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  1. Believe it or not, URLs go bad. People do not pay to keep websites active. Please remember this when you are posting waymarks and you only just put the URL link in as the long description. If that URL goes bad in a year or 10, what happens to that information? Go ahead and put the actual information into the long description and use the URL as the sourced reference.
  2. I made the edit - the reason you couldn't was that the waymark was REALLY old and the date of dedication was in the wrong format. You had to edit it, also.
  3. I know I appreciated you getting back with me helping me get past my ignorance on a category I was reviewing - it was appreciated. As far as the other category - I would rather someone get with me first than get pissed off at me after I denied it.
  4. That's pretty funny - you called out the same waymarker on two of the three categories. Just to be fair, and to make sure that we are comparing apples to apples and not to toaster ovens, the Feeding the Animals category isn't trying to be the catch-all category like Dated Buildings Multifarious is. The reason for all of the restrictions is because of the catch-all nature of the category - if the founder just allowed anything with a date, then it wouldn't have passed peer review - too broad and covered by other categories - which is one of the four main reviewable tenets. The founder HAD to be VERY restrictive of what could and couldn't be accepted because of what he was trying to get waymarked. Dated buildings weren't allowing non-historical plaques or other kinds of very specific dated material and it was better to get that put in as a category than to get the category denied for being too broad. Your impression isn't true. Categories are created to: a.) get approved in peer review; and b.) create a set minimum expectation to both the waymarker AND the officer of what is expected as to a successful waymark. Unfortunately, the b part is just the minimum - your statement about "interesting" waymarks is dependent on the waymarker - not the officer and certainly not on the category creator. The category creator gives the framework - the skeleton for the waymark. The waymarker can either pretend s/he is in 7th grade art class and turn that in and get by; or actually go above and beyond the minimums and try to create a Picasso; a Rembrandt; a Pollock. That's on the waymarker - not on the officer or the category creator. As far as officers not understanding what is or isn't acceptable in a category - that officer has a duty to get with the category creator and ASK!!!!! I still ask for clarification and I have been doing this since it started.
  5. Here's my take - I'm usually working either historic buildings on the National Register here in the US or I'm in a cemetery working Woodmen or Historic figures or what not. I'm doing some significant research, especially on these buildings, and yes, if I find that the building was a former bank, or a former Post Office, or has a cornerstone, or whatever, I am going to post whatever waymarks are going to be germaine for that situation. Think about it, your research isn't just for other waymarkers, it could be useful for students, etc. Cross posting could draw someone interested in former banks, but not in the National Register. Also, if my research was deep enough, another waymarker may not FIND that reference to the former Post Office, etc. If you only want to post one waymark per object, great! Don't, however, get upset if another waymarker follows behind you and grabs however many waymarks they can find on that object - 99.9% will not followup with just one - I wouldn't, especially if I wrote a very lengthy long description...
  6. Since the building allows remains, this makes the building a mausoleum. This is why, when I wrote the category description, I had to state that no remains could be in the chapel - mausoleums were already accepted.
  7. Here we have a classic example of WHY we have peer review for new categories. Talk about a category that is completely subjective - one person's "urban legend" may not be another's... Then, you have the creator of the category bugging out of Waymarking the same year he created this "interesting" piece of Waymarking. My question is - if you expand to just "Legends", and these are people, how would this be different than "Epic Beings" if Epic Beings allow a statue of Lewis and Clark to be included in their category????
  8. I've only come across a couple of zincs that I would say have the "Wow" - this being the most impressive: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmDDGN_J_E_Barrow_Mt_Mora_Cemetery_St_Joseph_Mo I like the idea of limiting submissions - I know in Bellfountaine Cemetery in St. Louis there are some spectacular examples that I can't wait to load into the category.... I hope we can see a proposed description before peer review....
  9. Sometimes the map works for the reviewers - sometimes it doesn't. You put your money down and you take your chances....
  10. Again, that is exactly why I wrote what I wrote. The deal breaker with cross posting is if ALL of one type of waymark is going to go into the new category, As is being demonstrated so far as I can see, this is not the case. Of course, I always reserve final judgement until I see the real mockup of the category description - so far, we are still dealing with caviar wishes and Champaign dreams...
  11. I would also post this under World War II Memorials. This was part of the U.S. Army's efforts to build the Trans Alaska Highway during that war and this incident was the largest single loss of life that occurred. It cannot go under Non Specific Veterans because only one war was involved. Specific Veterans is out because multiple units were involved. This involved active duty Army personnel so the Citizen Memorial category would be out. Hope this helps.
  12. My take - make it true Funerary art - that is, it must be part of a headstone or grave marker. I can tell you that the Veterans Memorials , both Specific and non-specific are now out of the picture as they specifically exclude headstones. Woodmen markers, as a general rule, should be denied as most were mass produced tree trunk style markers (there were other tree trunk style markers sold by Sears through the catalogue, another story.) A lot of late 19th and early 20th Century headstones had very shallow, mass produced, relief art put into the stones - hands pointing up, hands shaking, pearly gates opening, etc. These probably should be denied - otherwise your category is just going to be overwhelmed with the mundane. Broken Columns are usually pretty austere and devoid of decoration - this reflects the fact that the column is demonstrating a life cut short before it had reached its full potential. My concern is that officers in this category are just not going to have the knowledge of what is mass produced and what is actually unique, It takes time and walking lots of cemeteries to gain that kind of knowledge... Other categories such as dead poets, graves mentioning cause of death, and other headstone categories should not be a concern. There will be some cross-over, however, not every dead poet grave or other headstone category headstone will fit here - far from it.
