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  1. We've always had luck finding free street parking. Usually near the troll. One time we parked near gasworks park.
  2. I agree! I only have 571 DNFs. But I don't want everyone to know that. I am certainly not proud of my DNFs. Most are a failure on my part, and are of no use to the CO. My finds are of no use to the CO either....
  3. You misinterpret my intent. There is no tongue in any cheek. I believe that legitimizing and posting the DNF statistic would go a long way towards alleviating the unwarranted stigmatization of those logs. Users could be encouraged to post them, along with the associated sometimes-amusing stories. DNFs can be as much or even more fun as finds, if that's the way you like to play this game. I totally agree. I wish my DNF pride was hyperlinked to show all my DNF logs. Some of them are great!
  4. People have other things than DNF pride there too
  5. You have to manually change your number, as appropriate. Sometimes Ater an epic DNF I think, 'oh yeah, I get to update my stats!"
  6. My iPhone lasts about as long as my Garmin 62s unless I'm facebooking and texting at the same time. I have plenty or caches already saved offline-several thousand even. I update them frequently. Usually once a week I've only "wished" for a GPS when I wanted to see NWTrails. Other than than...I've NEVER said it. I still haven't seen a cache I couldn't find with my iPhone. Still.... Carry on with the smartphone hate. It's so yesterday, but please, by all means, carry on...
  7. Yawn....you can do any, and ALL caching with your phone. Don't listen to the naysayers
  8. The same things can happen while caching in a park. People may just think I'm asleep. To do nothing alone...is ridiculous. I won't live that kind of sheltered life, tyvm
  9. Log in log out,,, Oops. I mean, log out log in
  10. Depends on location and my personal timing. If it's the only cache I care to look for, and it's a d3.5 or greater, and out of sight from muggles, then I'll spend as much time as I can. After a while, if my search tactics aren't changing, then I'll leave. For me? I've spent hours at one cache location. Hours But if it's a really high muggle area? I might log my DNF in <2mins
  11. So what you're saying is that people who are NEW to geocaching are prone to vandalism and destruction of nature? Does this go away once they've been geocaching for a year or more? No, I don't think so. I would say that anyone who would trash a forest would do so regardless of how new they are to the hobby. Remember, YOU were new once too. Yes I was once new, and yes I remember. And I was a terrible geocacher when I was new because I didn't know how things were hidden. So YES I, and just about EVERYBODY else is better at geocaching once they are less new. Anything else?
  12. Person had all the cool gadgets just before he was downsized and the rest of the company moved to Mexico. Living in the suburbs, caching's a bike ride away. Then they can find all the basic caches they want. Plenty of those to go around...
  13. This kind of attitude is why less and less people tend to write good logs. Too little and we get ridiculed inthe forums for being lazy. Too much and we get ridiculed in the forums for writing an autobiography, Lame
  14. Solo female hiker here... I use a totally free web service called iNeverSolo where I list my hike plan, my supplies, my intended route, my clothes and equipment, etc, When I being my hike I start the timer that I have set for myself. I can check in at any point along the way (assuming I have service, which I normally don't) but if my timer runs out without me logging in and ending my plan, then everyone on my designated list get an email saying I didnt check in and complete my hike. My people on my list get an email when I start as well. It's not the only thing I do and it's not the only thing I rely on. It's just *another* tool I use while on the trail
  15. We street park every time we go with only a short walk to HQ. it's usually plentiful (and free!) I asked Siri to navigate me to Groundspeak and this is what she came up with for an address. 837 N 34th St Unit 300 Seattle, WA 98103-8882 United States
  16. I certainly did. And I placed my first cache with it. A micro in the woods. Boom. Obviously, you don't have one of the older GPSrs. Lol
  17. I mention that I use my Garmin on my hides for this exact reason, even though most times my iPhone has been more accurate. I took about a hundred reading when I reinstalled my salmon cache. Walked away came back. Came from this angle, that angle, this day next day....sunny rainy,,,,, left my Garmin there for a while... my iPhone gave me the same numbers each and every time, but my Garmin came back with some wacky results. But hey, placed w my Garmin makes everyone feel soo much better.!
  18. I did love riding a bike through that 1.3 mile tunnel of fun. Incandescent lights work best. Me too. And I love the ape event every year and I love the monster hiding inside! FYI it's 2.3 miles of ice cold , wet love.
  19. Funniest thing I've heard/read all day....
  20. On the upper right hand Side of your cache page is where you can 'edit description' Add it to wherever you want, remembering your html line breaks!
  21. Bugs go missing in PMO caches as well, it's a global issue And even when you are able to contact a cacher about bugs, there's a chance they won't respond the way you like or respond at all.
  22. Me too. That button is the only way I browse the forums so I'm glad mine is working.
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