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Cointest for Thanksgiving


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Over the several years, I have been involved here on the discussions. I have been fortunate to receive many nice coins - both through cointests and missions. It is time to give back.


This is my cointest, my rules.......so read on and then start posting.


Open to all - Worldwide, so everyone can enjoy the fun. The US will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, but, I invite our Global neighbors to join in the fun.


ONE ENTRY PER PERSON - don't flood this with multiple posts. Take time and think through what you would like to share with all of us. Please post your meaningful and heartfelt thoughts.


Starts when my thread is posted, will end at 2359 hours Eastern Standard Time (one minute before midnight) on Thanksgiving night (12/26). Any entries time dated after this time will not be included.


The winner will be picked as a random selection of all the entries. I will process this on Friday, 11/27, mid-day Eastern Standard time, and announce the winner on this thread. This will be done by using an online random number generator and putting in the number of posts (not including my own and deducting any duplicates).


What Do You Do? What are you thankful for? Post it in your words, photos, or other creative ways and please make your post meaningful. Reflections of personal memories are fine.


Please - no copyright online art or photos. Just post your thankfulness from your heart. Remember it is not the content of the post or the beauty, as the winner will be picked randomly. But, we would all like to see what you are thankful for and you may include home photos or any photos which are not copyright.


What will you win? After the winner is selected by the generator, I will see if they have a link at the bottom of their post for their wishes OR you may email me your hearts desires. No promise I can do it - but I will try to match the prize to what the winner would really like. Lacking any wishes, I may select a random surprise and get it off, I may even contact you...........and of course, I will need your mailing address.


So - I hope you will all use this cointest to reflect upon what is good, right and nice in your life - Happy Thanksgiving!

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Well, our Thanksgiving in Canada happened over a month ago but since this cointest is open to everyone (thanks hollora!) I will chime in with what I give thanks for.


Below is a picture of my son and I. It was taken this past summer by a dear friend of mine and I LOVE it! The point of the photo shoot was to try to capture the essence of the relationship between my son and I. This particular picture caught a glimpse of his infectious giggle that seems to come from his very soul. He is such an easy-going kid that takes so much in stride. He has been lucky enough to be relatively free of childhood hardships (there are just too many kids out there that deal with sickness, abuse and tragedy in their lives!) and I am grateful for that.


I am thankful for his good health, his zest for life and that he has so many people in his life that love and care for him (not just his father and I). We are about to have another baby in a few weeks and I am thankful that everything has gone smoothly thus far. Soon we will be a family of four and we will have a wonderful Christmas to reflect on our good fortune. Because really, to us, family is the most important aspect of life and putting all of the fun, glitz and frivolity of the holiday aside, spending time with family and friends is something to be thankful for. Not everyone has the luxury of spending the holidays with their family -- and that one, I unfortunately know from experience.


In closing, I am thankful for every moment, every giggle with my loved ones.


Thank you hollora for a lovely cointest and an opportunity to type out my thankfulness, not just think about it. Happy Holidays Neighbours!



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I am thankful for life itself, with all the difficulties it gave us, sickness of our son Paffinator, he was supposed to die, called by the doctors and he prove them wrong. Life gave him a second chance so I am very very very thankful to Life.

The pics was taken this summer when we did a cache at Universal.



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Thank you for the cointest, Hollora. Also, thank you for the opportunity to stop and reflect on my blessings. I am most thankful for my husband. We have been together 5 years, married for two of those years. Our relationship has been filled with problems and many times, we have parted ways. We both realized that we were finding reasons not to commit to the relationship. Now, we are committed to one another, and our relationship. We are happier than ever. Life is wonderful with your best friend, soulmate, and twin by your side.



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I'm thankful for my family, my good health, and all the good times I have had in the past 3 months since I started geocaching... My wife and I have spent more time together in 3 months walking in parks, next to creeks and streams, and in the woods than we have in the past 13 years we've been married. My son and I have spent whole days together outdoors, talking and playing and having fun... I'm thankful for the future as well and all the good times that are coming...

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Today is my 30th anniversary, not of marriage (that’s been 34 years this past summer) but of employment at the same location. With the economy as it is today and even many years ago I remember employers laying off and even shutting down plants. Before coming to my present employer I had gone through 3 employers, one of them even twice, so to be steadily employed for this amount of time is wonderful, it has fed my family, allowed us to school our child thru university and even help others whenever possible with whatever extra we had.

