeel/verkeren (From the history of this place Bergen may learn; let liberty never become the opposite). The plaque has been placed at the location of the Liberty tree, which has been erected of the occasion of the French revolution in 1795. It has been placed by the Tafelronde, the Dutch branch of The International Order of the Round Table. Enough cool elements but what is the best fit for this waymark?
  11. Really annoying! I did some 300+ visits lately based on analog photos from the 1996-2001 period. Now they are all placed in 2021... I'm trying to redo the visits but it is really annoying.
  12. In the Netherlands they are easy to find. I know about 5-10 in the neighbourhood.
  13. I've been cheking out my parent's photo books and the last two days I've been posting visits from the 90's. Strange thing though, the statistics and esepecially the milestones don't keep up. The milestones page still says my first visit was in 2005. Anyone knows how long it is supposed to take to refresh the profile pages?
  14. I have a custom of '1 object, one waymark posted', because I want to allow future waymarkers to post some waymarks and have the same fun that I have. I see some other waymarkers taking a building and crosspost the hell of it. I think it's subjectieve what your rules are, so go ahead if you want.
  15. Yay, ive got the 17999th! Congratulations to elwin!
  16. Seeing wether you are the first to post in a specific category in a specific continent is pretty easy. I myself check the categories that I was first to post in a country to save me some time (with the list of Familiefrohne). Then go in Waymarking.com to that category and to the last page. Look at the minimap in the top right corner, it is pretty easy to see if a waymark is posted in the continent that you are interested in. If the page doesn't show any waymarks in your continent, move on to the previous page. If, someone has posted a waymark in the specific continent, you were beaten. BTW, whilst checking the categories I've been sending some messages to the other users that posted the first in a continent, to let them know. Some of you may have had a message from me already...
  17. Awesome, i had no idea that my thread would actually lead to something, but the program you've written leads to another dimension in Waymarking where i'm conserned. Thanks for your work familiefrohne! I've got an idea how to do continents but i have to try as i return from my vacation. Btw, i'm the first to post pubs in belgium which seems quite an achievement because of the belgian beer tradition...
  18. Thanks to the posters, im checking it out myself. I scored quite a lot of firsts in indonesia, Sri Lanka and tunisia, even a few in the netherlands! It would be nice Though if the site keeps track of it...
  19. I was wondering, the thing i like about Waymarking is the categories and statistics and that gave me a nice idea. Wouldn't it be neat if the system keeps track of the waymarks and when one of your waymarks is approved, you also get the message: congratulations, you posted the first waymark of this category in the continent/country/state! It would add another dimension to the game.
  20. Just driving and walking through the landscape, noting that everything has a history and a story behind it. Were before I just would have driven past, now I remark all these little places and this gives me a whole new dimesion to the oustide space I didn't know before.
  21. I am trying to lighten my back log today and I am creating lots of waymarks. But every time I go to the second page to add some pictures, the coordinates in the first page have been messed up; E is changed to W, the coordinates are changed to 00.0000 and 00.0000. It really is annoying as a simple change to the coordinates in the first page leads to the message "You haven't made any changes to the page" so I'm obligated to change something in the text itself. It takes several attemps to get the coordinates right. Is it just me or is Waymarking.com having an off-day?
  22. I think these footprints are a perfect fit to citizen memorials.
  23. Talking about double standards: 'Place a limb in two or more countries' is accepted but my waymark 'place a limb across a great line of the earth (in my case the Equator)' is not. It was redundant because there already is a category for this (https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=472e3f77-7b45-40d8-ae34-622e7d1263a9). What about this category: https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=8520b0b6-6f37-4b50-b98e-babfe62d8655? And in this case my wife actually rolled with her eyes when I placed a foot in each hemisphere.
  24. I am requesting the help of other waymarkers: In a town in Brabant I came across a little house and found a sign that it is a communal freezer safe. This was built in 1960 before everyone had a freezer at home. You could become a member and then rent a freezer box. The boxes are inside a machine which rotates to allow access to the boxes. The sign states that it is one of the last active freezer safes in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, in the next village over there is also a working freezer safe so I can't use 'last of its kind'. I've tried household appilances to no avail. Can I post it in any of the Waymarking categories?
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