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  1. I am the proud owner of a cache just over 5,100 miles from home GC1PHX5 Stateline Pass is in the Nevada Desert some way outside Las Vegas. HOWEVER, I should point out that it is only there cos I had a great day out caching with the local reviewer and a couple of other local cachers( 2-Old and Mojave Rattler ) and it was his idea that I should do it. Moosemob kindly looks after several caches for visitors to the area, although they need little in the way of maintence visits fortunately Take a look at the s
  2. I guess it won't be the best day to go looking for Central London micros
  3. I have had to disable my cache Clifton House School or at least I feel I should. I would welcome comments on this, particularly from any one who has found it. I thought when I placed it that it may be a bit tricky for some as there is a very obvious and commonly used hiding place very close to the cache but not for one minute did I think that the wall would be touched, never mind damaged but alas that that is what has happened. Now I really hope that it was not a cacher who did this but I did not feel I could leave the cache in place ( approx 10 ft ) so close to the damage, as if a muggle found the cache I felt that it could bring our hobby into disrepute. The cache was not in or on the wall but was hidden well camoflagged in the bush to the right of it Was I just too naive when I placed the cache ? Am I over reacting now ? All comments welcome ....
  4. I'll take the opportunity to promote one of my own caches ..... cheeky I know but I like the location GCZAAV Dob Park Bridge Cache
  5. You can't even get the shopping trolley token thing with LONDON 2012 on it any more
  6. Hope you have plenty of milk on hand for Satans Ashes victims ... err ... good sports..... Tried it one lunchtime at work when some kind soul brouht in some curry they had knocked up ... Couldn't feel my tongue for about a week after
  7. I loved doing GCKQBZ The Pioneer Saloon Cache Old Bullet holes in the wall, Fantastic atmosphere, real "old west " Americana
  8. Having read similar comments about taking photos on other forums I now carry a small laminate of the ACPO guidelines on photography.... Haven't needed it .... Yet ... PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME !!!!!!!
  9. I had a notification today that carried good news .... My Copper Casino Geocoin which vanished without trace in August 2007 when the cache it was in was muggled ( GCZN34 ) has been dropped off ina cache in the US ( GCJD4N ) Makes a bit of a mess of the history but I'm pleased to see it back So, to all you folks with missing coins & TBs... Don't give up hope, I reckon my coin was missing for approx 27 months
  10. It's still easy. Just as long as your Oregon is listed a one of your devices use the "send to gps " button, link your gps up to the PC, click the button and it should send all you need right away, I do it that way a lot for new caches or ones that catch my eye. Had it a while but seem to recall I needed to install something from the garmin site in order to do this, believe it was called "communicator"... worth doing though as life is simple there after
  11. Am now intrigued ... I see it's since been found but it sounds like a challenge. Approx 8 - 10 km MTB ride from nearest parking then a 1 - 2 km hike to cache... Could well be placed on list of ones to try ... looks good TA
  12. Having read this thread with great interest and so far kept schtum I'll add my 2 cents ( for what it's worth ) I for 1 am really looking forward to 2012 already and can't wait ( ducks to dodge flak ) I'm hoping to spend a fair bit of time that summer in and around London cos I think having the Olympics is FANTASTIC so if there is a caching event on ( mega or otherwise ) and I'm in the area I will try to attend. However I don't really see the security issue as being all that problematic, after all there is already an agreement in place with the MET re placing of caches, there are already loads in and around GREATER London AND the South East is much bigger than London itself so if you think outside the box slightly with it's good rail links a London Mega could actually be anywhere within maybe 50 miles of central London and still be easy (ish) to get to. On a slightly different but related note ... I happen to be a believer in the " build it and they will come " philosophy and feel that anyone should have the chance to put on an event when and where they want to, and if that means they think they can put on a MEGA then good luck to them. Well Done to the Perth crew for the planning already in place for next year and Good Luck, I'm looking forward to it already, and Well done also to the South Wales crew for letting us know they are putting one on in 2011, could you confirm that is early August (?) so i can plan my time off work I hope both events attract many many Cachers and are very successful and I'm sure they will be. However, I for one, don't think we need to be fixated on only having 1 Mega a year, after all it's not long ago that the debate was " Could the UK do a Mega ? " We now know the answer is a resounding YES, WE CAN ! and the only way we will find out if we can do more in a year is if some one picks up the baton and runs with it. A word of warning though to any one thinking of doing it.... IT IS NOT EASY, as Madyokel has already said certain Facilities are required and that means more than a field with a large tent in it ( as a point of interest one of the reasons we discounted this idea was the cosat of liability insurance) And if any one is thinking of doing it so the get the MEGA icon for caches set DON'T, as you don't get it, all you get is a lot of hard work, frustration and panic, eventually followed by the good feeling that you acheived something worth while.... Would I do it again ? ..... 12 months ago the answer was NO CHANCE now the answer is ... I doubt it... been there, got the T shirt ... not ready for another....
