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  1. OK, Eric's and Phil's posts got me to thinking... It seems to me to be pretty much unfair that Geocaching, headquartered in the US, will ship to only 2 countries, given that so many of our Waymarking buddies are in countries other than that. Which, of course, prompts me to think of those NOT in either the US or Canada who might like to have a similar memento and don't have a reasonably inexpensive method of attaining one. Now, it seems to me that the cost of the coin, at $14.99 US, is a bit high, but then I'm an old guy, once used to bread at 20 cents per loaf. I have no idea how much demand there might be for the coin - I'm not, myself, a collector of such things, but might enjoy having a coin commemorative of that to which I've personally contributed. I might have to think about that, but, yes, I guess I might like to have that little memento of all the time and travel I've contributed to this endeavour. In truth, it's consumed most of the waking hours of my last nine years. For those who don't know me, my profile reveals not much of my Waymarking career. Through a peculiar set of circumstances, though, I am also half of the Waymarking team of T0SHEA, once known as BK-Hunters. First, though, I've just now gone to the 1 million coin page, so I'm only assuming that the second country to which Groundspeak will ship is Canada. That being the case, we may be able to work out a scenario in which we (I, actually) could get the One Million coins to people who should want them, yet weren't within the confines of the US or Canada. I used to have a Paypal account; I'm not sure if I still have one. It's possible that I could buy the coins from Groundspeak and remail them, possibly as gifts, possibly just as a "sale" to folks in other lands, using Paypal or other methods to accomplish payment. I guess that, in each case, that would likely be up to the respondent. Again, in each case the respondent would likely be more knowledgeable than I with regard to the method, and the declaration, under which a coin should be shipped to their country. For now, no matter; if you want a coin, make your desire known and, should there be sufficient desire, we'll continue with this, possibly start a new thread. So far I've seen 186 views for this thread, not a GREAT response so far. I have no interest whatever in making a profit here. I'm a senior on retirement benefits, receiving enough to support me with some to spare. BUT, I have gotten to know a number of people from other lands through Waymarking and have found them to be, on the whole, pretty nice people. I believe it would be remiss of me to not help them out when presented with an opportunity to do so. Moreover, this may afford the opportunity to meet even more of those nice people from fields afar. Keith
  2. So... ... mebbe if a resourceful, sly, Canadian were to travel to Europe with a pisspot full of said items hidden somewhere on his person, mebbe he could pay for his trip through the (re)sale of a bunch of the items in question. Just sayin'. It would have to be another resourceful, sly, Canadian, as this resourceful, sly, Canadian couldn't foot the bill for the trip in any event. Keith
  3. ... and I'm guessing that one of them isn't Finland. Keith
  4. Off topic, I know, but I'd really like to see some pix of the truly great fall colours that those in the east (of North America - or anywhere else, for that matter) are treated to every fall. Here, for the most part, the leaves turn to yellow or a faded orange, with little exception. Not really suitable for framing. Example, the trees I see from my windows: I know, though, of the brilliant reds and oranges that can be seen in other lands, even other provinces. So, if you have, or can get, beautiful pix of your local fall landscapes I invite you to post them here, for all of us to enjoy. Here's a pic of the Aspen trees in the hills in my area: So get out there with your cameras and phones and share your hometown vistas with us!!! After all, what else did you have planned for today? Keith
  5. So, what you're after here is the inverse of Old World Originals, which would naturally be New World replicas/reproductions/facsimiles/clones/imitations, likenesses... Not a wholly unworthy goal/ambition/aspiration/desire/objective/intention/target. Give it a shot - you have nothing to lose but your time/energy/sanity/community standing/esteem/friends/family. Keith
  6. On a related note: Did everyone know that International Landscape Day is just two days down the road? International Landscape Day The International landscape Day is celebrated annually on 20 October. Celebrating Landscape Day began on the initiative of the Council of Europe. The main objective of the Landscape Day is to highlight the importance of the landscapes as integral part of the cultural heritage, identity, well-being and the quality of our living environment. Annual landscape celebration International Landscape Day was celebrated for the first time in 2017. At that time the Ministry of the Environment challenged the municipalities and NGOs to consider how the day could be celebrated in the coming years. The objective of the Council of Europe is to institutionali[z]e the celebration of the International Landscape day on 20 October as an annual tradition. The International Landscape day is celebrated by all parties to the European Landscape Convention. The European Landscape Convention promotes the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and organi[z]es European co-operation on landscape issues. The European Landscape Convention is the first international treaty to concern solely landscapes. The European Landscape Convention was adopted on 20 October 2000 in Florence and came into force in Finland on 1 April 2006. The convention is ratified by 40 countries.
