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  1. I just used an Off wipe yesterday. They are great swag during the spring/summer months, for those of us who thought we packed repellent in our backpack but it turns out we didn't. One cache that got a favorite vote from me was an ammo can near the entrance to a park with lots of caches and trails. The cool thing was there was a bottle of Skintastic OFF! inside. I had not even thought about repellant for the day but there it was. Just in time as well as the Florida mosquitos were zeroing in on my delicious blood. It was not so much swag as a cool feature to the cache appropriately placed. That was there for all cachers passing by.
  2. Cinder block anchor JB weld soda bottle pre-form to inside of Gatorade lid Log in pre-form, and Gatorade is the protection lair and could also hold the water neutral swag left behind.
  3. Well I am in at the $25 level I am curious what it will look like. I have funded a few projects now on Kickstarter and like being able to say I am helping people to do what they love. Watching the trailer I had to tell myself he is selling this to a wider audience than us GPS wielding fanatics. What would be cool is if he produced a second youtube video pandering to the cachers with some wobbly footage of struggling through 200 feet of brambles and poison ivy to find the cache that was next to the trail he did not know was there till he found the cache. Yes the title seems a bit off putting with "buried" but if you think about it buried can occur other ways too. Clues could be "buried" in a book, or someone may have to "dig" in a Wikipedia page for the answer to unlock the caches lock. I did like the main image of the guy walking along with his head down looking at his GPS. Reminds me of the "FOCUS" t-shirt.
  4. Are there any signs hanging on the fence? Suspicious rock nearby? Check bases of posts for drain holes.
  5. here is a picture of the swag I drop in caches they fit into You can see poker chips Dice Pens Whistles and something else
  6. About the tossing of the cache I have heard of a cache in the middle of a plowed field camoed as a dirt clod with a rope attached thereto after finding and doing the signing swagging thing the finder was encouraged to "hammer toss" the cache elsewhere in the field. I wish I knew the name/code of the cache cause that would be a cool one to take a borderline cacher to do. When it was found it did look like it had been placed with more care. But the commercial is limited in time they can't really get across the whole idea of how to cache properly in the 30 seconds as well as extoll the wonders of the shiny new vehicle. This may lead to new cachers doing it wrong. But there will always be the one percent who do things they see on TV even if it is wrong.
  7. I'd make it white (not transparent), but with the maze drawn on the white. This allows you to see the maze, but not where the container is in the maze at any given time. Okay this sounds like the best of both worlds. That gives a finder an idea of the layout now they just have to figure out where it is. Not a bad Idea. The best part is there is room for some swag in the container as well. One suggestion I would make is create a small stopper to prevent bits of stuff, like foliage, and whatnot from working there way in between the re-sets.
  8. I love my name-tag geocoin which I bought at the Bell Buckle Geowoodstock. The only problem is it stays in my backpack only emerging for events. This deficiency bugged me, I wanted something that said "crazy satellite utilizing tupperware fiend" to those that could recognize the sign. Well I think I may have finally found the answer. I was wandering around a mall and I saw one of those kiosks that had wallets and such for sale. Along with wallets and belts they had some of those travelers passport holders, the kind you wear around your neck. When I saw this I had an "ah-ha" moment. Five dollars later I had a holder and took it back to the hotel. I shortened the string and wrapped it around the handle of my backpack now it is always out. Maybe some day I will be approached by another geocacher who spots my tag. Below is a pic of the tag/coin attached to my backpack
  9. I like it with my luck I would have to come back and retry cause all I had was folding money. Do the proceeds go to a good cause? "The mushroom finder cache creation fund" BTW missed the BTW message
  10. One of my favorite cache memories was a DNF when I was starting out. I was doing a run of caches and after five finds was feeling pretty cocky. Made the approach to this one and found myself facing something more menacing than a lawn gnome in front of the local VFW. I was really getting into the whole searching thing doing non-muggle things to this large(ish) item when I looked up and saw myself staring into an SUV with two ladies watching me feeling up the rear end of this particular piece of hardware. I beat a hasty retreat only to figure out later that they were probably cachers as well.
  11. You should have your signature for the forums state "I am not that guy" Like your name. I love the bumper sticker that reads " DON'T FOLLOW ME I'M LOST TOO!"
  12. Recently made the switch to rechargeables buying a Duracell charger and some rechargeables from Duracell as well. If I bought the Eneloop batteries can I use the Duracell charger with it, or will I rip a tear in the space time continuum?