Thank you hollora and I hope that all who celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow will enjoy the day however they may spend it and share it with others.

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Great idea for a cointest Hollora!


Of all things, I am thankful to be alive. So many things could have happened differently, and life wouldn't be the same. I wouldn't have the opportunity to be thankful for my family and friends, a career, my health.


I am a true believer in the fact that things happen for a reason....but also believe that things DON'T happen for a reason too.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Go eat Turkey!

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Thanks for the great cointest!


I am particularly thankful to have met my husband. We have so many interests in common that we don't need to renounce either an activity or the other's presence in anything to be fulfilled!

Geocaching, viking reenactment, video games, reading, fantasy, we share so many things! Of course, it is not everyday bright pink! But we manage to get over it and carry on.


I am also grateful to have a good health, which is probably one of the most precious things on earth.

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I am thankful for friends and family and good health of course, but this year I am particularly contemplative of the people we have lost and am thankful for the opportunity to have met them, even if it was for far too short an amount of time. I am thankful for two strong legs with which I can go out and explore this fascinating world (my knees are not included in this) we live in and that I don't have so many tribulations that I don't have the time to enjoy precious life.

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Not an entry for your cointest, hollora, but a Thanksgiving hug across the miles.


It is Red Crossers who selflessly give of themselves time after time, under terrible circumstances and conditions, working incredible hours for strangers for NO pay, for NO glory, for NO recognition that I am thankful for.


Folks do not understand what sacrifices RC'ers make just to be able to help, to serve, to give of themselves.


Thank YOU for your service, girl. You rock.


Happy Thanksgiving. {{{{{hollora}}}}}

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Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family, especially my grandson who always puts a smile on my face. I am thankful that I have made it this far through the journey of life. I am thankful for all the lessons learned, for the job that provides the necessities in life and for the simple things.

I am most thankful for being able to move beyond the pain of losing loved ones at this time of year and making it special by remembering them and carrying on the traditions they shared with me.I am thankful for this day and being able to say Happy Thanksgiving to allof you.

My grandson says he is thankful for his Nana who spends time with him and with that we say thank you hollora and have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!


I am thankfull for many things!

I am thnkfull for my family! My parents my sister my brother in law... we are all very close and we are actually the team Gatoulis! My parents are understanding, kind, and very good friends of mine and my sister's!!

I am thankfull because even if they were seeing that life is a jungle they raised me well and taught us (me & my sister) to be caring, kind, and I hope good... B) They taught us to respect, to forgive, to show our feelings, to help....... I am thankfull for that, even if many times I felt that we were from an other planet!


I am thankful because my girlfriend is one of the best people that came in my life! Sometimes I think that even problems are coming like waves and hit me (every year I am trying to find a job! Here, most of the jobs are seasonal and many times, you do not know if they will take you next year!!), I am blessed by having great and beautiful people around me!!!


I am Thankfull because I still have my parents alive!! My father had a very serious heart problem in 2000 with 99% damage and doctors were....

Well... he is with us and I am so thankfull for that!!! My mother.. she has many health problems too but she is always with her warm smile and her good word... she never says no to where ever we go, and sometimes she follows as far as she can go, to geocaching, with us!!! :D ...and she is such a great cooker.... :unsure:


I am thankful for... ok something strange... for the technology we have now! I am talking about internet!!! With that, I started searching and finally I found this game!!! In the game I found the forums and in them I found all of you!!! I am so thankfull with that!!!

This is not a try to win a coin or something!!! I really mean it!!!


Everybody is so helpfull, so kind, so great! you care for eachother, you are trying o help him to support him... you are trying to bring the smille back to the face of other cachers who really need that...


This is the most importand thing!!! To spread smiles to the world!! No matter who you are, no matter what you have or where you live, a smile is something you always need to make your day brighter!!! And here I have seen many smiles!!!! I love that!!! :D


I found out that here we are all good friends and I feel like we are all a family!!! Here anybody can say things of his life that maybe you never said before! You can expose your deep feelings without fearing that someone may think that you are weak!!!


YES!! I am thankfull because I found many great people here!!!

