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  1. Kittens... there was a litter of kittens under a sheet of plywood. This was in a woods where kids were hanging out, riding bikes etc. Paths were carved from their riding. Hubby lifted the sheet of plywood looking for the cache and saw there was 'something furry' under it. Only after screaming like a girl, dropping the plywood did he realize the 'something furry' was kittens. we didn't take them, they were obviously cared for by momma; fat little kittens
  2. Don't underestimate the kid's and their abilities. I work with 1st and 2nd Grade Girl Scouts that use the GPS's just fine after a few minutes instructions. We use the yellow Garmin's (I can never remember the model since I only do these programs once or twice a year).
  3. I have coins that I was awarded for completing a series, like the Star Spangled Banner series in Maryland. I wouldn't release them in the wild but would love to display them.
  4. Maybe the difficulty lies in how to retrieve it from the bottom of the pole/pipe. What type of container is the cache itself? Think on it a while and see what you come up with...
  5. bumping this up the list... Anyone able to help? Thanks, Karen/MDPlayers
  6. The cache my TB was recently dropped in was just archived and I've confirmed with the CO that the container was not picked up. Is anyone willing to go rescue the TB out of 'Newly Found Cache' GCGMJG? I think it's quite a hike but I see there are 5 more caches within a half mile of it. I hear the view is worth it too. Thanks for any help! Karen/MDPlayers
  7. Thank you! This macro is great. I've been so frustrated that the new search doesn't have a way to convert the results into a PQ. This will do it just fine.
  8. I knew I read something about it somewhere, but couldn't find it when I went back looking.
  9. if I request that my reviewer check for other caches near coordinates, do i submit the cache for review or just enter a reviewer note and save? do the reviewers see the notes we enter as we work on writing the page?
  10. I am able to find the events near the date of Geowoodstock by going to Find a cache, clicking Add Filters. Once you see the criteria page, deselect all cache types except Event and enter Maryland in Search only in (when you see United States: Maryland, click on it. Then Click Search. Once you have the list of events, click on Placed On to reverse the sort.
  11. so far my searches have returned the expected results. I love being able to select 'not found by'! One thing for the wish list... the ability to convert the search results to a PQ or .gpx file so I can load them in my GPSr.
  12. Magellan eXplorist 500LE, color screen, can add SD card, uses AAA batteries, Built-in Geocaching application, USB cable included. Used, still in working condition. A few minor dings and screen marks. We used this GPSr for about 5 years Geocaching. Great for those just starting out. $60.00 includes US Shipping.
  13. Hello, A GPS is not necessary to find geocaches. Many cachers have found caches without one. Do you have a smart phone? If so, check out the apps. You can use a car gps if it lets you switch to pedestrian mode (otherwise, it will try to keep you on the road). If you want to look at a GPS, check out ebay and even the forum here GPS Garage Sale. The Magellan explorist GC is rather inexpensive new. Have fun!
  14. Since you are a Premium Member, check out Pocket Queries. That's the way to send multiple caches to your GPSr.
  15. I spent last weekend as a volunteer teacher at a Girl Scout Camp in Delaware teaching 19 Girl Scout Juniors about Geocaching. This particular camp features a LEED certified building/Technology Lab. What an incredible weekend! I returned home feeling elated, both from spending the time outdoors and from working with two troops of girls ready to learn. Sorry no pictures, I was too wrapped up in the hunt!
  16. I have volunteered to help teach Girl Scout Juniors about Geocaching. While I've cached for several years, I don't know the Etrex GPSr. (At least that's what I think they are. They are the yellow Garmins). I will only have a few hours on Friday evening to work with the GPSrs before leading the program on Saturday. I use an Oregon 450t and I know the GPSrs that I have to use on Saturday are older models and not touch screen. Does anyone have any hints on using the GPSr so I can be a little ahead of the game? I'm fairly tech savvy (at least I have no fear of tech gear) so I feel I have a little going for me there. Thanks in advance Karen
  17. Great constructive addition to the conversation, NeverSummer. Let's talk about this, guys. As community members, we are all responsible for bringing up the new generation of geocachers. How can we offer our help or a re-direction when we see someone trying to figure out how to play this incredibly nuanced game? Was there someone who helped you figure out the proper caching etiquette when you started? We are asking questions like these at HQ, as well. How can we offer guidance and instruction to the new folks who want to come play? How can we support the current community with helping them educate and spread the word? To start with, we are working on more informative blog/FB posts, updating and reorganizing the Help Center, and thinking of fun new ways to inform newbies of the fine tuned, community created, social etiquette mores. In addition, I will let you know that the default log text in the Intro App was just supposed to be an example log and not something that they could use to post a log to any cache. We will be following up on this to make sure that the text is not introducing new cachers to bland/lazy logging techniques. Many of you are already AMAZINGLY helpful to the new cachers who ask questions in the forums. As a fellow community member - I want to say a big THANK YOU for that. Since we are all stewards of the game I ask the same question to the rest of the community: What are some other ways that we can guide and teach the newest players on a local level? Jayme, is there the possibility that there could be a 'helpful tip of the day' added to the intro app? I'm thinking along the lines of what ones sees when GSAK is opened and many other programs, I think even Google Earth. These hints could be short simple tips on some aspect of the game; finding, logging, etc. Karen
  18. I'm not sure about how to ship to the UK, but when I visit the online shop, I see where you can view international retailers. Perhaps on of them would be what you need. My link
  19. I spent Saturday morning kayaking (no caching), then the afternoon in a state park caching. 1 Earthcache, 3 traditionals. Hiked about 3 miles round trip. Camped overnight at another state park. I grabbed 1 more cache on the way home on Sunday.
  20. On the 'Your Pocket Queries' screen, select the 'Pocket Queries Ready for Download' tab. Click on the name of the Pocket Query that you wish to download. You'll be prompted to Open the file or Save it. It will open or save a .zip file. I select save and use it as I would use the file that I download from the email.
  21. You can mark them as found. Use the actual date you found the cache and provide the CO with an explanation for the late log since he/she will receive an email that the cache has been found. Enjoy the new GPSr.
  22. Since you are a Premium Member, you need to check out Pocket Queries. With Pocket Queries you can select cache types and an area and then get a list of caches in a .gpx file that you can upload into your GPSr. On Geocaching.com look under the Your Profile menu for Pocket Queries. There's a link to instructions on creating your first Pocket Query just under the first paragraph.
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