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  1. Have you found your coin yet? I have a couple of them for sale, if you would contact me. thank you
  2. To pay for Christmas this year, I'm having to sell some of my coins. First I have the Delft Blue #3 - Trapgevel coin, #69 of course. And I have the complete set of 4 clay Tikicoins, with their accompanying pathtags. Unactivated all of them. I don't want to set a price, because then the first person who sees this will buy them, and I'd like to make sure a bunch of people get to see this. Plus I haven't been buying coins for over a year and don't really know what the value is now. If anyone is interested, just PM me. I'll give it a couple days then contact back the higher offers. thank you!
  3. Mailman brought my set to the front door today!!! My son wanted to steal the orange one, but I told him I might have plans for it...
  4. Still plenty in stock, hurry up people!! I got one of each, I couldn't decide which one I liked best! Maybe I'll have some available for trade after I get them and make up my mind...
  5. My first geocoins were a set of 10 I bought from Avro back in October, so I'm still under 6 months! I've had to cut back on my spending, or my wife was going to make me sleep under the bed, so I haven't been doing too much lately.
  6. My wife suggested I request #69... If that was gone I requested #42. Douglas Adams fan here too!!!
  7. So I get home a couple hours ago, and can't find my red ticket. I'm looking all over my desk, and finally I break down and ask my wife. She says that it's right where I put, under a magnet on the fridge. Doh! So to make a short story short, I checked and I'm one of the winners for the Ancient One version!!! Wooooot! Only 3 so there could be a redraw in a few weeks. Ahh I will leave mine taped to the front of my microwave. I definitely won't lose it or forget where I put it!!
  8. The first rule of Mystery Coins.....
  9. I'll be home tomorrow to check my number. How many winners so far have spoken up?
  10. I stand by my statement. It officially is considered a drawing - not a raffle. The pool consists of her current customer base. Nothing wrong with that. Actually you did when you purchased the coin. By having the drawing limited to those who bought the coin it excludes those who did not spend money. This is a legal/regulatory issue called "consideration" IIRC. It may seem like overkill for somebody who just wants to reward people with a nice gift for buying something, but it's why Groundspeak doesn't allow raffles, sweepstakes, etc. to be done on the site - there's too much involved.
  11. She was talking about www.skype.com - it's a free way to text chat/video chat with anyone around the world. I travel alot and my wife and I use it so we can see each other anytime.
  12. It's not a raffle, nobody purchased a ticket. The tickets were given away as a bonus.
  13. I think the gold one is more expensive because it's a new type of 2D coin with only 1 side!! It's dimensionally challenging!
  14. I've released 2 more coins: TB37HW7 and TB37HZF My one adoption coin never made it out of the hands of the adoptee, so I really only have 5 in the cointest...
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wouldn't be worrying about geocoins when your daughter was just born! That's the best Secret Santa present ever! Errr well not so secret I guess...
  16. I found 2 in a cache for the first time yesterday in Atlanta...
  17. I doubt there was a partnership of any kind.... I see this happening like so: The creator made a pathtag, and took the PT.com tracking number from it, and then made a geocoin the exact same size as a pathtag and incorporated the PT number onto the coin. You can't add GC tracking numbers to a pathtag, so you would have to add the PT serial to a GC. So it isn't really a Pathtag. Its a geocoin that looks like a pathtag.
  18. I won't be home for 5 more days, nobody is allowed to talk about how pretty theirs are until I can get home to see mine! So stop it!
  19. I don't think it's actually working... It's only showing a north-south corridor where you live. Notice there's no coins to the east or west! I have the same problem.
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