That is why I have so many posts in the forums! I love playing games and have fun, help if I can others, talk and... paying attention!!! :P


Hollora my friend, Thank you so much for this cointest and for the chance to post Some things I feel! B)

Happy Thanksgiving my friend, Happy Thanksgiving to all... and be carefull with the Turkey!!! Always keep a soda near you or something to make you feel better after the feast!! :santa:

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First of all I like to Wish Everyone around the world here in the forums a Happy Thanksgiving. Hallora Thank You so Much for having such a nice posting/ cointest to be held for this Giving and Thankful time of year.



I first like to say I am very Thankful for the friends, the family and of course my husband for all being a big influence in my life and standing behind me all of the years of my life and for the rest of my life.


I am a person that has never had life easy. My parents did a tremdious job of raising me and teaching me to stand for what I beleive and and never give up and to always try, try and if all fails keeps trying again to strive for what is importtant and to acheive what I want in life. I can only make myself happy. I was born with alot of physical limitations/disabilites in my life. School was never easy for me, always had to work and study hard to earn the grades I got, having a learning disability didnt help make matters any better. But I made it. With all of my hard work and pushing myself graduated with a 3.0 average. Which is not so shabby. I made my parents happy the day I guaduated and showed them I could do it. I was teased from the moment I got on the bus to the moment I got home from School off the bus and begged my parents to take me out of school. They never did, and at that time I hated them for it. But now that I am older I see why they did it. To make me be strong and to fight and stand up for what I beleive in. To know that I have a dwarfism I am like just like anyone else, I just do everything in a different way. I have had alot of support from many people in my life and since have worked over 10 years taking care of people that are physically and mentally handicapped and I thought this would be perfect for me. Someone helped me now it is my turn to turn the favor. I have enjoyed doing this kind of work and what a rewarding job it is been. I have seen so many people come a longs ways in life that were insitutionalized from living pretty much on their own today. Makes me feel honored that I have helped make a difference in peoples lives, and knowing with me not by their side it may not have been possible for them. I have been looked up to and Thanked so much for my hard work. I have since moved on and needed a career change since my mobility has declined and went into taking care of the elderly in their own homes. I did this for a few years and loved every moment of it, until my two clients passed on. That was very hard. It was like loosing someone in my own family the relationship and bond we had. Since my mobilty gotten worste and alot of times now I walk with a cane and I am Thankfull I can still walk, but shopping wise or long trips to stores I am having to use my wheelchair alot more. I am okay with that now. It took alot of time to get over this part in my life. I had lost alot of self pride, my self asteem. I used to feel sorry for myself but with a long battle fighting for my rights and with my disabilities, after 4 long years I finally won the fight and won my disability.I always been a person who strives, who is a goal acheiver, and doesnt give up. It was a long process but with me giving all I got and a fighting chance I got rewarded my disability. I am on a road of happiness and that I will be able to get the help I have been lacking for many years. With a very loving husband had stood behind me all the way. He is excepting that my dwarfism is effecting me and scolosis is setting in, and I have back and hip pain pretty much all the time. He is there to help me when he can. He helps me alot and is been very supportive. So I am Thankfull I have him in my life without him I am not so sure where I be right now. Geocaching has really pulled us closer, he makes sure I still enjoy the sport wether I can go on the hike or not, if I cant he and I have walkie talkies and he shares the most of the adventure with me as possible, he takes the camera, tells me what is in the cache, if we take and leave something, I do the recording and logging of caches. Anytime I can go on a cache hunt with him I go. We share each and every moment we can with another. So today, I am not telling my story for anyone to feel sorry for me but knowing I have worked hard all my life and it pays off. Never give up in what you beleive, dream big, enjoy life, and love one another as if you have no tomarrow. I am not here to tell my problems or to say alot of what is going on in my personal life so I hope no one thinks of this post as that. I love reading each and every ones posts. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Again to all.


~Valarie of sweetlife

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thank You hollora for the great cointest. Nice to read what everyone is Thankful for on this day...that's what it is all about. This is my first cointest...I will try my best.


I am Thankful for my family. What family I do have left mean so much to me. I am also thankful that my aunt (who had a really bad car accident 11/6) is doing very well. She has made it through all of her surgeries better than expected. I am thankful for life, love, happiness and health. I am thankful for the sport/hobby of geocaching, it has gotten me out and about again. And has gotten the family together doing things again.

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Everyday I am thankful just to wake up above ground.


