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  1. Are you related to the Spokes by any chance? Ooops! almost lost my cappachino then.
  2. Acting suspicious is the one and only reason MOH will NOT go out caching! When I first started out caching he came with me and watched from a distance, after finding and replacing the cache he said: 'Do you know what you look like? You look like you are up to something ..... it's not for me! He will come on long walks with me & the dog, walking ahead while i search for the cache but he will never be anywhere near me when there are muggles about. He knows one day i will be confronted by the police and he doesn't want to be there when i do. I used to like urban caching, now I don't as I too feel like: 'I'm up to something'. As another poster said: There are far more people who don't know anything at all about geocaching compared to those that do. The police are only doing their job.
  3. You had better stick to those nanos/micros stuck on signs where anyone with a bit of imagination could have placed a decent cache somewhere close by then...... if you cant find the good ones? So all CO's that own drive-by's are fat lumps? But jesting apart (and I was only jesting!)I would love virtuals to return. I have only ever done about 4 but loved them, I just don't get those munzie things?
  4. If you just want to grab a few without traveling too far, drop yourself at Derby Road: When I was a boy I wanted to be...GC10MYV (bus stop next to it) Start here Walk back down Derby Road a wee but (which turns into Great Howard St) to grab Four Canal Lock.....GC20QAW Then turn back down into regent Road (The old Dock road) heading back towards The Albert Dock to grab all of these: Tobacco Warehouse - Stanley Dock - Drive by...GC24W7Q (one of mine) Duke of Clarence - Drive-by ...GC24VZ9 (one of mine) Liverpool Pier Head...GC1WYG0 Captain "Johnnie" Walker...GC32XP6 Alberts Famine...GC2E4D Salthouse Dock...GC248M0 Jury's Out...GC2JA03 Wapping Quays - Baltic Fleet ...GC1ZX2Y Echo Echo Echo...GC3DP92 How much do you want to bet? - Liverpool ...GC240P1 (one of mine) Finish here They are all on a direct Port walk from Derby Road to Albert Dock ... a lovely walk. Then if you still want to cache pop over the road to town, for more!
  5. You'd be surprised what some people keep as pets! ]
  6. link to ECHO newspaper Reading some of the comments made smile ... especially this one: billericay boy wrote: Didn't know there was a beauty spot in Laindon, or is “geocacher” a posh word for Dogging. Cheeky mare! :unsure:
  7. I was about to say that I find it rather odd that the RAC did not use coords because the AA have done so for years but then I read the last bit of your post and saw that it was just this particular RAC man. No actually, while talking to the RAC man (he had to give me a lift home with the jeep on the tow thingy) he said none of the drivers use co-ords to find people (which I too find very strange) But .... maybe it was JUST THIS RAC MAN because he couldn't fix my jeep, yet when I asked our mechanic to come round the house the next day,(he looks after all our cars) all he did was put in some clutch/break fluid and bingo! The jeep was ok. Shouldn't the RAC man have tried that? Maybe it was down to the time of day? (it was 3am and I had just finished work) I think I'm going back to the AA
  8. I had trouble with the clutch on my jeep last week so phoned the RAC. when they asked me where I was, I told them i was unsure exactly because i was inbetween unknown Juctions, but I coud give them my co-ordinates? They told me that the RAC driver was unable to use co-ords! when he finaly arrived he was using a Tom Tom so I showed him how to use the co-ords on it, he was very surprised.
  9. Sounds a lot like my Shar pei! We have been thinking about rescuing another dog soon, so I think i may keep a look out for a young 'sniffer' dog I can train for caching.
  10. What's wrong with an 18 mile multi? I own a 13 mile multi and I have done a 20+ mile multi in the past. It's one of the best caches I've ever done. 20 miles for 1 cache? It's a good job we are all different and like different things. And why I like caching: we can all 'choose' to go for the caches we like doing. And for this reason, I just don't understand why people moan about various caches. It's been said time & time again: If you don't like micros ... dont do them. If you don't like big trails ... dont do them. If you don't like puzzles & 'long' multi's ... dont do them. Simples!
  11. Don't come caching in Shropshire then unless you like soggy holey socks. Oh my word! The first 'SOCK' cache I found in Shropshire gave me the shivers just sticking my hand in to get the box. Then after the finishing the series (all 20 caches in soggy socks) I was just soooooo fed up of them. Why do they do that? I remember going to an event that evening and complaining to someone about all the soggy sock caches and that person told me that 'ALL' their caches were in socks. I just don't 'get it'.
