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This may mean nothing to anyone else....

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Yep, 1K, and what a great journey it's been.


I've had a few surprises while on this trip, and perhaps the biggest has been how social of an event Geocaching is, at least for me. :blink: I (And MandolinGirl, my partner in caching, music, and life) love attending events and have met so many cool folks from all over the world through Geocaching. Whether it's a small event at a local coffee shop, or Woodstock a few hundred miles away, events are ALWAYS fun for us and we have met so many really great folks.


The thing I've enjoyed most is finding those out of the way places that I never knew existed...whether it's an obscure historical marker, a historic cemetery, a dinosaur fashioned out of farm machinery, or a herd of buffalo in the middle of Indiana, it's always an adventure and always a treat.


Yes, there have been times I've become pretty darn frustrated trying to find a nano in the middle of a forest...I've learned to simply not hunt the caches I don't think I'll enjoy.


We were talking last night...we'd probably have a few hundred more, but we have a tendency to get side tracked. We'll have a whole bunch of caches picked out for a certain day, but we'll come on an especially interesting cemetery or ghost town or park...and end up spending a couple of hours wandering around and taking pictures.


And, for us..that's what Geocaching is all about!!


Thanks to all you cachers out there who have been here longer than I have and have had a hand in making this the great activity it is!

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Yes, congratulations on your achievement! I'm also looking forward to joining the "1000 Finds" club. It's the mark of a serious cacher, in my opinion. Down here in Dallas/Fort Worth, I've noticed many caches dedicated to cachers who have hit the 1000th find mark. Kinda neat to be recognized by your caching community.


I, too, have made some good friends caching. We go on all-nighters and such. Really makes caching that much more fun!

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Congrats! This is also a goal for me but I have no specific date for it... I can't practice that hobby as much as I would like but it's ok. Next summer I plan to introduce the twins to geocaching, they should better understand how it works and be more helpful than now where I mostly always have to keep an eye if one is going too far.


I plan to hide a special cache when I will reach that mark but it's a secret.

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We'll have a whole bunch of caches picked out for a certain day, but we'll come on an especially interesting cemetery or ghost town or park...and end up spending a couple of hours wandering around and taking pictures.

Oh, your lack of dedication is going to affect your platinum membership! :blink:


It's always nice to read about someone geocaching and having fun doing it, and enjoying the places geocaching brings you to. I hope your next 1000 will be even more fun to find.

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Congrats, DG and MG! Couldn't happen to a nicer pair. I always anjoy attending your events when I can, and when I see you 'will attend' on another event, it always makes me smile.


Thanks, Teresa, what a nice thing to say. I always enjoy your cheery attitude when I get to see you in person!

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Congrats on your milestone, Ray and I do pretty much the same as you. We set out to look for several cache's and get sidetracked by a beautiful/interesting area that may or may not be a destination for a cache. Thanks for your post, your milestone, and your encouragement.

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Congratulations! I've been caching for 6 years and barely hit 77 yesterday, wish I had more time to go out. When I do have the time, it's been some of the most quality time I end up spending with family and friends. Much better than sitting around BSing and watching movies/sports etc. Out in the woods time is the best.

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