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  1. Remember Beanie Babies, those small stuffed animals that were a craze for a while? I purchased a large collection of them for use as swag after a collector decided to move on to another hobby. Even though I rarely noted the swag dropped in my logs, apparently it became known that I would often leave them in caches, and someone decided to visit hides from my recent finds and maintenance notes to pick them up. My general suspicions were confirmed the day I visited 15 caches with 7 different cache owners, in three different locations, and left Babies in most of the containers where they would fit. While logging the finds, I realized I had forgotten into which cache a trackable was dropped. So, the next day, I retraced my routes to locate the trackable so I could log it properly. As I checked the containers for the trackable, it became clear that all of the Beanie Babies had been collected, even though no one logged a visit online or in any of the log books. Now, unless I am making a trade, I often wait to leave nicer swag until a revisit to the area weeks, or even months/years, after the find and without logging a visit note online. But it has been a long while since I have gone geocaching, so there is a drawer full of those Beanies left to swag out.
  2. it means i think someone has them that might sell but i don't hold out much hope. Ah, info just for your use. I don't want to give any false hope, so please don't misread. I was just making notes of collectors that might want some of my special geocoins should I follow through with slowly thinning the horde. Such a daunting task for someone that planned to just leave them all scattered in geocaches, it may not happen until it becomes the heirs' job down the road.
  3. Red Shoes Girl, what does the XX after some of the names denote?
  4. I got the counties map in my profile at My Geocaching Profile. Since Groundspeak acquired My Geocaching Profile roughly four years ago, I would think it is on Groundspeak's okie dokie list, too.
  5. That only works now because I bought a new computer four days ago. TB map pages with thousands of visits would freeze the other machine. If I could only get the new one to recognize the Oregon at a usable percentage of tries, I'd be set. But that is a different issue...
  6. It sure would be nice, wouldn't it? With the many pages of visits, it sometimes takes 10 minutes, or longer, to learn if the trackable is an old friend. I usually take photos, and in the past there was also a link from the photo to the log. That link remains for cache photos, but not for trackable photos.
  7. I have found and traded for some very cool signature items, but only occasionally make and drop something with my own name on it. One special item I found was a Team Eggbert Sculpey similar to the one that had been posted in the forums Gallery of Hand Made...thread in 2009. It was in in the now archived River View geocache on June 7, 2011. Not all of the handmade items have geocaching names on them. Occasionally I ask in my cache log and learn who made the item; sadly, others remain a mystery.
  8. I tried your suggestion once after seeing you post this in another forum thread. I dropped two trackables by editing one of my prior logs on the cache. The TBs got onto the geocache's inventory list ok, but no drop log showed up in the trackables' history. I had to retrieve log them to get them back into my inventory, and then drop the trackables properly with a note. TB340NZ and TB569F3 I have never encountered that type of problem using the note/delete note method.
  9. Why? I still purchase and release TBs and geocoins. That was my personal opinion. Those boxes have thousands of dollars in them, essentially stolen. I used to buy, create and move them all the time, I am no longer inclined to do so because episodes like this. I created them to move along not be part of someone psychosis or collection. You did not explain why I should no longer be able to purchase TBs just because you have lost interest in purchasing and releasing them. At least one of mine was among the TBs released in recent months at Groundspeak HQ. I am thrilled with the travels of many of my trackables. While I wish they did not go missing, that is little reason to ask them to not be sold anymore.
  10. Why? I still purchase and release TBs and geocoins.
  11. After loading the geocaches into my GPSr, I cannot determine the premium member hides from the non-PM hides.
  12. Thank you for keeping us updated, Moun10Bike. I have corrected some of my broken images already, but with more than two dozen left to fix, I think I'll wait and see if some get restored.
  13. My 2013 goals were to: 1. Maintain the ratio of having my photo gallery entry number be equal to or greater than my find count. 2. Half-way through the year I added trying to find more geocaches in 2013 than in my previous best year. (Met, but I’m 65 finds behind in logging at the moment.) 3.I did have a go at the August streak, which was an experiment outside my usual find style. The streak lasted 43 days before I quit due to the style clash, but it was interesting trying something different. As hiking trails gain an ever increasing slew of micros, I have probably blown keeping my micro find level below 30% this month. I still try, but have had to adjust from 20%, and then 25% already, so this one is disappointing. Too many regular-sized finds have been rusty, broken, wet messes, so they have discouraged me from just seeking out the larger hides.