  13. Like it says on the tin, Can any one tell me how many ICONS are available just now, for finds that is I have 11 and know I am still missing a CITO , I have the following ones so far :- Traditional Caches Multi-caches Virtual Caches Letterbox Hybrids Event Caches Unknown (Mystery) Caches Webcam Caches Earthcaches Mega-Event Caches Wherigo Caches NGS Benchmarks so is a "set " 12 ? or more ? if so how many ? Thanks for any pointers
  14. I may well have a full cradle assembly hidden away i no longer use. You are welcome to it if you want ( and i can find it ) Drop me a line if so and I'll bring it along to the MEGA
  15. May I add my Thanks as well, I find this tool extremely valuable when planning a visit to a differant part of the country. THANK YOU THANK YOU
  16. I used google earth when visiting new areas in order to take a look at cache density. I'll miss it but at least I found this link http://www.geocaching.com/map/ in the other thread and it works for my home post code . Strange how I've never noticed it before .....
  17. I haven't a clue how they were selected... however there is a local one on my " to do " list so I guess I'll be giving it a shot
  18. I hadn't forgotten .... much Thanks for the reminder .... All signed up
  19. One of the more emotive subjects on most cycling / Mtb forums I inhabit ..... Bikes on footpaths threads illicit nearly as many responses as the Compulsory Helmet or Jumping Red light ones.... but if you need more info take at Cheeky Trails And YES,, if the ROW crosses your land you are quite entitled to ride your Horse, Bike , Motor Cycle etc on, indeed one of my MTB acquaintances takes great pleasure when any one starts on him at riding down a particular footapth at the side of one his fields, ... he waits till the rant is over then quite calmly says words along the lines " I think you'll find that I have more right to be here than you, after all not only do I OWN the land but I also MAINTAIN the path you are allowed to walk along " .. usually results in a silence followed by a shuffle away
  20. Didn't get an accurate count but I guesstimate 30 - 40 folks flashed in Harrogate, Doing a Conga round the gardens got some strange looks from the nearby Taxi Rank
  21. I've got as far as installing it on my E71 and all seems well so far.... Hope to try it out this weekend....
  22. I suspect there may well be a WWFM V event in Harrogate as well
  23. TheHullaballoos have done a really good series on this theme in ( mostly ) North Yorkshire No 6 Group (Bomber Command) - Lest We Forget is a series of caches in their own right which make up a multi. I've only done a small part of it so far but it is proving to be a very interesting well thought out series.
  24. ??? Having a MIO I went to this thread to see ....... NOTHING !! How strange
  25. I went to Egypt in January 2008 and found it a fantastic place to visit. There again I was near the relatively new resort of Marsa Alam, I found time to do GCRJFH while I was there which didn't even need a GPS as it is in a dive complex at one of the hotels. As for the locals I found them very friendly and not at all threatening. Yes, the shopkeepers do have the habit of closing the doors of their shops once you are in but I found a firm " Not Today " or even better " La Shokran ( sp ? ) and the door was open once more. The same goes for the "street hawkers ", be firm and they'll leave you for a softer target ( after all there are plenty of tourists to go round) I have to say that I would have felt safer walking the streets of Luxor after dark than in some of the UK cities and the only reason I didn't wass due to the 4 am start from my hotel to get there and the fact by the time I had chance after all the sightseeing it was nearly 11.00pm ... long 2 days but highly recommended
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