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  1. Methinks you're being a bit hasty here. I, for one, am very much in favour of a new, and separate, category for Tourist Tokens as you envision it. EXACTLY!
  2. While neither surprising, odd, nor out-of-place, this was, nonetheless, a cool shot from one of our Jerseyland Organics Waymarks from Waaaaay Back in the spring of 2013. In fact, the reviewer, the renowned "Math Teacher", thought it to be a pretty cool default photo for the Waymark.
  3. Have you ever noticed how outrageously difficult it can be to direct a cat's attention in a specific direction? Often as not, even picking them up and reorienting them fails to accomplish the task! Keith
  4. Who's the Beeper? OH - RIGHT!!! A Texan!
  5. Agree, Erik. Another consideration would be that when creating a Registered Heritage Sites category it's pretty much mandatory that a REQUIRED variable for a link to the site's register entry be included. Unfortunately, the site of a historical marker may well not be associated with such a link. I'll admit that, in expanding the Western Canadian Heritage category, I did allow for the inclusion of historical markers, though ONLY for the Canadian Territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut), as none had such a category. Sadly, however, the Signs of History category was far from the forefront of my mind at the time, so I now consider that a mistake. I don't believe that a great many historical markers in The Territories have been submitted, so it may not be a bad idea for me to readdress the category and clean up after myself. Keith
  6. I wasn't thinking of Signs of History when I wrote the above. Hence I agree with elyob and the fi guy that registered heritage sites is the way to go, with Signs of History taking care of historical markers. Oh, and don't forget to recruit Kai (Smurffaaja) as an officer. I expect he'd make a good one! Keith
  7. Dang it! I almost missed yet another really important cultural celebration!
  8. Actually, Erik, I thought you were doing just fine and on the right track with the all inclusive new category. However, I'm still unsure of the direction you intend to take. Will it be registered heritage sites, historical markers, or both?
  9. Good point, from someone who should know. I doubt Erik would have an issue with a title such as Nordic Heritage instead of Scandinavian Heritage.
  10. Please keep this thread alive, Erik. It's about one of the very few "Still Needed" categories and could lead to filling a noticeable void in the "Heritage and Historic Places of the World" category list. As I search and peruse the category list I find nothing more than Norway Historical Sites, meaning that pretty much the entirety of Scandinavia has, to date, been ignored, a situation I agree that requires redressing. I am quite willing to aid in the construction of a Scandinavian historical AND/OR heritage category, though I believe that the two categories are quite disparate and separate and should occupy two separate categories. Though my nearly complete lack of knowledge of Scandinavian heritage would preclude my being an appropriate and effective leader, possibly even an officer (though I'm certainly willing to give the latter a try), in either of the proposed categories, my willingness to offer a hand may at least get us rolling. What do you think, Erik? Besides, I have a Scandinavian background from one side, mebbe even both sides of my family, for all I know. Next a Question: Do we have any Scandinavians out there willing to join in a quest to provide you with Historical and/or Heritage categories of your own? I'm not saying that you need become category officers, should that not be to your taste, only that you may be able to aid in tracking down the websites of various federal, municipal and local Scandinavian heritage registers, as well as other related information. Keith
  11. True, but then, that just could to be to save themselves still more embarrassing scenarios.
  12. Today, folks, I ALMOST was able to capture the image of a lifetime. Please bear with me, Wayfroggie, as I understand this to be somewhat off topic, but something I'm sure Waymarkers around the world would get a charge out of, on many different levels. To start: 1 - my cat, "The Pud", as in Puddy Tat, as in "I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat", has a Puddy Castle at one of my windows, above a heat register, and so chooses to spend much of her winter days well up on her castle, where it's warm and she can look out the window, 2 - I'm in a small city in Southern BC (Canada) which has become the habitat of many deer. Though not by any means tame, our deer have gotten used to us, as we have gotten used to them. 3 - I live in a ground floor condo, past which deer often pass while grazing, ofttimes right by my window, though I almost never find it possible to get a camera operational in time go get shots of them. Anyhow, today a group of three or four deer made their way past my window at a time that The Pud happened to be looking the other way. I brought her attention to the happenings outside her window and she immediately went into predator mode, possibly thinking she might harvest one for dinner. She glued her nose to the window, shortly after which one of the deer did the same! There they were, Pud and deer, nose to nose through the window, Pud so excited she couldn't control herself, deer on the other side idly examining this other creature millimetres away, completely unconcerned, yet inquisitive!!!!!! Camera was running!!! Deer were immobile!!! If only I could get over to where a GREAT PIC was possible!!! ALAS! the deer quickly became bored of the "Pud in the Window" and moved on, just seconds before I could have caught what may well have become the "Picture of a Lifetime". SOOOOoooo, what I was able to get is below. In it you see the north end of The Pud gazing intently southward with her nose at the window, AND the neck and left ear of a deer, also with its nose on the window, probably wondering what on earth that thing on the other side is. Alas and Alak! Mebbe some day! Keith PS - The Pud in her penthouse suite, in the absence of deer.