  12. This was a nice big TB that I carried up a steep, snow filled mountain to place in a very huge ammo can. The cache was: The 200th cache by Team marzipan ..... and my 200th find! (way back in feb 2010 so it might not count?) LINKY
  13. Ok, this was last Summer after placing a new cache along the coast in Llandulas: (It didn't really hurt though) Then Broxi kissing me better:
  14. Or found at least ONE! (I know, I know .... it's a sock.)
  15. Oh I'm going to love this! If the drsolly logs are anything like the drsolly posts i'm going to have to make sure I'm not drinking my coffee when reading them!
  16. According to the 'Dangerous dog act' linky Keeping dogs under proper control. (1)If a dog is dangerously out of control in a public place— (a)the owner; and (b)if different, the person for the time being in charge of the dog, is guilty of an offence, or, if the dog while so out of control injures any person, an aggravated offence, under this subsection. Dangerously being the operative word. It is not illegal to have your dogs off the lead anywhere, as long as they are not dangerously out of control. If there are signs up, then you may become a trespasser on that area of land. The offence is for a dog to be 'dangerously out of control' [s.3(1) Dangerous Dogs Act 1991] - and the definition of dangerously out of control is 'any occasion on which there are grounds for reasonable apprehension that it will injure any person'. You will therefore see that one dog attacking another dog is not going to constitute an offence - no person is going to be injured. However, depending on where you live, there may be local byelaws in force in respect to dogs in public places. There will almost certainly be offences for dogs fouling and there may also be byelaw restrictions stipulating that dogs should be on a lead. All the above was stated by an officer in the Greater Manchester Police department. I do understand what you mean when talking about your kids but .... a dog passing on by your children is not a 'dangerously out of control' dog. Sorry about all the 'red' writing but I just wanted to show you that your statememt: and that's enough to be 'out of control' according to the Dangerous Dogs act. Is not quite correct.
  17. That doesn't sound like 'OUT OF CONTROL' dog(s) to me?
  18. Oh don't I just! From the age of 26 I started hitch hiking all over Europe with my mate Jane for three months each year. Then we fell in love with a place called Roses in Spain (near gerona)and we ended up working there every Summer season for 18 years. I just wish geocaching was around in those days (I'm 52 now) just think what my map would look like now! I was only looking at caches near Roses the other day and there is a fantastic Bike caching circular trail of 101 caches starting here: Aiguamolls Bike Ride Nº 1 GIV -6103 KM1 linky (Just think of what I could have been doing on my days off instead of lying on the beach.) Then there is this CSJ 01-01 This starts in El Port de la Selva and goes across Catalunya and ends in Alcarras .... 1000 caches in total! I can't work out how many miles that is but I know it would have been a hell of a camping & bike ride holiday! Oh boy .... think of the numbers i would have now?
  19. Funnily enough I have been reading this thread with interest when:.... I got a torch for Christmas. They were from Costco and cost about £15 with three in a pack. My other half got them and gave me and my Son the other two. They are only small (like a mag light) and i didn't think they would be much good .... but wow! I tried it out last night on the beach with the dog and I couldn't believe how strong it was. It has three setting; it has a multi function switch .. 50% light, 100% light and flashing emergency strobe. It lit up Penmaen head completely and even picked out the reflectors on the A55 (The beach well below and a distance away from the A55) it is called techlite Lumen Master, high intensity cree XPE LED tactical flashlight and runs on 3 AAA batteries (150 Lumens) Working out at aprox £5 each can't be a bad thing huh?
  20. These are my thoughts exactly! I have never been a walker (not till I found Geocaching almost 3 years ago) and now regret all the years wasted NOT walking. What a great way to spend a few hours now, getting out there in all weathers and walking till I can’t walk any more (or until all the caches within reach are found) I really don’t care about the quality of the caches (although I love finding something big or unusual) I just love the walk and yes .... the numbers! But it’s the number of caches I find that encourage me to walk further, not the ‘style’ of caches. As I've already said: I would never have dreamt of walking anywhere before ..... I just didn't 'get' this walking malarky. (Bow my head in disgust at myself) I ‘do’ understand the debate about Geocaching bringing you to walk in beautiful surroundings V's micro's dumped on every urban corner, but I will never understand the debate about the quality of caches on walks.
  21. I guess that owner was very trusting. I've seen one like that here in Wales too. But it's archived now! (I reckon the CO was sick of having to revisit the cache to recharge the battery)
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