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  1. Brilliant, looks good to me. Thank you very much!
  2. I love Wherigo's and had great fun creating one in Saffron Walden to take cachers around the official town trail to see the old buildings. I'm also sad to see that they fizzled out. They have great potential. I did a couple of blog posts a while ago on Wherigos and inspired 3 cachers (That I know of) to create Wherigo's in Essex, all of which I've done. Might be of use to you... Blog posts here (playing Wherigos) and here (Creating Wherigos).
  3. Because it's quicker to stick them inside the container than take the log out of the bag... unravel the log to find the right spot... stick the sticker there... roll the log back up again... put it back in the bag and replace the cache. That will be the reason why! We use stickers, but always stick them in the log (if space permits) and never on the container except for one time when the log was simply too wet for anything to be put on it. We don't really use stickers to save time anyway, just because they are fun as ours are custom ones that I designed. Most of the time it takes me longer to find the strip of stickers in my pocket than it would have done to just scribble in the log!
  4. My heart sunk when I realised that the Bing maps were now 50k! I really thought it was due to the OS withdrawing the rights to display them (or something like that). I hope it's just due to a technical fault at the Bing maps end. jri: Thank you for your script!
  5. Ooh, nice find! Very handy. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Lots of different sizes here: http://www.techblazer.com/geocaching-log-sheets/
  7. A big, early congrats on 5000! We reached our 5000th last week. I think this may *just* be in your travelling distance: We did ours on a cache in Portsmouth 'The Caching Olympics Challenge - GOLD' (http://coord.info/GC2WN7C) which is claim-able if you've found 100 caches in a day. It's in a lovely location and a 5/5. Otherwise, probably our most favourite cache of all time is 'Look into the light' (http://coord.info/GC1AGGD) in Exmoor National Park. It's a 5/5 underground in an old tin mine. Lots of piccies on the cache page. The entrance does look quite small in the piccies, however my OH is a big chap and managed to get in and out ok. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  8. Just spotted this, "Geocheckpointing": http://www.geocheckpointing.com Seems a bit like a Munzee, but without the need for something to scan a QR code. I've signed up but there aren't any in the UK (yet) seem to be a few around Europe though. It looks like pretty much the same idea as Munzees, but the thing you print off has a short code (In the example I tried just a 3 letter code) that you put somewhere. You can have "Challenge", "Standard", and "Commercial" checkpoints and rate the terrain as 1, 2, or 3. Then add the coords for the location. Enjoy!
  9. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=b4648867-3942-48b8-bdb4-0d170d819c5e EDIT: Ah, notice HazelS got there first!
  10. FWIW, Groundspeak and the reviewers can see deleted logs. So while it might be useful to leave the notes for the other seekers, you could have safely deleted the NA logs and bogus finds. In fact, that's the safest way to do it when reporting log issues to a reviewer or to Groundspeak, since it stops the author of the logs from going back in and editing them to "fluffy bunnies". I did think the powers that be could have seen the deleted logs, however by leaving them there and asking the "real" cacher to delete them gave me confirmation that they were who I suspected!
  11. I had a blatent arm chair logger once. Suspected due to the same reasons. I think they claimed to have travelled about 400 miles in one day caching. I went and checked a few cache logs. No signature. Deleted the logs and politely emailed them. I got a snotty email back and they re-logged them. Deleted again. Relogged again, and then relogged pretty much every single one of my other caches, followed by posting several "Needs archiving" logs on about 5 of my other caches. I notified my local reviewers that it was a prankster. Left the logs as they were with notes on so that any cachers planning to go for my caches were aware that they were indeed ok and that Groundspeak could see what had happened. I wasn't particularly bothered about the "Needs Archiving" logs as that can be fixed, but they also created two obviously fake events in too! I reported them to Groundspeak and managed to also put 2 and 2 together and worked out who the actual "real" cacher was who did it. I emailed the real cacher and asked them to sort it out. They of course denied all knowledge and said someone hacked their email and set up another account posing as them! I won't go into any details, but it was extremely obvious that it was BS! They told me that they would remove the logs on my caches and events in London. Sure enough they did. Funny how they knew the password of the fake account, eh? They're possibly reading this now too... Groundspeak didn't particularly care though. They didn't even suspend the fake account, which did surprise me a bit. Could actually be someone that you know...
  12. Super impressed with the latest update: "Fixed issues with dashboards disappearing" and "Fixed issues with Find Next Closest while geocaching" were the two problems I was experiencing. I emailed the beta team on Wednesday to explain the problem. They immediately requested some additional information, then emailed me on Monday to say try v3.2. Sure enough it fixed my problem! What a quick turn around!!! FYI, these problems were only caused because I use Garmin Custom Maps. Turning these off stopped the problem, which would probably explain why others didn't have the problem. With v3.2 my Custom Maps are now happy and so am I! Cass
  13. I was impressed at how quickly the team got back to me about my issue. They asked for a copy of my Geocaching profile (Garmin\profiles\geocaching.gpf) I made a backup of my Montana when I first got the unit so I'm wondering if replacing my profile with an older one may fix that issue if it's something in my profile causing it. Something to try anyway!