  13. GREAT point, Andreas. I hadn't though of it that way. Selfish and Unthinking of me. Henceforth I shall try to remember to sign my declines (though I hope they be few) as "Keith - ScroogieII" Also, I see your point vis a vis "SCROOGIELL" or "SCROOGIEII". Mebbe It would be better that I just drop the "II", as the original "Scroogie" has to do with other forums long, long ago and far, far away. How about a vote - - - - Waymarkers - would it be in the best interest of all if I dropped the "II"? 50% ayes will GIT ER DONE! Heck, mebbe 33% will do it! Mebbe even 25%. BTW, Andreas, I doubt that anything you were to say would offend me. You're just not that type of guy, and my skin has grown quite thick. Keith
  14. Well, then do it. Contact our Wayfroggie concerning any categories you find in need of active officers. As for "then one single individual has the responsibility to do all" - If I read that correctly, a single Waymarker may join, or become leader, BUT then may invite/recruit helpers. Or were you still referring to our Wayfroggie?
  15. Though I don't know what remedy that might be at this moment, I'm sure there must be a better way. Besides, If our Wayfroggie were as "Burdened" as you portray him to be, mebbe, just mebbe, he would do something to alleviate the "burden". For example, he has been approached by at least one active Waymarker with offers to be made officer in DEAD categories with the intent of bringing them back to life, with little to no response. Thereby, It would seem that he doesn't consider himself "burdened" by his duties. Keith
  16. Should you choose to pursue this further, Erik, here would be my first step, were I doing it: I would search out all the Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns to be found and try to recruit them to the group. To my knowledge there are no Icelanders here, sadly. Then I would, if at all possible, stock my officership with one from each country, as each country has its own language, heritage register, etc. With an officer from each country, reviewing Waymarks from each country would be much easier, eliminating language barriers, lack of knowledge of various databases, etc. Keith
  17. First, Erik, my experience has been that a "conjoined" category is preferred hereabouts. I did it in both Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties and Western Canadian Heritage, taking previous categories and expanding them to cover a larger, associated and contiguous area. Mine were both essentially about "Heritage Registers" and inclusion within. Overall, I think that, if Scandinavia does not yet have such a category, it's ABOUT TIME. Good on you, Erik, for being the one to finally realize what's missing here! I agree that Iceland should be included, but let's NOT exclude Finland, which to date has no such categories. Were that to happen my good cousin Kai (Smurfajja) (SP?) would be, or at least should be, greatly offended. Keith
  18. Better plan! Open enrollment is ON. Join, talk with our Wayfroggie about becoming leader. Throw out the deadwood. Invite some active Scandinavians to the group (there are a few here). Have one of them take it over, as a Scandinavian is a better choice as leader than a Canadian. Keith
  19. The one above is STILL BUSTED Today, as is this new one: https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/waymark_edit_review.aspx?f=1&guid=1b6f9e3a-93cb-421e-93d7-eb75b75337ae&gid=3 OOPS - 'S OK, I got it fixed, though the original information is now lost. At present it appears that the "friendly" hackers could be a worse threat than any "UNfriendly" hackers. Keith
  20. As do I, as I believe it to be the proper way to handle declines, though I usually just sign them "Keith", as I figger pretty much everyone knows who that is. When a decline is signed, the submitter can then go directly to the officer in question with questions or for clarification, thereby (usually) shortening the avenue to eventual approval.
  21. But Erik, as a corrupt politician he would certainly do anything in his power to avoid paying said taxes, then maybe grease a few palms in the tax department to forestall investigation.
  22. Yup! I'd suspected it all along. You're as MAD as Sheldon!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - (More evil cackling in the background)... ...
  23. Doubtless you are not alone with regard to your prediction about this aberration. Keith
  24. So, now I have to drive for an hour or more over treacherous winter mountain roads to get me a Provisionally Pure Provider of Potentially Putrid Pancakes? Oh Phshaw! NAW! I'll Putatively Put that off until the robins are singing in the trees, the flowers are blooming and I actually feel such an endeavour worthwhile! Well ... ... Acktchelly, I was planning to go that direction sometime in the late spring anyhoo, so what the heck? Keith
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