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  1. If prefer this one, the pixel art has to fit with the other icons back to the beginning. If you zoom into the small icons they stay clear.
  2. 24 x 24 is the size we need. Maybe @razalas can help.
  3. Congratulations, that's a great milestone.
  4. Please use @wayfrog next time. Otherwise there's a risk that I'll overread it.
  5. That's right, it was 62% so 5% too less. Nice sunday to all!
  6. Osage Nation Heritage Trail Byway - Osage County, Oklahoma - National Scenic Byways on Waymarking.com I guess it was a hickup. Now all it's up to date again.
  7. Every few months we (Groundspeak and wayfrog) free all stucked waymarks (limbo ones).
  8. Yes, if it makes sense. I need the new icon (in our style) and the category name.
  9. I passed it over to Groundspeak on 7/13. Still in progress.
  10. Closing this thread, not really a Waymarking topic. Thanks.
  11. Closing at request of OP, question has already been answered.
  12. I featured 6! Thanks for the reminder.
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