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  1. Just find who declined my waymark and read comment
  2. In France we have a database called BASOL and we can find our waymarl location in this page Canari So what do we do ? We include France ? It will we be difficult to manage this category waiting that waymarker give a list for their own country and modify the description each time It's not so easy to find this kind of list and i could find it only because i speak french, i am not able to find the right list for UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal,... We should expand the category, with identified lists and if there is no list for a specific country, we only need active and efficient officers to manage the category.
  3. Super Fund sites category only approve US waymarks, all other countries are excluded, so i have few solutions : 1) I submit a waymark, I did it and it was declined : https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm1542E_Lusine_de_Canari_la_verrue_du_cap_Corse_France 2) We demote all inactive officers and change category description to expand the category to the world 3) I try to create a new category "Super Fund Sites outside USA" 4) A better idea What do you think ? I prefer 2)
  4. If you want to know who has declined your waymark you have to join the group and to be a member of the group, except when it's a vote result But if the enrollment is OFF you will never know I used to sign all my reviews and i had unpleasant experiences, but i do not care, my denials are always to ask to improve the submission except if that does not fit in the category but it's extremely rare.
  5. Do you really know what happened when you vote Abstain ? I take an example, you have 4 officers in a category A, B, C and D A decide to demote B A vote Yea B can not vote C vote Abstain D vote Abstain In a logical world you have 33% Yea vote and 66% Abstain vote, and B is not demoted In a Waymarking world, you have 100% Yea vote and B is demoted Abstain vote does not count, not even for a vote
  6. It's not possible in sign of history, there is no history in the sign, it's a memorial sign, not a history sign
  7. It's not possible to archive a category, but you can promote new officers to manage the category if you do not have time to do it A category belongs to Waymarking, and once it's approved in Peer review, it's forever
  8. Could you give us the name of the category ?
  9. I do not understand German, but if it's commercial, yes
  10. I remember that a category accepted them and i have found it, it's Silhouette Public Art Sculptures, they approved all kind of sculptures with letters, here few examples : https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmZWEJ_LOVE_New_York_NY https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmZQQY_LOVE_OU_Norman_OK https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm11Z3Q_LOVEwork_at_Virginia_Welcome_Center_Bristol_Virginia_USA https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm107ZX_PLANO_Plano_TX
  11. I already read a discussion about this but i am not able to find it, does anyone remember where it is ?
  12. The category does not accept howitzer but i am sure it's only non self-propelled howitzer (description need to be modified), and only you is able to make a difference between a self-propelled howitzer and a tank I confirm that i will accept it and will motivate my decision in my comment
  13. If you publish it in Military ground equipment i will approve it, it's the right category
  14. The waymark has been denied by group leader
  15. And when you vote Yea, you do not need to add a comment
  16. You have to go to the group, click on your name and click on "Resign as Leader of this Group (no vote required)" The next officer on the list will be promoted leader In few categories where you are the leader, i am the only active officer, i would appreciate to be the leader, just change rights to put me on second rank and resign your leadership
  17. Old waymarks are grandfathered, we only revoted recently approved waymarks
  18. It was a mistake to approve this goal that is why we decide to vote again. we did no decline an old waymark, approved long time ago. It's not the easiest category to manage because of part of subjectivity and we have to make choice That is the only category where we call for a vote for all submissions and we have to select goals that are not too obvious to do.
  19. Leader resigned his position of leader and quit the group
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