  7. OK, So he's just waitin' in the weeds for now...
  8. Actually, they shouldn't be, as superfund sites have either been cleaned up or are in the process. No, I'm wrong. After reading the site specific page for the ANACONDA CO. SMELTER, for example, I see that it hasn't yet been cleaned up, only studies done to date. "Status (July 1983): The Anaconda Co. voluntarily entered into an agreement with EPA and the State for a study to identify and quantify hazardous materials at the smelter. The sampling and analysis of the results have been completed by the parties to the agreement. EPA is planning a remedial investigation/feasibility study to determine the type and extent of contamination at the site and identify alternatives for remedial action. EPA is also negotiating with Anaconda to have the company take interim remedial measures to stabilize conditions at the site." This appears to mean that a site doesn't have to have been decontaminated in order to be accepted in the Superfund category. But first, Thierry, you need to get Andreas on board. I notice that he hasn't posted here yet. The new Superfund URL. Keith
  9. I, too, vote for option 2. More later if I can find anything of use. Keith The more: After a few moments thought this is what I see: If you should choose to proceed with option 2 the simplest and most logical way would be to simply throw open the category, including what information and website links you have at hand. Then do a bit of a rewrite, stating at the beginning of the description that you have done so and that, should a Waymarker have a suitable site to submit, they must include the name and website URL for the environmental agency in charge of contaminated sites in their country. Then take that URL and add it to a list within the category description thus: Australia Canada France New Zealand United Kingdom United States Etc Etc The list will expand as Waymarkers from other countries submit their contaminated sites. Of course you must insist on good, informative writeups accompanying each new submission, a certain minimum of photos, etc. Doing it this way opens the category to the world quickly while sparing officers the drudgery of trying to find the URLs for each specific agency in each country. The Waymarkers are better able to do this in any event as they will each be more familiar with their country's government agencies and won't be faced with the language barriers that you will. Keith Edit: BTW, each URL that I found and included above appears to need the Waymarker to drill down to find the specific site in question, so it would be necessary for the Waymarker to include the top level URL for the agency AS WELL AS the link to the specific page for the site they're submitting, UNLESS the top level URL for that country is already on your list, OR, for the sake of simplicity, just require both URLs each time. It won't kill any Waymarkers to include both - IE two REQUIRED variables. Then we have to address the site itself and whether it should be acceptable as a Superfund type of site or just a site that has been identified as contaminated but at which no actual cleanup has been undertaken. I've done a few of the US Superfund sites but will have to go back and review the category to see what they're presently requiring. More in the morning - it's bed time now.
  10. I, too, haven't been to NFLD yet. Since I expanded the category, though, several folks have been there and have posted a bunch of Waymarks, so there are lots waiting for you. Keith
  11. Well, The Pud didn't need yelling at and I really didn't feel like doing the laundry, so, instead, the poem (Really, what else did you expect?) Ten thousand folks, when not a hoax, is rare as it can be The towns we've seen, though lush and green, and quite a sight to see Have seldom more than several score of populace at best Our towns are small, but that's not all they are here in the west They're on a street which one may meet a deer a moose or bear But finding one that's not been "done" is genuinely rare. When we arrive at these folks' hive we're ne'er the first to be The 'Markers who, drove sternly through, the night to clearly see By dawn's first light that wondrous sight, a town that's theirs to take A city filled with Waymarks billed as "Featured" they can make. Though only one may have been "done" it quenches quick our thirst For those we do, though ten or two, will never be a "First". With COVID still high on the bill, a trek to nether lands, That place Canucks will just say "Shucks" and go to get their tans, May cure the ill I harbour still o'er insufficient towns The way things are I'll keep the car here safely in the downs. I'll envy you your Waymarks true and play it year by year I'll think and try and by-and-by still hold this challenge dear.
  12. Would you two please STOP THIS already?? Yer makin' me so envious of all those 10/10 cities nearly at your doorsteps that I could almost yell at the cat, do my laundry or even write a poem!!! Keith
  13. Hi LH, long time no "see". Are you still visiting your way around the Maritimes, or have you visited the entire place now? Anyhow, his comment made me think about the title of this thread - Oldest visits? And what I thought was this - Who can post the Oldest Visit? I remembered that I recently came across some old photos of a trip I took with an aunt, uncle and cousin from Calgary to California in July of 1965. I knew I had pix of sites that had been Waymarked, such as Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Virginia City, Montana. So today I visited some of the Waymarks in Virginia City: So now the question - Does anyone have any older visits with which to entertain us? Keith PS - My visit comment: I visited Virginia City on a trip from Calgary to San Bernardino and other points in California in 1965. I have managed to find some of my pix from that trip, including ones from Virginia City. I'm including two pix from building interiors, one of a display of horse drawn wagons and another of a saloon which had on display an assortment of old music making machines, candy dispensers and what not. The other two are from Boot Hill Cemetery. From here: (45.294759, -111.948730) on Google Street View one can see the headstones that are in both of my cemetery pix. For a history buff such as myself, this was one of the real highlights of the trip! Don't really know why, but these are the only Black & White pix I have of the trip. All the rest were colour. - Keith
  14. Terve serkku Kai - How goes it over there? I would write you, but my life is so deadly dull these days I can't find anything to write - unless I were to resort to prevarication, fantasy and hyperbole. Anyhow, about that Water memory, light art work thingie: It's not kinetic, it's not realistic, it's not figurative, it's not silhouette - in fact it's not a whole lotta things. I see that it's actually in Turku, which is good in case you need to go and get more pix. Given what it's not, I am gonna say that IF you had some nice day AND night shots of it AND you did a really great writeup I just might accept it in Abstract Public Sculptures. After all, if it shows well in your pix and reads well in your writeup it deserves a place in Waymarking. So go get those pix, if you don't have them already, write it up and send it in. At this time of the year night shots in Turku ought to be a proverbial walk in the park. Serkkusi, Keith
  15. I'm pretty sure that the "fi guy" has it right. And, yes, I, too, sign my declines. I feel that if someone has an issue with my decline, or wants to know how to set it right and I haven't provided sufficient information, it's preferable that they contact me directly, rather than bother the category leader. (I'm officer in quite a few categories, but leader of only one or two.) Keith
  16. Great to hear that it's been approved. From your Waymark: " the citizens of the Netherlands also seized power instead of the elite and nobility. To mark this, freedom trees were placed everywhere, including here in front of the town hall." From that I must assume that there are many, many more Political Revolutions Waymarks to be had in The Netherlands! Go Get 'Em!! Keith
