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  1. Maybe it is something in my setup, I'm not sure. I use a VPN that generally I select to show being in a state that is in the same time zone as me, but not my home state.
  2. Yeah, that's the part I don't understand. I can understand a bank limiting it, and of the three banks I use online, one doesn't allow it so I do have to turn it off to do anything on that website. And a second bank (one that allows it) contacted me recently when I tried to make a large transfer- they said their system was alerted because of the large amount and because the IP address didn't match where I lived. So I was glad in that case- both to see that the VPN was working, but also to see that the bank had reasonable concern and did take steps to make sure it wasn't something fraudulent or that I didn't initiate. But I can't see why GS would care where I'm located when I log caches or care if I am trying to hide where I am for some reason. So I'm just one who tends to question things- so GS may have a good reason, I'd just like to know what the logic is, since it seems discrepant from other websites (at least superficially to me...).
  3. I guess what I meant by that is that why can I shop on websites like amazon or even do online banking and those websites are ok with me using a VPN? Again, I'm not super tech savvy, but I'd think that a website where large monetary transactions are going on would have more reason to be concerned about someone using a VPN, so would be more likely to block that use. I'm not super concerned about what the gc site shows and knows, because I know people could figure out a lot about me by seeing caches I log, where my caches are hidden, reading comments I make, looking at photos I post, etc. But for me the hassle is that I do want the VPN on when I do stuff that I feel like is more in need of protection, like banking or stock trades, or even web searches that I don't want to share with my ISP or others. I also want the VPN for online health care work that I do, since I may be accessing protected patient information- even though some of the companies don't require it, I feel like it's an important protection and so I've set it up. Since I end up having to turn it off to log caches, I know there have been times that I've forgotten to turn it back on, so then am not protected in whatever I go and do next. So for me the issue isn't so much feeling like I have to have the VPN on when I'm logging caches, but just the risk when I have to turn it off and simply wanting to understand the reasoning behind GS prohibiting it when it doesn't seem to be the typical approach to VPNs that I see on other websites.
  4. I did a search about this, but don't see any recent discussion about it. I only recently started using a VPN and became aware of it, although I'd heard it mentioned by a family member before. I'm not super tech savvy, but I saw one discussion where people pointed out that since you have to be logged in to do anything like post a log, then even if I'm using a VPN, GS can tell whose account it came from. So I'm wondering if since those posts I found, which mainly seemed to be from about a year ago, if GS has reconsidered this? As others expressed in older posts, it is highly annoying and seems a bit over the top to me, especially compared to the lack of problems I've had using a VPN on other websites.
  5. As sent to poster: Hi there- I have absolutely no idea what happened. I've had that coin in my collection since well before 2012, because I pretty much stopped buying geocoins around that time when I moved. I see that the numbers do match that link you sent, because I had a spreadsheet where I kept all of the activation numbers, but I never activated any of the coins and truthfully, I never checked the codes to make sure a coin wasn't already activated when I bought it- at one point I was buying a lot of coins off of ebay so that's probably where I got it- I can't even remember at this point. I can certainly understand you being upset by this, but I really wish you had asked me what was going on without accusing me of selling off someone else's geocoins- I wouldn't have any reason to do that, since clearly that could be easily uncovered. I have issued a full refund to your paypal account and I've also emailed the owner on the gc site. I literally know that that coin was sitting in my house in 2012 and 2013, at times when they had logs on it, so I don't what's going on from their end, since the logs don't seem to indicate it wasn't in their possession. I don't know what happened. But as I say, I have issued a full refund, to cover the postage as well- maybe the owner will respond and let me know if maybe they'd like for it to be placed in a cache. But I can assure you, there is no scam going on here.
  6. Scout crew416 knife is gone. Magic 8 ball is also gone.
  7. Message sent though gc.com. I'll take the Magic 8 ball one
  8. I'm thinning down my collection and focusing on keeping the coins that have personal meaning or significance to me, and also not keeping threes and fours of each coin. So I have the following for sale, payment via paypal please. Shipping is $3 per coin for first class parcel service. If you choose more than one coin, it'll be the same $3 shipping. All coins are in coin flips and all are unactivated: Walk Through the World Vanelle ($16) 2010 Compass Rose black nickel ($31) Scout Knife crew416 blue ($26) Got Coords? black nickel ($17) PDA paperless caching satin gold (battery seems to be dead on this one as it doesn't light up, but then it's been sitting around for years...) ($14) Magic 8 ball black nickel ($16) Shadows friends & NOSNOW 2012 personal geocoin ($12) Pursuit of caching ($15) The cachosphere ($13) MarkTA 2nd to find ($18) If you want to see pix of any of these, please let me know!
  9. Out of the blue, yesterday my map on my garmin 600 series started putting all of this other stuff on the map that I don't want- the icons for things like food places and gas stations and such. I didn't change anything, it did it on it's own, but I can't figure out how to change it back. I changed the map settings to geocache mode, and it does show the caches, but it's all cluttered with this other stuff that I want out of there. Anyone know how to make this other stuff go away?
  10. Thanks everyone, and thanks Moun10Bike for taking care of the account. I'll never understand why people waste their time doing stuff like this...
  11. I got a log today on one of my coins that seems to have disappeared many years ago, from this user: My link The person just joined today and has a ton of logs on trackables. I plan to delete the log, but is there anything that GS can do? Is there anyone it should be reported to? I know I'd read recently about all sorts of fake logging of caches and that those accounts were closed by GS, and it seems that this may be the same thing?
  12. Thanks for all the helpful info everyone!
  13. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of good storage boxes for geocoins in their plastic sleeves? I had some sort of flat plastic storage things that I just put a piece of wood down the middle and it made them just about the right width for two rows of coins and they were the right height. But due to the weight of the coins, I've found that the plastic isn't holding up. So I wanted something more designed for this type of storage. I found these on amazon, but they look like they'll only accommodate items 2" wide and since many coins are 2", then with the plastic flip, they'd be too big. But this is the type of box I was thinking about. Anyone use anything like this that you'd recommend? My link My link
  14. Wow, glad I subscribed to this thread- I'd forgotten about this coin. Cool to see it still making it's way to people!
  15. Interesting- thanks! Wish they sold them individually because $12 a coin is sure better than the ebay price I saw!
  16. I haven't been on this forum for awhile, life has kept me busy elsewhere, but I'm hoping someone can shed a little light on this. I saw a Purr-fect Geocat coin for sale on ebay and had never seen this one before. I did a little googling to try to see when it was minted, and any info about how many were made, but can't find anything. Anyone know about this coin?
  17. Very nice- love the simplicity and the clean colors!
  18. This is what I get for being away from the discussion forums for awhile, I miss out on seeing cool stuff like this! Pretty impressive!
  19. I know someone who will like these a lot, passing on the link to this posting!
  20. So sorry to hear about this- it is highly frustrating! The very reason I've just taken to only collecting coins and never sending them out...
  21. So glad to see people still getting this cool coin!
  22. I can't say enough positive about fox-and-the-hound. Use him!! :)
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