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Creative Logbooks

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Oh bother, I knew there was something I was supposed to do before I put our latest cache hide out yesterday – take a photo of the logbook!


It’s a pirate themed cache so I decorated the logook with skulls and crossbones and pirate ships and all that you would expect :rolleyes: All hand rubber stamped. I was quite pleased with the end result, but totally forgot to take a picture.


Love your Johnny Cash book , and the cute lil log book in the cute lil ammo can :lol:

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Love your Johnny Cash logbook. Very creative to use blank music sheets.


Here are some samples of my logbooks:





I used camo duct tape to cover the cardboard covers. Leather cord holds the pages together.



I used wrapping paper that once covered a box of Laura Secord chocolates.



Japanese stab binding used to make this long logbook for a tubular container.



Used a kleenex box to make the cover of this logbook.





Simple pamphlet stitch to bind this book. Used my handcarved rubberstamps to stamp the cover.


Thanks for posting this topic. It's great to read that people like making creative logbooks and also enjoy finding them.

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Nice books. And nice topic. A very overlooked aspect of the cache. I honestly don't think I've seen this as a topic before.


This one of mine isn't creative exactly -- just store-bought -- but it was enough to get positive comments:


The spade is felt, which in retrospect probably just attracted dampness and mold. It survived many years in place, though. The cache it was in was archived due to new rules in the state parks, but I left it in place because it had become sort of a register for the location even for non-cachers.

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I nipped out to my cache this morning before work to check it is all ok (I always get paranoid about a new cache in its first week) - so I took a photo of that pirate logbook I made. (Sorry poor quality pic - taken with my phone in low light)


It seemed appropriate to use a rubberstamped design on the front (and the spine but you can't see that) of the logbook as it's a letterbox cache


here you go:




PS Lone R I love your stab bound books!


here's a stab bound book I made not long back:



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It seemed appropriate to use a rubberstamped design on the front (and the spine but you can't see that) of the logbook as it's a letterbox cache


here you go:





Very nice pirate-theme presentation. Great logbook in it's own zippered and personalized pouch. Good job. It would be a treat to find.

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I hid a cache based on the movie Evil Dead 2 and the log book is the "Necronomicon" from the movie. Supposed to be bound with human skin, but I used masking tape, acryllic paint and Mod-Podge instead. It's got a stretched human face on the cover. The pages were tea-stained and I burned the edges to make it look thousands of years old. To complete the theme, I included a red sharpie so the logs appear to be inked in blood. Never took a picture, but next time I get out there I plan to. Lots of positive feedback on the custom logbook.

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