  17. Sounds like Political Revolutions might be a fit.
  18. About the cenotaphs - they're almost always war memorials. The second, dated 1932, would likely be a World War I memorial.
  19. Following is a quote I took from a thread in this section of the forum. It was posted in reply to one or more folks who felt that they had been mistreated by certain officers in certain categories. The passage was written by a non English speaker who has achieved a quite respectable command of the English language. The passage quite accurately reflects my view on the subject which it addresses. Though I'm quite sure that many of you may well have read the passage previously, and the thread in which it is contained, I felt it incumbent upon me that it be reiterated here for its importance to the health of the Waymarking community at large. It is presented below, unedited and uncredited, that you may read, and learn from, it. "There are people, who say that, or something similar, if the officers follow the rules (in their opinion) too strict, and there are also people who complain about other officers if they "approve everything". We all have had such decisions on one or more of our own waymarks. I myself have a different view since I started to be an officer in a few categories. One thing is for sure: I had to decline several waymarks already and never did I "like to make things hard to everybody" and I doubt that there are such officers who do. There may be some that are very strict and others who are more flexible. But as a waymark owner no one should believe that a decline is a personal vendeta or that an entire category is full of strict officers. Just go back one step and try to think about it objectively." Keith
  20. Sorry Adam, but I just can't get excited about this proposal. It's just a road sign, either over a highway or to the side of a local road or street. It pretty much always has a green background with white lettering. Before it and after it I see a dozen, a hundred or a thousand exactly like it on my trip. The fact that it may have an extraordinarily large number on it will very likely completely escape my attention. I'll just try to keep my attention on the road, and that #%*hole ahead. Keith
  21. As am I. I haven't looked. Is it true that "Etched in stone cannot be on a grave"? Guess I'll have to go and see fer meself... ... The Big "D" looks to be quite correct: From Etched in Stone: What this category is not: Seeking merely the location where speeches were made or books written. A place to waymark history markers that contain quotes A place to cite quotes or text on gravestones. D - I guess that's a YES. It apparently works exactly as you've described. Keith
  22. Disagree (with The Rocket's being considered a legend, but only in this particular context). Though Maurice and Wild Bill may have had the word Legend attached to their names, they, themselves are still simply individuals, not stories. Legendary, true, but not legends. A legend is a story, whether true or not, which is passed through generations about a happenstance of the past. A story of how "The Rocket" scored his 50th goal is, indeed, a story, and an obvious truism, still not yet a true legend. Legends are generally about happenings that may or may not be true, and which occurred prior to the lives of those living people who may be able to corroborate, or negate, the story. Legends aren't about things (or hockey players) whose lives coincide with living individuals; they're about those whose stories may not now be be debated by witnesses. "Urban" is an unfortunate addition to the category title, I agree, but, it seems to me, a pecuniary thing over which there's no need to fret. Proper submissions, as in amenable to the intention of the category, appear to be accepted on a regular basis, as they should. As the Aussies are known to utter on occasion: NO WORRIES Keith
  23. I'm quoting Torgut here for his pertinent, germane and useful comments. But, sorry, Andreas, you're already completely covered here. From Hiking and walking trailheads: "Trail Heads and access points will be defined as the place where a trail begins. Trailheads and access points must be publicly accessible. Trail will be defined as a marked or beaten path, created by humans, as through woods or wilderness or naturalized area..." There's no indication whatever in the above description that a Barefoot Trail, whatever its length might be, would not be approved in Hiking and Walking Trailheads, despite what the original intention of the category may have been. The term "as through woods or wilderness" is simply a suggestion, not a proscription or prohibition of those NOT "through woods or wilderness", as I understand the English language. Again, sorry, Andreas, Keith
  24. And now I have to peruse my 100,000+ pix to find that single pic I'm (pretty) sure I (think) I remember I (may have) took( taken) in that (certain) cemetery in that (I believe) town in that (or one of those) state(s)/province(s). Thanks! I'm gettin' too old for this... Keith
  25. Agree, as I doubt that one is mass produced. You take care, as well, Sandy, Keith
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