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Valentines Day Mission Cointest - Remembering The One You Love!


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I believe I completed the mission too! Only for 2 days, I didn't say I love you to my girlfriend because of the big problem with the phone lines (but I am sure she knows that I love her! everyday we say it more than once to eachother!), but I said it as always to my parents and my sister, brother in law... to my family!


I do not know if that counts! If not, I am disqualified and I will accept it! :laughing:


Now... something special for Valentine's day? Unfortunatelly no! :)

My girlfriend is not here, but the phone is on fire!!!! :o

I am fearing of the day the phone bill will come!!! and this day is soon!!! ;) I really wish I will see her soon! Huh!!!

The weather is not good... we have very strong winds, the sea is bad, and the air... I do not know... it seams that it is full of sand dust from sahara desert once again!

I hope tomorrow things will be better, so we can go out! IT is "clean Monday" tomorrow! we do not eat any meat, cheese, milk, eggs....


Thank you my friend for this great mission....!!!


Hey!!! This mission will never end! Only the cointest ends today or tomorrow! Do not forget to say I love you to your family, your friends, to all who you care!!! :blink: Do it now that you can!

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This mission my be completed for the cointest but it is never completed in life. Always say I love you many times a day. Dennis and I say it many, many times everyday. I got roses on Fri. and a card today. He got a teddy bear and paints for his airbrush and we went out to dinner last nignt after a wonderful day of caching. I has been a good weekend overall. :o

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Mission complete ... although really it continues.


Last night my hubby and I went to a formal dance, and had a nice time. At one point, he had stepped away for a moment (to get us a drink I think), but a server came by and asked me how long we had been married. I said 20 years ... she was quite surprised, she thought we were so happy like newlyweds.

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I've completed this challenge. It was a fun challenge to do, and does make you think about the importance of telling those that you love that you do indeed love them. And during this cointest time, my S.O. also challenged me on why I don't say it to family members when hanging up from talking to them on the phone, so I've made that a personal goal as well now! (And he didn't even know about this challenge or what I was doing in regards to him...)

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not sure if i can count for the cointest as i have only just come acrosss the thread, a week away then a week to catch up with everything.


me and my wife do this everyday, more then once.


everytime i leave the house or vs we say i love you and have a kiss, not only to say how much we love each other but, a few years back her nan left the house to go to the shops and was killed before she got there, by a car.


my wife was still in bed and never got to say goodbye that morning and now she will never have the chance again.


so now whether its the shops, work or taking little-en to school, the last thing befor either of us leave we tell each other we love you and a kiss, just in case!!

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Everyone has checked in with me and so the cointest ends. Winners were randomly drawn.


Winner of the gold Kathy's Coin is usyoopers!


The winners of the 4 BN Kathy's Coins are :



Doctor A

the Finding Irish 4



If you read the first paragraph of this post, only the cointest has ended... it is my hope you will continue the mission for as long as you can...I do miss hearing Kathy say I love you.


The double happiness symbol, or 2 xi characters, is generally used for weddings. As such, I would like to send 1 more coin to Where'sMyMarbles, who plan to wed in May, as a small wedding present. I wish you all the love and joy that Kathy and I shared.


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Thank you Drneal for the cointest! I must say that this was a pretty easy mission because I couldn't imagine not showing my affection for my wife (then again we are newlyweds lol). Not only is she my wife... she is my best friend.


Thank you again Drneal... one of these days I will spread the love :unsure:

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