  14. Sounds like the problem I've been having that I mentioned here. Navigating to a place, then turning off and on again brings the unit back with the correct routing, and the chap starts talking again.
  15. Cheers. Just sent that issue off to the Montana Beta team.
  16. My Montana went a bit loopy with the screen calibration when I upgraded to v3.1. After a few downgrades/upgrades it eventually sorted itself out, but at one point I did think it had totally crippled it. I noticed that spelling suggestion thing, it was annoying, but only happened when I upgraded for the first time before I had to mess with the downgrades. It doesn't happen anymore now. It wasn't very good either. I entered "Kra" expecting it to pull up the cache "Kramote" just down the road, but it ignored that and only pulled up "The Kray Twins" despite the "Kramote" cache being on there. v2.6 worked fine for me, there were a few minor issues, but those that I can live with and none of them were fixed by v3.1. I don't think I'm going to upgrade again for a while after v3.1 sent my unit crazy until I managed to fix it. My opinion is unless the firmware specifically fixes a problem I've noticed with my Montana I won't be upgrading!
  17. Since using 3.0 I've noticed an issue where the battery/coordinate/time/date section on the main menu randomly disappears. Either turning the unit off or changing profile fixes it. Anyone else experiencing this after the update? It didn't do this before. It did it 5 times at the weekend during a time period of about 7 hours use. This is what I see:
  18. A few hours of dedication and my calibration issue is now finally fixed. The dedication included plenty of downgrading and then upgrading. At one point when I was in v3.1 it would work fine, apart from in landscape map mode where the maps would just not show! I registered the device on the Garmin webpage and then got into the 'myDashboard' bit. Although I already had v3.1 it told me there was an update waiting. I updated and it seemed to nearly fix it. A downgrade then upgrade eventually got it back working how it was before I put the update on it. Phew! What I don't get: Say "Fred" is at version 3.1 and I am at version 3.1. I've done a fair bit of software development in the past, and so my thought is that surely no matter what progression of versions we've been through, or downgrades and upgrades we've had, our software should be exactly the same and therefore our Montanas should be working the same. Some people get new bugs with the new firmware, some people find it makes their device function better. I just don't really get why many Montanas seem to be functioning so differently. I shouldn't be worried about installing the latest firmware on my device because Garmin would have tested it on their devices and therefore everything should be the same!! Grr... Happy Geocaching day all you Montana owners, by the way!
  19. I wouldn't be so sure that the screen calibration issue is hardware. My Montana was working fine through versions 2.6 and then 2.8. Just upgraded to 3.1 and I now have a useless brick of rubbishness for a GPS. The calibration is screwed. I recalibrated, it stayed the same. I downgraded the firmware it was just as bad. I spent 5 minutes trying to click on the right buttons to get it to the calibrate section, recalibrated it again and it was still screwed. Performed a master reset and now I can't event click 'English' to get my GPS in the right language. It's stuck in some foreign language and I can barely click any menu items. Looks like Garmin can have this one back.
  20. I've got the iPhone app. I think it's very nice actually. Quite slick. If these are apparently "Geocaching Challenges" though it shouldn't have been a separate app, should have been integrated with the existing "Geocaching" app. Afterall, these challenges are apparently part of Geocaching now. While they're at it, a Waymarking app would be nice!
  21. Shhh! You'll give Groundspeak ideas for their next Worldwide challenge!
  22. Ahem, straight from the Geocaching home page: Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. I know we have the exceptions of virtuals, earths, webcams, etc. but they've got a bit of a cheek to call these "Geocaching Challenges" when Groundspeak tell us on their homepage that we will be looking for a hidden container. A new site would definitely have been more appropriate. Don't see why it couldn't have sat next door to Geocaching.com, just like Waymarking. Saying that, I have created a "sensible" challenge. I don't really like the idea of it all though. I'm waiting for "Geocaching Places" to appear where you can earn finds by checking in. Quickly scrubbed that out incase I give Groundspeak ideas!
  23. Oh my, that looks like a nice Geocache series! Teeheehee...
  24. I know it's about 150 miles too far, but on the topic of "Best country park for caching" Margam Country Park in South Wales really took my breath away when we visited there for the Mega. I've never seen such an amazing and beautiful country park in all my life. There was a farm, beautiful waterfalls, a nice stream, ruins of an old orangery and church, wooden sculptures, bendy trees you could climb, a castle, a kid's playground, a fishing lake, a restaurant... It was huge! There are caches there too, although they're quite spread out. So if you're ever down that way...
  25. Well spotted! Last time I saw that one it was out of stock. £53 for a mount though is crazy money considering all sat nav's come with them for free. I'll stick with my universal mount and X-MI for now and cross my fingers that they come down in price. BTW: I've heard word that the v2.8 firmware update is brilliant and has made the Montana work a lot smoother. I'm yet to update.
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