  13. To me, as a completely objective observer, I would truly hope that what you submitted for the waymark was NOT the single picture of the sign. That is not an aviary. The actual STRUCTURE holding the birds is the aviary. If I was an officer in the category, and you JUST submitted the sign circled like that, yes, I would deny that waymark with the response that this is not the aviary and please go get a picture of the actual structure. This, however, is a discussion you are going to need to have with the officers of the category - luckily, I am not one of them. Just so things are clear - officers of categories don't get pleasure out of denying waymarks - far from it. We have been given a responsibility of quality control. Think about it - there are specific MINIMUM requirements for each category. Unfortunately, officers have to make decisions on submissions using the category descriptions as the standard. When the standard isn't met, and we have to deny waymarks - we will get called names just like you did in your opening rant. It has NOTHING to do with being a vigilante superhero - it does have EVERYTHING to do to holding your submitted waymark to the category's minimum described standard. It is really amazing what REALLY reading the full category description BEFORE you post your waymark will save you in terms of headaches and denied waymarks....
  14. I don't get to Wichita too often - I'm usually going east to Missouri or over to Lawrence or Topeka. There's still a ton of waymarks to be had in the KC area that haven't been taken yet... It just makes it easier that there isn't a bunch of people fighting over the same ground, not sad... Thanks, vulture, for putting in the work on that map - very interesting indeed!
  15. Another quick question to the Death Mask group - now that you kicked me out as a regular member of the group, I guess that asking questions in the forum about the group is not looked upon kindly by the officers, does this mean that you aren't going to accept my waymark submissions for the category now? I mean, seriously, it is REALLY pretty petty to remove a regular member. Are you that pissed off that you didn't get your new category that you had to perform a Stalinesque purge of your membership roles? Just curious...
  16. Too many of these are of a temporary nature - last night at the KC Royals baseball game, one went up for the night for nurses.
  17. Just for the record, and the big difference, was the fact that the original category for Stone Church Artifacts started out as Stone Church Artifacts. In this case, there was no "wiggle" room; they would have had to EXPAND their original category premise to include Wooden Artifacts. To change the category to Church Artifacts would have been too broad and would have included metal, wood, stone, and other materials - not what they intended. Your death mask category, on the other hand, made a judgement to deny these laser portraits specifically to create a new category. I still do not know why these aren't accepted - most of the entries in the category are really art based off the figure and not true death masks - laser, bronze, ceramic, granite, or marble - the media is different; the effect isn't; none are true death masks. THAT is the difference between why the two church artifacts were approved and the celebration of life wasn't.
  18. I still do not understand why a lasered image of the deceased is different than a carved or sculpted image of the deceased. What does the media of the reconstruction of the image of the deceased matter??? This question was never answered, and was my, and others, major objection to this category. What you were trying to create was a limited subcategory of the death masks that should have been accepted in the first place...
  19. Explain something to me, as I am not really that sharp, why EXACTLY wouldn't a lasered image be accepted into the Death Mask category? There isn't a reason I can think of except for the fact that we have a gang of three who need another new icon for their collection.... Funny that the same officers in the Death Mask Category are the same for this "Celebration of Life" category. Seriously - the Death Mask category has 103 entries - adding the lasered images wasn't going to corrupt the category....
  20. Speaking of mythical beasts - I just got back from vacation from Northern Arkansas - a straight piece of ROAD in that part of the world is certainly a mythical beast!
  21. Just to be clear - waytours need to be limited in the number of waymarks used and in area. The description of the category states around five waymarks and the area of a town. You only have 15,000 characters in the long description to describe and to explain each waypoint of your waytour, and I know from experience in doing waytours, that to do a proper writeup for just six waymarks takes almost the entire 15,000 characters. I know in the past that waytours have been denied when the area encompassed has been too large. I'm happy that the Original Poster was able to get a Scavenger Hunt to meet the needs presented!
  22. I just deleted logs from two of my waymarks where the guy pulled the pictures off the internet... I HATE people who pass others work off as their own. Upsets me to no end what lengths some will do for a stupid number - dang, if you don't have the requirements, don't post the waymark or the visit. Lord knows how many waymarks and visits I have had to eat because I didn't get the exact correct pictures.... Yes, I put on significant weight because of it - LOL
  23. hmmm.... yea, me being the leader of the Kansas Historical Markers and knowing that this historical marker will be the secondary focus of the event - this nobody will probably care.... Just sayin'....
  24. I do want to mention, even though the Memorial does state the 27S Partisan Brigade, this is an irregular unit (non-military) and cannot be accepted into the Specific Veterans category. I say this as the leader of the Specific Veterans category. That said, it could go into the Citizens Memorial category if it isn't accepted into WWII. Hope that helps.
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