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  1. @wayfrog I think you can now close this forum since the waymark was denied by a vote against (we already know who it could be) and one abstention. And at least, it is clear that things were not so easy or clear in the category.
  2. Congratulation phil, some day I could be this milestone too :-(
  3. Sorry Alfouine, but the one who doesn't seem to understand is you. I have a total of over 150 WMs that didn't get accepted, and almost twice as many of them deleted because I agreed with the decision. I have only said that I informed myself with several people, the one who says that wayfrog agrees or not, is you. In this category I focus on published WMs of the same waymarker with the same point, which is more serious. I have been denied WM in other categories, which have already been published, for having been poorly published, as you say. The problem, if you look in the forums, is that I have protested about three WMs, and precisely, you deny them in a sometimes arbitrary way. It is not the first time that you have sent me a WM back for "bad photos" according to your criteria, and they are valid for 4 or 5 different categories published by the same brand. I will accept the rules of a category when they are clear, up to date and not applied arbitrarily. Or can you deny me a publication if a category does not require a photo or requires one for putting a good one and another or two bad ones greater than the good one? or you can denied other because it has photos... of my Tripadvisor count. Well, you've done it. Apply the criteria well and I won't complain anymore. It seems to me that a little more humility is needed. PD and with more than 8800 WN published one is a little, but the rules are the rules. And of course, what I always say: my greats and thanks for the reviewers that review the game.
  4. If you see WM of interesting places/monument, you see news of the same year for the same person, without 25 years. If you didn't found what I send you for private the WM's and you will have your conclusions. I have the feeling that in certain categories several are approved depending on who sends them
  5. Today passed the Bluewalker https://heavens-above.com/passdetails.aspx?lat=42.3145&lng=-7.8851&loc=A+Valenzá&alt=0&tz=CET&satid=53807&mjd=59969.8197112517&type=V In one photo with a plane too
  6. It may be, but the categories are made (some from a long time ago) and have some requirements to be approved that are sometimes prior to certain reviewers. Therefore if the "new reviewers" do not agree they will have to change the category. For example, there are categories that do not require a photo to create a brand. If a reviewer wants to, can he deny you because he wants you to put a photo? I will always appreciate the collaboration of the reviewers, of course, but some "flies off the handle"
  7. One per location? "DUPLICATES: One location may have several articles written about it, but only one waymark per location will be accepted. Exceptions may be made if the articles are from different historical periods (25+ years). Additionally only one waymark will be accepted for the same event within a ½ mile radius." You can find some places that has a lot of that of the same WM or different, without the rules. What offends me the most about all this is that sometimes WM published from a long time ago was canceled because (they did not follow the rules or were approved by mistake) but other published ones have not been cancelled. Do I have to give examples of WM in news article of the same place?
  8. Recently I have been denied a publication in NEWs article because there was already a news in the area. I asked if it had been a subsequent rule change in some year, since there are several WMs from certain sites published by the same person or several, without respecting that half-mile radius or the 25-year period between news, and the reviewer's response is that I asked Max and 99 to explain it to me. Well, I don't understand that I don't get an answer and that a reviewer sends me another who is not a category reviewer. Any more convincing answer? Thanks
  9. Someone saw this ISS? https://heavens-above.com/passdetails.aspx?lat=42.3145&lng=-7.8851&loc=A+Valenzá&alt=0&tz=CET&satid=25544&mjd=59962.7975838415&type=V PAssed at 20:05 in A Valenzá, Spain 18th
  10. Yes, but why don't change the officers the cathegories and includes photo. For example we have a problem with one person that logged in Lanzarote Places for Recycling and say: that foto is optative. Other logged lot os WM in Dubai without the element and I deleted that. But in Places for recycling i can't delete that.
  11. I can't understand. Some cathegories must to be have 2 or 3 photos for posted and later none for visit? and the owner can not deleted because photo is not necesary in a log?
  12. Hello. Now there are some new waymarkers that visit WM. The problem is that not put photo or photos that aren't of the WM. For example one WM is of a statue and put photo of the buiding outside, or other WM is of a orientation table and put an other view. I contacted with them and I deleted their marks, but again mark. Can I block this WM for future WM? or always I have to deleted and deleted. Thanks
  13. Thank Max, you helped me a lot.
  14. Hi. Anyone can tell me what is the name of the WIFI hotspots that I must to write in title, because sometimes is "guests" or "free wifi" in the name. Is it the name that have in the picture of wifi or name of business? Because one review enjoy cancelling my WM published and all of he says is stop conplaining thanks.
  15. I hope that you will better 2023
  16. I will add one exception: letters on hills, letter from above, 3 dimensional art... I think If I can permit tetters of zones or important neighborhoods of places.
  17. Sorry for the long text, but now, there are a lot of people in Spain that begin WM because is tired of Geocaching and want a change and some new. And I think that in other countries there are some new WM people too. We are grow up together and we can improve better.
  18. I understand the concern of some people about the votes, but maybe it is that things are being done wrong. This is the first time I've been in a group, and I had no idea how this worked. If there is a voting campaign, then there may be and influence, and change Waymarking, of course. I'm not saying it's good or bad. But there are more things that can be changed and improved in WM. One of them is that the published categories are more global and inclusive. There are still closed categories in the USA that do not want to open up to the rest of the world. Nor can anyone have an attitude of saying something like "as long as I follow the WM community, it will not approve a business brand" Why does there have to be one category of granite for a place (it is important darmoor granite that galician granite? and three categories (minimum) for a Catholic church? for instance. I am in the group of letters of cities and I do not know what the vote has ended, when there are people who know the votes cast at all times. Why are there reviewers with 10 or 20 published WMs, for example or reviewers with 0 or little visits? There are many things that could be improved and not just worry about a couple of votes. If anyone thinks that people should have minimum of aims for vote, may be minimum for review and other things
  19. Is dark, and you don't believe it, but the institution where I work (statal) Xunta de Galicia, send us emails when the war began for change our passwords because culd be a cibernetic atack from Russian
  20. Or what group do you say: group of the WM page or group of the whatsapp?
  21. yes, beaypepe call me for enter. But I said that I think that before we could be write in forum, Sorry, but I never been in one group and later he put me officer and we have a votation in group and the topic advance to this point. I always thought that for create new cathegory were the revisors that send a cathegory for vote, not a group.
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