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The Official Get Your Mind Off It COINTEST


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Well a lot of us are here watching and hoping...so I thought I'd start a little cointest that I've been meaning to have for quite some time now. :laughing:


We here in Portland, Oregon, have quite a bit of the wet stuff as most of you know. It doesn't stop us from geocaching though. We just use our webbed feet!


So over the years there have been many popular songs with "Rain" in the title. In honor of my city's usual weather - and because at this moment I'm actually WANTING it to rain (allergies) - your mission is to post the title of a song with the word "Rain" in it. Posting the name of the artist who made the song popular would be nice too.


Limit to one guess every 12 hours. No exceptions. That way more can have a chance.


There will be 6 winners. The prize is 1 of our personal coins. (Photo to come)



I am PMing Eartha the titles now so she can verify the winners if needed.


Have fun!!

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Mandolin Rain, Bruce Hornsby and The Range.


We have another winner! Please email me your address and metal choice. Congrats! :laughing:




Couldn't find a good clip of Mr. Hornsby performing but at least you get to hear the song.


I'm heading out for a couple of hours...keep guessing! There are 2 titles left.


For a Treat download Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs version, awsome, saw them live it sent chills down my back :laughing:

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