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"Logo Featured waymark"

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Congrats!  Nice sculpture.

I don't know how my Stearman Kadet became a featured waymark but it sure was exciting!  

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Saw waymark

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7 hours ago, Michaelfiles said:

One of my WM (Midi Solaire - Waremme Belgium) receive this logo
What earned me this honor, and Why, who.....

My congratulations also.

"Featured Waymarks" are selected to be displayed on the Waymarking Home page near the top of the page. Generally they are Waymarks with high quality photos and/or are at a location of special interest. Currently there are 273 Featured Waymarks. With over 795,000 Waymarks created, that averages to about 1 out of every 3000 Waymarks.

I do not know if the Featured Waymarks cycle through or show randomly on the Home page. It is nice to see a different one each time I visit the Home page.

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The  Uncategorized Waymarks and the Featured Waymarks they were question marks for me, and the information contained in the forums was very useful to begin to realize what they are.

I discovered Waymarking through some Featured Waymarks in a Geocachig Magazine. The magazine was essentially about geocaching but it presented in each edition an article about a Featured Waymark. The magazine is not in english but I will try to find it, and post it here for you to see (maybe you can translate it with google).

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