I have posted some of this in a different thread here on this forum and will post it again in this thread. As some of you know I have a past history that involves drug addiction. Not abusing prescription drugs but street drugs. For over ten years I was addicted to crack cocaine. It was a very bad time in my life, and used up every waking minute of my life. From the time I woke up in the morning until I finally went to sleep hours and sometimes days later the cocaine ruled my life. It was the first thing on my mind upon waking and the last thing on my mind before I would finally succumb to sleep from exhaustion.


Breaking out of that lifestyle took a lot of work on my part and included multiple interventions from the legal system. After being arrested a number of times and spending quite a few days and weeks behind bars I finally took the big step and found myself facing years in prison. Thankfully a compassionate judge saw something in me that I had forgotten was there and gave me one last chance to change my life. Instead of throwing me back into the penal system he offered me a chance to go into rehab instead of prison. He spoke with some of my family members (without my knowledge) to see if they would help support me through the rehab process. They all agreed that I was worth the effort and that they would help in any way they could.


So after spending almost two years in a court-operated drug rehab program that involved individual, group and family counseling along with daily drug tests I graduated from the program. My felony drug charges were dropped and I was deemed a worthy citizen again. The program helped me go back to school and earn a degree and also helped me to find and hold a full time job.


All of that happened over 12 years ago and I am happy to say that I am still drug free! I had given up most of the good things in life for the drugs; cars, personal belongings, jobs and even let it destroy a marriage. After completing the program I began to get all those things back. To look at me today you would never guess that at one point all I cared about was getting high. Nothing else seemed to matter; family didn't matter, where I slept didn't matter, having a job didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was getting another twenty dollars to get myself high again.


So for me I am just thankful everyday that I am alive...

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im thankful for having a close nit and loving family (despite spending much of my earlier life trying to push them away and distancing myself from them.

i am also thankful that about ten years ago i found the love of my life and soulmate and realised this in time to not ruin it by doing my past usual of being blind to it.

im thankful to my family for those who i have mentioned as without my family being annoying to me by not backing off for my wishes and for my beloved coming into my life when he did. i dont think id still be alive today. back then i was suffering from depression and was starting to feel suicidal.


so im thankful for my family, my husband and children and for still living.

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Hello everyone...Hollora has a really nice idea here.....


Thanksgiving is, perhaps, my favorite day of the year. My 86 year old mother lives about an hour away and we've just returned from Thanksgiving dinner with her. We brought everything to her house and cooked it all right there, spending the day reminiscing about so many things in the past. She's starting to fail and I'm so thankful today that we could spend quality time together.


Seven years ago next month I was diagnosed with throat cancer and, knowing there would be at least a month of "down time" toward the end of my radiation/chemo treatments when I could not drive and may need to be hospitalized, I decided to have my treatments done in the city where she lives so that I could stay there during that time. At the age of 79 she was there for me and we became even closer than we already were. I made it, went back to school for a degree in Community Health Education (graduated at the age of 51) so that I could help others stay healthy and safe, and now do volunteer work with the American Cancer Society. I can't begin to tell you how many outstanding people I have met since then, especially since discovering geocaching, including Hollora who lives just a couple of miles away.


I'm truly thankful to see the sun come up each morning, many times while I'm signing a cache log. Every single day is a good day. Life is VERY good.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.....

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I am thankful for my family, that my mom still has her sense of humor after two strokes and a heart attack, that my family has our health and my son has a wonderful sense of self and community, that we both have recently discovered Geocaching and on today ,Thanksgiving , found our first cache. A great day all around. Thanks for letting me brag a minute.

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I'm thankful for being in the "life situation" that I am in. We have a roof over our head, both my husband and I are healthy, we both have good jobs....I see so many people that just don't have the basics that it makes me thankful for what I do have. We might not be rich, but we are able to get the things that we want/need and we can help others out too.

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I try to Thank God every Day for my husband and children, children's spouses, and grandchildren. I'm thankful for all the Blessing we receive, both big and small.


I'm thankful that I'm here, on Earth, and able to read this contest and share my thoughts with all of you.


Most of all, I'm thankful to just be ME!!

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I was just speaking with a cacher friend a few days ago. We were mutually saying how amazing and wonderful it is to realize the amount and quality of the friends we have made via geocaching and geocoining. And some of these people are very real friends. The kind I would call with difficulties, the kind that if they call me I will do whatever is possible to help them out.


