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Indoor caches


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There are indoor caches in N Wales that are in Libraries, and an indoor market.... I've not done them, so I don't know which ones they are, bbut I know they ARE there.... !!!


I have! :lol: ... well a couple of them anyway .... the Library is always closed when I go past.


The ones that come to mind are:

A butcher shop, amusement arcade, a DVD rental place and the one in the library I wonder what crazy CO placed those?

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A couple of North Wales caches that fall into the category that your talking about are:-

GC17DXV & GC258J9. They share similar locations, but are completely different forms of cache.

I've often thought of requesting permission to place a magnetic cache on the rear of a chest freezer in my local 'well known' frozen food store (my daughters boyfriend is the assistant manager there). My only concern is one of 'suspicious characters' in the store....probably more hastle than it would be worth!!!

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