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  1. My coins were given without restrictions, for the enjoyment of the recipients...it was and remains my intent, that the owners may keep the coin, sell the coin, or cut it in half to see the inside of the coin. I am very pleased to see one of them being used for this cause.
  2. Please consider putting the coin aside for now...you have enough to deal with at this time, it would never be my wish that this be an added burden for you. When the time comes, you'll know exactly the right thing to do with it ! Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Max.
  3. I hope it is of some help to you and your mom. So there are no misunderstandings, I have given this coin to be sold or used as sweetlife sees best.
  4. The coins I have gifted are just that...gifts. I've enjoyed seeing a few gifted from one geocoin forum member to another, and even gifted for someone's instructor. There is a time, however, when these gifts can serve their owners better, in these days of economic uncertainty. Be aware that these coins were sent as a gift from the heart, and if selling them to collectors or on ebay makes your life easier, then you honor me by doing just that. You may always feel free to post the front or the back of the coin...cut them in half and show the middle if you like. There is a common thread to those that have received this coin, particuarly the first 70 or so. The marking on the lower left side of the reverse side of the coin does indeed have meaning. My thanks for all the kind comments that have been made concerning this coin.
  5. I hope you can make use of a mystery coin for auction or gifting!
  6. My best wishes for your mother, and your family. Please accept one of my coins for her...so there are no misunderstandings, it is my wish this coin be sold or used in any way that most helps. I hoped to find a special use for coin #100...I can think of no better use than this!
  7. I can think of no better use for one of my coins...please consider bidding on one or all of the coins!
  8. I am both pleased, and honored that my carpe diem mystery coin has joined these ranks in support of the Macmillan Cancer Research Center! Please consider bidding on item 250782047677.
  9. Coinfest is in August! and Geowoodstock is in July I will be dropping me anchor off of Smithfield Beach and send one o’ me scurvy dogs over to GWIX to drop some coins. Arrrgh!!! P.S. My favorite coins are mystery coins! Anyone have any extras? I'll also be attending GWIX with a coin or two
  10. Holy crap that avatar is awesome... do you by chance know the name of that piece or where I could find it? Congrats on the coins btw! Seize the carp! Vault Pope Alexander VII
  11. My thanks to Mysterycoins and Captain Hook!
  12. I will also donate a coin for the event. Carpe Diem !
  13. Some things in life are just a mystery! That's the beauty! Carpe Diem!
  14. I will be attending, and donating a coin for the raffle.
  15. I will also be sending a coin!
  16. I plan to attend and will be donating a coin.
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