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Valentines Day Mission Cointest - Remembering The One You Love!


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A special day deserves a special cointest.


Your mission beginning 2-1-10, is to tell that special person in your life, spouse, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, whomever, that you love them, every day through Valentines Day. An accompanying hug and/or kiss is optional, but expected. Texts, e-mails, ect. will be acceptable only for those who no other way to let them know....phone calls (if possible...so they can hear your voice,) are preferred.


You're on your honor with this one, and I will request that those that have fullfilled the mission report on this thread by no later than 11:59PM est 2-19-10...coin winners to be randomly drawn 2-20-10 (but for those who have completed the mission, coin or not, you've already received something far more important.)


First winner will receive a gold Kathy's Coin.




4 others (if 5 or more sign up,) will receive a BN Kathy's Coin.


I offer this somewhat unusual cointest to remind you to take the time, every day, to say "I love you" to those who are most important in you life.


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I'm in. This should be an easy one. Darryl and I say it to each other in the morning before he leaves for work, when we hang up the phone after he calls me to let me know he's on his way home, and once again before we go to sleep.


It is a nice way to remember to treasure the days you have together.


Thanks drneal for setting this up, and let me be the first to say it... I love you! ;)

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Perfect Cointest drneal,


We lost our dad on Valentine's Day , 1978, from a long illness.

after that I didn't celebrate for a long time.

I started acknowledging the day again, after my son was born.

It became fun again when my son went to school and had Valentine's Day Parties.

Bubba, Rob and I never leave the house without telling each other

I Love You .

And just as important, I always tell them I appreciate them and all they do.

They are my world.


Thanx drneal, for a very sweet cointest.



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I would love to enter this cointest. I hate to admit it but the simple little "I Love You" is something that sometimes gets overlooked in a busy, hectic life. It is too easy to forget or you just figure...they know I love them, I don't need to say it.


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to make it a habit....a really good habit to get into!

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oh!!! That's one of the sweetest things for a cointest!!!! :D


Oh!!! If I say I love you to my girlfriend..... We are talking to the phone so many times... I am calling her in her mobile at night so I can tell her I love you and goodnight! :D Ok... we say other things too, but... :P

Hmm... that's why the phone bill is about 150 euros!!!! :(


I really hope she will be here on Valentine's day! I haven't seen her in 2010... and I am joking with her that the last time I saw her was a year ago!!! (even if she was here on December 30th 2009) :D


I already have the lovely coin so I do not know if it is ok to play!

When my girlfriend saw the coin she said that it looked like a couple who is huging! :D Well... that's it!!! And even if I know that the ILYK is a very personal thing, It stands for me too! My girlfriend's name is Katerina.... or else.. Kathrin!! :)


So, Be sure that I say I love you.... :D


Oh... never forget something.... say to your other half that you love him/her!! It doesn't matter if he/she knows it! Be sure that he/she wants to hear it a 1000 times or more!!!


When you hear "I love you".... do not replay with just a "me too"! Say it!!! "I love you too"! that gives meanning to your saying and spreads smiles and warm feeling to your other half!!!

Is anyone that do not like hearing it??? If you like to hear it.... don't you think that you have to say it too so your boyfriend and your girlfriend will hear it too? Let your heart free.... let your feelings fill the area and do not be afraid to expose your feelings and your love to your man or woman!!! After all... isn't your heart belong to him/her??? :D

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We always have a kiss and a cuddle and an I love You everyday as you never know it might be your last (sad but true).


Those who have followed my posts in the past probably already knew this was the reason I set up this cointest the way I did.


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I think I say it every day, but I know sometimes stuff gets hectic and maybe I forget.


So I started thinking about it more now...


After reading this thread, I thought and said it last night before we went to sleep ... I said it this morning when we woke up... I plan on saying it one or more times every day now.


Thanks for the reminder, Dr Neal.

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I think I say it every day, but I know sometimes stuff gets hectic and maybe I forget.


So I started thinking about it more now...


After reading this thread, I thought and said it last night before we went to sleep ... I said it this morning when we woke up... I plan on saying it one or more times every day now.


Thanks for the reminder, Dr Neal.


practice makes perfect!


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Sorry for asking... posting here means an enty? so since I posted, I am in? :ph34r:


You're in!