And I am thankful for friends beyond caching also. Last weekend, I visited a friend who I haven't seen in 21 years. A very long time to have lost track, but we started again like it had been a few weeks. Quite amazing and quite wonderful !!

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i mimic johnmac a bit here ,, i too was addicted to drugs, not as bad as him but at one point when i was younger i was doing everything under the sun..but my body did not take well to it, ive been addicted to pot for over 10 years-- earlyer this year i made a choice in my life to stop that and have been drug free for about 6 months i havent done any hard drugs for about 6 years i now am drug free, sober and am alive and as he one told me,(ill never forget john) i can acomplish anything. i still am working on my health, but that will take time after years of abuse. so i too am thankfull to wake up everyday alive and sober.


i am also thankfull for our troops that have givin their lifes and have put life on the line for our freedom, its something i could never do and am very greatfull there are others to take my place so willingly and god bless their familys for some leave behind kids, wifes,brothers,and sisters,and friends. to not know if they will ever see them again.


i am thankfull for my family, 5 years ago i could never see myself as a father, but it has been the best thing in my life to be able to be here for my lil girl on a daily basis, i couldent imagine a day with out her, she brings me sooo much joy.


i am also thankfull to be here, and to be apart of these forums,, i have met some really great folks here and am astonished at the bond we create with a few words on a screen, you guys have showed me what being apart of a great family is all about. im in a bit of a rut right now and i have recieved some gifts i never thought a place like this would bring, i also recieve a good amount of emails from alot of you expressing many things, and i am very greatful to be here with you. its my home away from home.


thank you all very much !!!

be safe and happy thanksgiving!!! :unsure:

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I'm thankful for my family and for the additional time I've gotten to spend with my grandmother this past year. Before this year, we were only able to see her about once a year, but now I get to see her several times a month. At 88, there's no idea how much time she has left, so ever visit counts.


Also, I'm thankful that I didn't buy tickets to the Ole Miss-LSU game!!!

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I am thankful for many things this year, but specifically I am thankful for my beautiful daughter and the fortune that has come into my life: I have finally have obtained primary full-time custody of my little girl!


It is an absolute joy in my life that I now have my daughter full-time and I truly give thanks that I have been given this gift after such a long hard struggle. My daughter means the world to me and, as a single father, I love taking her caching with me (and teaching her about the outdoors along the way!). Even though she is only 5 years old, she absolutely loves our "treasure hunts" and "hiking" and yes, I even let her find the geocaches by herself sometimes...if they are easy enough! :unsure:


So in a nutshell, I'm thankful that I have been blessed with the gift of my daughter and I hope that I never, ever take that for granted.


Matt (aka MattBecc)

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Up to head out shopping for Black Friday - plugged the numbers into Random.org and the winner is ............................. #23!


So, 57 Chevy, contact me through the GC.com site with a couple of your hearts desire coins or a few from your wanted list along with your addy and I will get something off to you.


Thank you, one and all, for your stories and thoughts. May each and every one of you have a wonderful fall as we move on towards our winter holiday season.

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I am most thankful for my husband. We have been together 5 years, married for two of those years. Our relationship has been filled with problems and many times, we have parted ways. We both realized that we were finding reasons not to commit to the relationship. Now, we are committed to one another, and our relationship. We are happier than ever. Life is wonderful with your best friend, soulmate, and twin by your side.




Oh Chicky-Babe,

AWESOME Pic of you and yours. You are an awesome and sweet gal and I wish you and him Love and Luck forever!!!!!



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Up to head out shopping for Black Friday - plugged the numbers into Random.org and the winner is ............................. #23!


So, 57 Chevy, contact me through the GC.com site with a couple of your hearts desire coins or a few from your wanted list along with your addy and I will get something off to you.


Thank you, one and all, for your stories and thoughts. May each and every one of you have a wonderful fall as we move on towards our winter holiday season.


;) Woot! Thank You Hollora for the cointest! I'll shoot you an email sometime today. Hope the black Friday adventure wasn't too hectic. Have a great Holiday Season Everyone! :lol:

congrats brotha,, forget the shoppin,, im gonna do some cachin, the first weve been able to go out in a while!!! hope i still have the cachers eye, and the kid is big enuff to look herself now!!! this should be a fun day!!! ;)

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