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  1. Running a Valentine's Day sale for the next few days, 10% off these coins and everything in my store at http://www.hagglecoins.com. Oh and free shipping $50+. Discount code: pink (apply it after cart is full, if you make a mistake, just empty cart and start over!) Oh and I just revamped my entire website and web cart system too!
  2. Thanks for those kind words above! The icon will be loaded Wednesday, and below is the animal decode (on the back). Just in case anyone couldn't figure a few out!! A: Ape B: Bull (Boar works too) C: Cat D: Duck (or Duckbill) E: Elephant F: Frog G: Gopher H: Hen (some folks struggled with this one) I: Ibex (Impala works too) J: Jackal K: Koala L: Llama M: Mouse N: Nightingale O: Octopus P: Penguin Q: Quezal (or Quail or Quail-thrush or some other random bird that starts with Q!) R: Rabbit S: Sheep T: TapTap (I invented this species...it's a cross between a Gecko and a Chameleon, it is also a geocoin!) U: Urchin V: Vampire Bat W: Warthog X: Xiphosura (more commonly known as a horseshoe crab) Y: Yak Zz: ZelanZy (which is me, and ZZ is the custom prefix on this coin) A few other fun notes: 1. The main icons on the back are an Octopus and a Ape (O & A), which stands for Omni Animalia 2. The icons on the front decode into COIN (if you start in the NE corner). 3. Center icon on front is a Z...the direction symbol for...well...the world of Zelan. 4. Tracking code is on side, as is a stamp of "Trackable at Geocaching.com" 5. In the back of the translucent version, the eyes will show an O and a A. If you order the set: 1. If in the US, I upgrade you to priority mail 2. I throw in a free random free trackable geocoin (Tribal Sun, Birdie, ZeeZee The Turtle...who knows!) 3. I throw in a free black velvet bag (to hold the set and all!) 4. I throw in a free hagglecoins carabiner Icon: Thanks!
  3. This trackable geocoin is now available for sale on my webstore. The 5 versions are pictured below. There is a limited number of 5 coin sets available, and singles of the regular editions. Pricing: 5 Coin Set (+BONUS): $60 + shipping (bonus of 1 trackable geocoin that I created in the past, my choice). Regular Edition Singles: $12 + shipping Shipping: USA: $2.50 1st coin, $1 per additional Canada: $3.00 1st coin, $1 additional International: $4.50 1st coin, $1 additional Link to store: http://www.hagglecoins.com/shop (everything for sale at this site is trackable at geocaching.com) Omni Animalia Geocoin - Blue Ice - Regular Edition Omni Animalia Geocoin - Rustic Garden - Regular Edition Omni Animalia Geocoin - Germany - Regular Edition Omni Animalia Geocoin - Vanelle Version - Special Edition Omni Animalia Geocoin - Zelanzy Zedition - Artist Edition Thanks for viewing!
  4. So close! Actually I guess that works now that I googled it. I was shooting for Ibex...they must share some dna Now, the next mystery (ok not so much) is that the icons on the front of the coin spell something, once decoded.
  5. Hey Z...where da code at?? Oh and that B&W one is my AE and the one to the left of it is Blue Ice. The ones in the back are postponed since I'm pretty sure 7 versions are too many
  6. You figured out I? That was supposed to be a hard one!!
  7. A forest animal with 2 big front teeth. Beaver?? :laughing: CF30 Close, think Caddyshack.
  8. A forest animal with 2 big front teeth.
  9. Stay tuned for more pics of the 5 versions. Will be for sale next week'ish on my website at hagglecoins.com. Name: Omni Animalia Geocoin Diameter: 2" Thickness: 3.5mm Core Metal: Brass Trackable & Custom Icon Designer: Zelanzy Colorist: Zelanzy (Zelanzy Zedition [AE] & Germany) and Vanelle (Vanelle Version, Blue Ice, Rustic Garden) Mint Amount: 250 Animal Decode: A=Ape B=? Hmmm
  10. Yeh, I'll include that in the next remint (maybe for GCF 11?) It is also one of my favorites. FYI: The coloring on that selected by Vanelle, she helped me after a sample came back odd-looking (first time using pearls). She made some tweaks and turned it into an All-Star!! For those curious we are referring to this version:
  11. ZeeZee Geocoin - New Colors - Now for sale here: http://www.hagglecoins.com/shop/category/zeezee/ ZeeZee Sverige (Sweden): ZeeZee Toxic Waste: ZeeZee Princess: ZeeZee Primary: Thanks, Zelanzy
  12. Birdie Geocoin is now for sale here: http://www.hagglecoins.com/shop/category/birdie-geocoin/ Price for coins: 4 coin set: $30 Single (regular edition only): $8 Price for shipping: US: $1.50/order & $1 per coin Canada: $2.00/order & $1 per coin Worldwide: $3.50/order & $1 per coin It's a small coin (1.25" diameter) but hefty (3MM thick, base metal brass). Here is an image of the 4 versions: Thanks!
  13. Are the numbers consecutive or tracking numbers? That is where the tracking number goes. Right on zeezees technologically-advanced-scientific-super collar!
  14. I agree, the photo is pretty bad. There is metal there but it looks white in the photo. It's antique nickel and relatively dark (like in the photo on the right, upper left). Also, that is the AE, so not too many exist I'll get some better pics up when I receive them next week.
  15. This remint is about 6-8 weeks out but figured I'd give you all a big heads up . The top coin is pearl pink & white (no name quite yet) The second coin is yellow and black (mint art is funky colored) and is named Toxic Waste (courtesy sweetlife) The third coin is ikea colors and is named Sverige (courtesy grodano fiabus) The fourd coin is...um...lots...of colors and is named Primary (courtesy Marianne, not entirely positive of caching name) Thanks!
  16. Sneak peak of the mint pics. I'll get some better pics when I have the coins in hand. I went straight to mass production on these (these are pics of the mass production coins) so I should have them up for sale soon!
  17. I'm in if his family is OK with it as drneal mentioned.
  18. It "should" but "doesn't", sales sort of fell through Here is what I was thinking:
  19. Paid, YAYA! I sooo love this coin
  20. Thanks for reminding me! I now have a newsletter, many of my customers do not follow me on facebook and had requested I add a newsletter feature to my site. Http://www.hagglecoins.com/newsletter Hmm not sure if I broke a rule there. If so, I'll leave it to you to find the newsletter signup page
  21. It was a cost thing, adding another color rose the price...well not much but I'm trying to keep below $8!
  22. Below is the blue print for my next geocoin: Birdie. It is currently in mass production and will be available for sale soon! A/C/D: Regular Editions B: Zelanzy Zedition (Artist Edition) Enamel: Hard Core Metal: Brass Size: 1.25" tall / 3mm thick Plating: The design works best in BN, but ZZ is in Antique Nickel Pricing (not quite set yet): 4 coin set: ~$30 Regular Edition singles: ~$8 Thanks to Vanelle for helping me choose the colors and to my facebook fans that participated in a "Color Birdie Cointest".
  23. My 10 months old first word, apart from mama and dada, was "dinosaur". I kid you not!! Anyhow, I neeeeeeed this coin. Looking forward to you completing mass prod!
  24. Darn - and I just placed an order on Tuesday Nice of you to do the sale - I love your coins! Yeh a ton of people did due to the recent release of ZeeZee. But IT'S BLACK FRIDAY!!! So I felt like playing along
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