  14. Out-of-Towner geocacher, here. Roughly 55% of my finds are 50+ miles from home. I used the August Challenge to search for more local hides, but I continue to search more intensively while traveling.
  15. Momster's Toyi TB2AX1E was released on August 8, 2008. He has traveled 9134 miles and is still active.
  16. I didn't get a released log about the reason, but one of my TBs, Momster's Geopia TB2JZCZ, that was last dropped in September 2010, popped back up at HQ on November 15. It is moving again. I remember the old threads about the hoarder; good to see that many are getting back into the game.
  17. How fun! I have had three come home, although one didn’t have that goal and having it dropped in a cache so close to where I live turned out to just be a coincidence. Hope some of your other trackables make it home, too.
  18. The number of trackables that I consider currently active is 27; eleven TBs, six tags and ten geocoins. I don't release proxies, but I have sent out a few of the second (copy) TB tags. My trackable releases have visited 49 states (the holdout is Louisiana!) plus Afghanistan, Austria, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and Tajikistan. My first trackable/TB release is still active. Two of my active geocoins have more than 30,000 travel miles each. Thank you trackable movers, for the fun and photos!
  19. I drop them into caches sometimes, when the mood strikes, but I also carry a few unactivated tags and geocoins just for swag trades. They are lightweight and small, so they are easy to carry on long hikes. I tend to find interesting swag; or maybe I just find swag interesting.
  20. You mean like my TB3DNWQ trackable that traveled 61,000 miles and visited many exciting countries, but could not find Alabama? Or the TB3CJ57 coin I sent to tsun, that after 24,000 miles, has yet to land in Montana? Sure, it is fine to send out a trackable with a specific location/person destination. Just understand that sometimes the trackable takes a more interesting journey. I think it just adds to the fun!
  21. Or one August 2013 souvenir and 2.5 years of monthly calendar wallpaper for my desktop. The last one, for April-May-June didn't seem to involve geocaching, so I waited. But a July-A-S wallpaper never arrived in the goodies. Edit to grab back an extra "e".
  22. I cannot help myself, just looking at the photo of this geocoin cracks me up with laughter. The only other coin I can think of that never fails to lifts my spirits in this way is the old Adrenaline GC, with the rider and bike flying down the hill. Or rider and bike parts, to be more accurate. Not being on any list, I have no hope of getting one of these in the mail. But I wondered if someone who has this coin could please indulge me and post a photo of the stressed side that I could use on my computer as wallpaper? (Nothing fancy really, just a straight on, higher resolution shot with a plain background) I'd really appreciate it!
  23. This makes me wonder if you are trying to record your TB action only on the Papa Smurf's TB page. If it is not the same Smurf TB, it won't work. Have you made an attempt by entering the code on the geocaching trackables page? HERE
  24. It is simple enough to just change your trackable's name to keep track of when they go missing. My current system is to add (Missing?) after my trackables that may no longer be in the cache. It alerts cache finders to look and note if it is there. Occasionally, I just run through my trackables with (Missing?) to check cache logs. If it is gone, the trackable moves to location unknown and the name can be edited to (5 Missing), for example, to show it has been missing since May. After one year, I switch the code to [AOOG] and/or use a new prename letter to group those trackables in one area on my list. Rarely do I rerelease, but the code makes it easy to know which trackables have been missing for over one year. Two days ago, one of my [AOOG] trackables pop back into action after 22 months without writing home. I just edited away my Assumed Out of Game code and posted a short cheer to the finding cacher. I adopted, and adapted, this quick and easy system after reading a post by The Blorenges that included the great suggestion to edit and add a letter before any trackable name that was activated and in your collection. That way your collection trackables are grouped together.
  25. I have been successful in purchasing discounted trackables for releasing by watching closely for sales, through private and event fundraising threads on the forums and clearance trackables from online retail sites. Then I stock up. TBs generally don't go for under $4.25. Tags can be found for $3-4. Retail clearance sales for micro coins can be as low as $3, with full-sized geocoins selling for $5. Plus shipping charges, of course. And many of the geocoins are beautiful, quality coins. Of course, if you want ugly coins for releasing, some of those are available, too.
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