  13. Check out the 12 bookmark lists found on this cache page... Local Treasure Thank you When are you gonna be in San Diego? I am gonna be there the 17th and 18th of December and be free to cache. Mostly gonna be on foot.
  14. I am going to be in San Diego for this next weekend. I will actually have the day off from work on Sunday, I could do some caches in the Chula Vista area but I would really love to get together with a local cacher and get out of town and look for tupperware in the wilds. Last year I did part of the Otay County Open Spaces area on foot and would love to join someone for a caching adventure. are there any events next week in the area as well? my e-mail is capn_cafeen@yahoo.com
  15. The personal stamp idea is great, but many of my log books have been trashed by them taking up enough space for 6-8 more users to sign. Keep them in Letterboxing or larger log books. My stamp is a small round stamp that generally takes up a line and a half of college ruled paper. I position the stamp so it takes up my line and encroaches on any wasted area of the signature above. I am looking into a stamp design that will fill a one liner, maybe even with a select-a-date feature. The important thing is to find a balance. I also have seen a few caches that I have passed on stamping, and one or two that I passed on signing as well. Imagine a 4x4 lock-n-lock with one scroll that would rattle around in a film canister with room to spare, and the sheet was full! Both sides were full, and I did not have any old receipts or bits of paper in my pocket to add to the log. Pretty soon the old mantra "remember to bring a pen" will be joined by the "remember to bring scratch paper in case the small logbook in the giant cache is full"
  16. Take thee to www.stamp-connection.com they do great work and stand behind what they do. Have had many a stamp made by them. They can work with the artwork you send to them.
  17. Get some blank wooden nickels at a craft store like Michaels. Design a round design and get it made up by a rubber stamp maker. I use a company called Stamp-Connection, once they figure out what you are looking for they can make round stamps. Stamp-Connection offers an acrylic stamp you can see through which makes stamp placement a breeze. Making stamps then stamping wooden blanks will allow you to make more of a variety of signature items. Once you haves stamped the nickels you could add colors with sharpie fine points. Stamp-Connection can use any image you scrounge up and wrap text around to fit in the area. Instead of a 1000 nickels with one message you can make smaller runs to commemorate other things like your 500th cache, or other things. Once I run out of my order of poker chips I am seriously considering this as an alternative.
  18. While we're at it, we should ban all roads and hiking trails. Don't want to leave a mark, eh? Fine with me. I have a JEEP. I have a Jeep as well, that being said if the cache owner and the property owner ask me not to drive to the cache I will park and walk. I try very hard to minimize impact and not torque those that grant me access to go geocaching in the areas they are responsible for. This means I do an awful lot of parking, and walking. I want to go out and do the alien head and the ET Highway, it would be sad to see parts of these growing traditions taken away because of something easily avoided. I plan to do the Alien Head and I will be on foot. I am not in a race, I am out caching.
  19. Depending on how long you have there is a cache and a challenge atop Deer Mtn. in Ketchikan.
  20. I would post on Thanksgiving When asking to bring decorations be sure to stress that the baubles should be able to survive in the elements till Christmas. If I was there I would go through my collection of old (but still good) decorations that I never get to deploy cause of the amount of buildup. Great Idea be sure to post some after pictures before you clean up the tree. Archive cache in Summer and then re-list again next year maybe starting a Geo-Tradition in your area. I followed the link to the other Tree cache and the idea of a post event gathering for the cleanup is also something you may want to do as well.
  21. Is it possible to make a .gpx file from a bookmark list? Then he (or I) could make specific lets for each day that could be overlaid witht he Google Earth thing mentioned previously.
  22. Where is this in Japan. I just got back from a trip to the land of the rising sun and every cache there was a joy. GC code?
  23. 99 times out of a hundred I don't swap for swag. I do drop my own siggy items in the caches I have all sorts of them to choose from. I have poker chips, dice (professionally engraved at .42 cents per), My current favorite is a laser engraved whistle. and a custom coinlike metal object mentioned in other posts. The only thing I actively seek are the signature items of other cachers. Especially the really well done ones or the "coinlike metal object mentioned in other posts" My next thing may be wooden nickels. If I do, I will do the rubber stamp idea I mentioned above and do it in conjunction with other local cachers, this is a plan for when I stop my road warrior ways.
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