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  1. have you ensured the little tick box has been ticked above the listings description. there are 3 that you need to tick (one to activate) and 2 to agree with the T&C of GC.com
  2. on the edit listing page, you have a tick box just above the text box where you put the description, untlil this box is ticked the system thinks your not finished on the cache page. you will need to ticck this box, and also tick the 2 lower ones to agree to the T&C. but only tick it once you have placed the cache and checked that the coordinates are right
  3. i have manually entered the D/T rating and cache size for 62 found it logs and 8 DNF logs.
  4. as the offender in question........ The cache location i cant say as its a puzzle but the access i took was via a public road, half way along it turns to an unkept road, bumpy bumpy......... following this road i got to within 0.1 mile of the caches location, after my log was deleted i looked into it further, and the part of the unkept road is public and the rest of the road/track was infact own by the farmer and used daily for a big salads factory nearby However, there was no difference from the unkept part of the road, to the farm's part, also at no point did i pass any locked gates, signs or fences (one cattle grid tho) that deemed it as private. The route followes between two fields, it is clearly marked with yellow 1 foot posts to indicate the area to drive and the field.
  5. After my recent forum post (as quoted) it was picked up by our local UK review to investigate. And so i wish to apologies to you all .......... after discusion with the reviewer YES they do "lock the coordinates fro the 0.1 mile rule" but its not until that your listing is submitted that it lets the reviewer know of another in the area, the review advised me that when this happens they normally look into the location further as to which will get presidence, My experience, was an error that somehow slipped thru made worse by me butchering about the cache listings to try and suit my original cache placement idea, so there is no evidence to look back into . please accept my apology
  6. depends on sevral things, the reviewers aim to at least put a notice on the listing withing 3 days, yesterday i clicked the active for reviwing box and withing 10 minuets got the published notification.
  7. I know it has something to do with GSAK..... but how ?? today i downloaded it, but as im a normal user i dont get GPX files, GSAK say's in the instructions that you can use loc files, so today i sat down and one buy one downloaded and imported the LOC files to GSAK, updaded all the placed dates, foundit date, etc. now whats next................... i looked on the GSAK forum and read the whole of the 101, 201, 301 regarding how to use it but cant find it, and i cant really do a forums search for "how do you do the fancy profile stuff !!" i would also like the badge awards, that some have on there profiles,
  8. as some of you may be aware that when i was creating my personal coin i ran into a problem my avatar was the same as AntiMonkeyButt.com i was told that i could continue to use it as long as i made no profits from the image useage................ Today i receven an email informing me that i am no lopnger allowed to use the image, and that thwy will check my profile regualy to see if i have fraudulently used the image and they will press charges against me. i have therfor change the image to that which you now see, as they have stated they will check my profile................. i have requested fro the account to be deleted and a new one created under a new name and transfer of my stats...... therfore goodbuy from D.I.D the monkey has had fun while he has been around, keep smiling and find thoes caches
  9. simple answer is NO !! the review can see the listing but it will not reserve the area, i found this out the hard way, i had a multi planned taking in 4 local churches and lead to a forgotten church where onl 2 graves remain. i spent a 3 weeks working on the pages the locations even visiting all the churches, got permission from the vicars to place them and workedf out all the numbers from the graves, all i had left to do was place the final at the forgotten church. due to work i couldnt get out to place it untill the weekend, with 3 days to go, and leading up uo an event church micros popped up at the entrance to every location that i had used. : angry: so NO IT DOES NOT "Reserve the placment" only when you tick the box to send it to the reviewew will it holod the location
  10. On the GC topic forum someone posted a post about hurting themself while caching, after about 30 seconds of playing with a paint programme i have the following......... picture from a free user clipart gallery (but has been edited slightly) just intersted if this was an idea any of the mints whould think about following up with, as i cant afford to run with the prodject, anyone else got any input on it??
  11. He has one. Until 2022, anyway. he has planned it for 2022 as 022 is the 3 digits for his cache listing, called Dragons Grave for the Cache in a Cave The cache lising has the waypoint of the cemetry with the clue to look for the Dragons Grave
  12. i would also go with Unknown, on my blackberry i normally put a little reminder of the cache size on my coordinate so i have a rough idea of what sort of hids to look at....... if its a regular lock lock it eliminates most of the hides, but then if the listing said micro i wont bee looking for a tree.
  13. dont touch it now or you might break it !! ......... live and learn
  14. have you not seen parent trap, she hikes all the way up to the lake and puts a lizzard on her step-mum to be's back pack, after filling it with stones, then give's her sugar water rather then bug spray and then pushes her inflatable bed into the lake, clearly she will be fine geocaching.
  15. a burp from the forum for a postless thread, in my opinion if you started the search (as in put the coordinates into your GPS) then its a DNF if you arrive at the area and befor you start there a big group of muggles or it starts to rain then a note, buit as long as you started then you infact didnt find it
  16. I recently had a long log deleted with full explination and actions because they didnt like the fact that i drove to within .1 mile of the cache, and didnt want to encourage others to do this. here is my new log to reclame my find count:
  17. if its a church and they wont give permission to place a cache there, why dont you use all three but rather than the a cache use the waypoint as Information to gather - (puzzle piece icon) and the final location outside the church yard. the numbers could be taken from anything, graves, signs, opening hours etc. The people that dont want the cache there cannot stop people wandering around the churchyard if is open access, even if there geocaching, as long as there is no physical object on the property you have furfilled there decision to to have one placed there (also the gather information doesnt conflict with the .1 rule) as there is no physical part withing the distance only information to gather that is already there
  18. I done that to my thumb, (mine was skiing in italy) the instructor on the slope just grabbed hold of it and shoved it back into place, daily painkillers till i finished the week found out when i got back to UK that i had craked the ball. from this i got a sudden flash - about 30 seconds in a paint programme and here we go:
  19. to LOG coins and bugs in and out correctly, so we dont plan a day arounbd grabbing the coin we have wanted to see for ages to find that it hasnt been in the cache for over 2 month and just never logged out to another cache.
  20. So what if the Cache has had its location changed ???? it is now at a location Unknow to you, does this mean you can go and find the unknow location and sign the log and claim another smiley.
  21. im likely to get stoned or chase with torches and pitch forks but......... In my opinion, the smiley is for aachiving the experiance getting to the cache, if the cache has now moved, or the experience getting to it is a lot different then why not have a new experienec and a new smiley.
  22. im a "part time" cacher meaning i only get to do it as and when, in a year i have 62 finds. I cache normal on the spare of the moment, a quick 5 - 10 spare from a meeting finishing early, my way home from work, dropping Mini DID at school, collecting a dog, just a search of the imidiate area where i am at the time and off to the closest.
  23. is there a badge gen list somewhere that shows all the badges and also what requirements there are ?? im a basic member so dont have a PQ to run thru GSAK to generate the badges for me, But do love the look on profile pages, so i have manually produced some of the stats that feature on many profile pages but at present cannot located anywhere that i can get access to the images (apart from stealling them off other profiles) but i dont know the numbers need for what level badge to "steal"
  24. unless your evil and you twisted the picture round, its somewhere south........ looking at the colour of the water im saying UK
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