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The Official Get Your Mind Off It COINTEST


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"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday


DANG IT.... I scanned through and MrBrian got it! Check it out....Stupidly funny!!!! This guy was on all kinds of night shows for ths stupid song!



Leave it to You, BigD - THANKS for sharing .



THANKS for the cointest :anicute:

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Mine came in the mail today wowie


Now we all need to take our minds off the Swine Flu :rolleyes: as it is in our state now


2 cases in Colorado as of today as well


And 1 here in Oregon too. Being in the health care field for me it is swine flu 24/7 at the moment. :blink:


But I am glad people are enjoying the coins they won. And thanks BVnLJ for the picture - much better than any of the ones I took. B)

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