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Mystery Coins?


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.... I can't say for certain that all of the mystery coiners out there use it, but I'm pretty sure that the mystery coins I've gotten I got as a result of having gotten my addy on that list. : )

I wouldn't be too sure of that.

It could be you've traded with that person and so you're address got known.


But I admitt, my address is on that list as well and I've used the list for sending out trades or surprises as well...

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I have received two mystery coins by mail but have received others by surprise. You can find them in your bag of coins, slid under your motel room door and I even had one handed to me. I also won one in the geopoker game. So you never know where one will so up. Yes my name is on the list, but I have also participated in many missions and trades so my address is out there.

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I have read alot about mystery coins... How do people end up getting them? I heard that people get them in the mail. How does this work? how do they get your address?


I really love coins and stuff so this has really got my interest!


Some things in life are just a mystery! That's the beauty! :D


Carpe Diem!



Perfect advice! :P After all if you knew how to get and who gave a mystery coin, it wouldn't be a mystery now would it :D:blink:

Just stay with us and become involved and .. who knows .. :D

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I'm not sure if there's a a coin specific post for this, but it seemed like the right place...It's another of those wonderful timing mystery coins stories.


It was a year ago Thursday, I lost Logan. The weekend was more depressing than usual with that to deal with. I've been cleaning up my geocoin collection...a good thing to do on a rainy Sunday, and noticed an out of place coin.


I don't have any idea how long the coin has been waiting for my to find it (nobody but me would know that it was in the wrong place, so others that have looked at my collection would think it was just another non trackable coin, so it could have been there quite a while,) or who put it in my album.


Imagine finding a mystery dog coin so few days after the anniversary of my Logan's death. thank you Goofy Cacher...you brought tears to my eyes.




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I think there was a post for this coin, but I can't find it now.


Anyhow, CONGRATS!! Mystery coins always seem to be given at the perfect time. (and a side note, my condolences. I know from experience how hard it can be to loose a fuzzy loved one. My time heal your heart, and you mind always remember the good times.)

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