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  1. I support your initiative to become the leader in this category.
  2. A few days ago I found this plaque that rewards a city in 2008 for its flowering. Could this kind of awards be part of the category?
  3. Official Local Tourism Attractions? http://www.cote-dopale.com/tourisme/phare-de-walde
  4. I'm still using the chilehead web app to see all the waymarks around me when I travel. The functions "Navigate (compass)" and "Visit waymark" that worked in the past unfortunately do not work anymore. But the functions "Find waymarks near My location", "View on map" and "Full listing on Waymarking.com" still work. A topic was created in the Forum about this web app in 2013 but the last post is from January 2015.
  5. A new proof that when the requirements of a category are too complicated, the officers can interpret them differently which leads to situations like this, where the same waymark is approved or denied according to the person who reviews it. Strongly agree that the description of the category Figurative Public Sculpture is quite indigestible and should be simplified (but is it possible?). Thank you, frog waymarker, for this well-argued demonstration!
  6. Benchmark Blasterz - No, I have never placed this waymark into Uncategorized. Yes, the photos were poached from another approved waymark . (1) I contacted the category leader who had refused my waymark and also the officer who approved the one who was copied and pasted from my two already approved waymarks (WMX2Z6 & WMXAN7), just waiting their response. (2) I promise you to stay polite in discussion with this fg waymarker, nevertheless friend, who has already used without permission one of my photos to create one of his waymark.
  7. On December, 14 I posted a waymark in the category "Figurative Public Sculpture" which was the same that I posted on November, 19 and was approved in the category "Artistic Welcom Signs". But it was denied by the leader of the category in these terms: "Great find, but this would be Silhouette." (Yes, I know that it is not a traditional Silhouette, goal Figurative defines the sculpture to be subtractive, the artist removes media (Ie, clay) is additive with the artist welding the tubes to make the sculpture I did not make the rules - I inherited the Figurative category." So I posted the waymark in the category "Silhouette Public Art Sculptures" in which it was approved. Today the same waymark posted by a friend waymarker who just copied my own photos and my description was accepted by another officer of the category "Figurative Public Sculpture" in which mine had been refused. My question is simple: How can I recover the paternity of this waymark created in this category with my own photos and my description?
  8. First of all, congratulations for the category and sorry for not having taken part in the discussion before the publication. I ask myself the same question as lumbricus concerning doves representing the Holy Spirit compared to doves representing Peace. I found this dove yesterday in a church but if I respect the instructions I can't waymarked it because: - it does not (or no longer) have an olive branch in her broken beak, - she is not on a blue background, - the church Saint-Denis of Rivarennes is not formally called "Peace Church Saint-Denis of Rivarennes" However two waymarks of doves (very nice ones by the way) representing the Holy Spirit and not answering the 3 instructions mentioned above have been already published in the category (WMWXTE and WMWXT7). So my question is simple: Can a dove clearly representing the Holy Spirit in a church come into the category even if the 3 instructions are missing? I think this point needs to be made clearer.
  9. After 135 waymarks posted in the category "Dovecotes" it's time to pick one as featured waymark. The dovecot of the Château du Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life, seems to me perfectly suited for that purpose. Its exterior architecture, the originality of the octagonal interior, the quality and number of photos of the poster (exterior and interior) and the information provided make it a good example of a waymark for this category.
  10. Hams...turn off. Volunteers are maneuvering and it works ! .
  11. I also think it's a good one to be the "featured waymark" of this category. You should rather post this suggestion in this Topic .
  12. Thnak you very much razalas !!! Perfect to me, the 1 is my favorite I prefer the first one too.
  13. I live next to a 102 meters high pylon that was used, during decades, for radio and television transmitters. Nowadays it is only used for mobile phone transmitters. Would it be accepted in the category?
  14. I do not think necessary to have two photos to be able to post a painting that contains an hourglass. The 2D representation does not justify a second angle. Moreover, I do not think that a person who photographed in a museum (without flash of course ) a painting with an hourglass before the creation of this category will have thought of making a picture of the wall in broad plan or the hourglass in close-up. It would be a shame to deprive the category of a beautiful waymark for a second missing picture. This is why I personally prefer the 1st version of Gâtinaise: "Required: At least one original quality photo taken by you of the entire hourglass. Internet pictures and Google street view will not be accepted. Additional photos highlighting particular details of the hourglass, or providing a more distant view of the hourglass and its surrounding area will be greatly encouraged." 99% of the posters will join at least 2 photos by habit but this leaves a door open for exceptional cases.
  15. Are clepsydres/water clocks (water instead of sand) in glass accepted? They are much rarer but some of them are awesome. Clepsydres/Water clocks 1 Clepsydres/Water clocks 2
  16. Looks good, but it needs small changes in my opinion. We don't have perspectives (shadows etc.). The new icon should fit to the old ones. The rest is pretty good (shy, clouds, colors,..). Lumbricus is right, here is an example of version that keeps the same style as the old ones: Ok, let's forget the perspective and return to the 2D for icones' homogeneity. I took the version of razalas and I removed a row of holes of flight that do not exist on this type of dovecote and I darkened the color of the pigeons in flight so that we see them better. As a Leader in the Dovecotes category, I give my approval for this new version and wait for the final decision...
  17. As leader of the Dovecotes category and after approval of the 3 Officers, I would also say it is time for this new icon. @Waywizard: please upload this icon too. Thank's!
  18. I am proposing an icon for the dovecote category. Please take a look and feel free as a pigeon to give your opinion in this topic.
  19. After a few hours working on it, here is an icon that seems to me well suited to the category of Dovecotes. However, I remain open to other graphic proposals which could be put to the vote of the officers of the category.
  20. I thank all the waymarkers who helped to create the category of Dovecotes and I hope that this will make discover these original structures to those who did not know them so far.
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