:laughing: and trust me... I am not doing that because of the cointest!!! :D


I just send an rmail to my "K" :D

Of course I wrote that I love her... and I also wrote a small sweet complain so she can come soon to see her... even fo some hours... until she gets some days off! :anibad:


Well.. we will talk tomorrow for sure so she will hear me! Now she is sleeping but my email and me unaswered calls in her mobile will make her day! :rolleyes:


Yes! We do that many many times during the day! I ring her, she rings me and that is a sign of "I love you, I miss you, A good morning or a good night... " and actually all together!!! :rolleyes: It is a signal that I am thinking of her!!! We do that when we can not talk (during work or if others are in front...)! B) Of course many times we have a problem! We are doing it at the same time!!!! :) we see then the SMS that is comming saying that when I was calling she was calling too... and we laugh! :rolleyes: Isn't that great??? To do that and think that same thing??? :rolleyes:

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Hope I am not too late to enter this cointest - my husband and I know how special it is to say I love you, just in case it is the last time you have the opportunity. It is also the last thing we say to our children before we hang up the phone.


Darren has never figured out how I always seem to know if he hasn't come to kiss me and say he loves me before he leaves early for work when he thinks I am sound asleep. I may be asleep, but there is always that special feeling isn't there!

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Count me in! We just got married on December 18th... This will be our first valentines day as a married couple. And I couldn't imagine not being with Ashley. We went to gradeschool together (kindergarten through 5th grade) and she was my first crush. We lost touch with each other for about ten years. She messages me one day on facebook after I moved back to the area and immediately asked her out for a date. I really am lucky to have her. Thanks, goose

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I am going well too... I think! for 2 days we didn't have a telephone because some clever guys cut the wires while they were diging! :unsure: I was trying to reach my love in the mobile phone but I couldn't! So.... :unsure:


We have a very bad weather here... very strong winds and they expect very strong rains later! Lights sometimes are off... and there are times that I can not reach my girlfriend in her Mobile phone! That's a torture!!! :anibad:


But I telling to my parents that I love them.... as usual B) , and to my sister (she is pregnant, so I will be an uncle!!! :huh: ) :(


I hope this counts too! :P

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2 days left. Please post if you have completed your mission by midnite Feb. 15. Winners will be announced sometinne the following day.




I've been keepin' up. We decided that we are going to postpone our Valentine's Day trip to Hocking Hills until the 1st weekend in March because Ash has a break from her clinicals then.

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It's Valentines Day...do something special!


Well its Valentines Day and we (Bill & myself) have just come back from renewing our vows with our daughter & son in law and his parents as well, there were about twenty or so couples there also.

So this Valentines Day was a bit more special than normal :laughing:


We have also said I Love You every day (and will continue to do so)

Quest complete

Thank you Dr Neal


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Today started the same a kiss and an I Love You, but with a wish as well for a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY as well.

I then followed this up with Breakfast in Bed, complete with Pancakes, toast, Sausage, and Orange Juice.

There was a glass vase and two Red Roses, card and a small heart shaped box of chocolate.

This was followed up by a big OOHHH Thank You so much you shouldn’t have and then...

MOM can I have your toast……


So the four of us were there on the bed Mom and the kids ate what they made her, :laughing: , and I just smiled and fought for the covers.


Thank you for the mission it was great to make sure I let my Wife know that I LOVE her every day, before I tried but I am sure I missed one or two or twelve.


Tomorrow I start working on the 2011 Valentines Day Mission Cointest


Thank you for the Cointest, and reminding everyone what is truly important.

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Very nice cointest :laughing:


We cannot forget to tell " I love you" lately thanks to our 3 year son, who comes in the morning or when I come home after work and says " I want a hug! I love you with all my heart" :P


He always wants a hug when he misses someone or he just wants you to help him with something.

It is so hard to tell when these little kids really love you so much or just want you to give them something or play with them :P But anyway it is very cute and he reminds us to tell each other - I love you!


Thanks for the cointest - I wish you all the best

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Mission complete. Then again, we've decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early for years. Mainly because we are both eachers, and to lower the odds aht we would have to deal with places that might be fool of our kids and their S.O. tormenting us. :laughing:


That being said, we went out to a nice steak house, and she got a dozen white chocolate-dipped strawberries earlier this week.

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Mission Complete! We are going out to see my grandparents here in a little bit... and then we are going to eat dinner somewhere nice.... and then maybe shoot some pool. We neglected to buy gifts this year... instead we are taking a weekend trip for a cabin stay in Hocking Hills, Ohio. It will be nice to get away for a couple of days. Thanks for the cointest!

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