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Boring but important!

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I know you folks are all sensible.




I ran a PQ ast night for unfound caches and as they we within 20 miles decided to go and find them....


I left totaly unprepared for the the cold and weather conditions as I was set on FTF (not the numbers)


I managed to find one cache that had not been logged, but was not the FTF.


I went on to look for a second down a very narrow path, that was very icy.


Yup - I slipped!


I spent a good few mins lying on my back staring up at the stars thinknig what a fool I am. I managed to get up and hobbled back to the van.


As i got to the van I met up with another cacher who I teamed up with to try and do the rest.



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For some of us the risk is part of the challenge.


If you are caching alone though, I would suggest letting someone know where you have gone and when you expect to be back.


Got to agree most if my caches are Solo if not I would have hardly any finds :D .


The things is remember you are in fragile situation :unsure: :

I agree tell some one where you are going and what time you will be back.

Take your mobile,

If its dark take a torch,

Make sure you have suitable clothes/ shoes,


Becarefull use common sence, every thing is so intrinsicly safe these days alot of people have stopped looking for dangers.


If I had to risk asses and complete the safety paper work for the caches I have found. Firstly I would still be filling in the paper work :D . Secondly, most of them would be deemed unsafe :blink: . Thirdly I would have had no fun :D


Sorry Rant over :) , its not a matter of not caching on your own.


Asses the risks dangers and decide what YOU think is safe. Dont do it for everyone else...


Rant really over this time. :D



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I learned my lesson about sole caching....


I don't often cache alone, but there are days when I do. This particular night was a Saturday night, a new cache came up at 10pm.


I checked it out on MM and saw it was near a road - a main road running through Wirral, and thought - well, it should be pretty ok for me to go on my own, in the dark.


Got there and didn't let the GPS settle down and fell into a ditch of stagnant mud, stuck, up to my thighs. I reched into my pocket to phone my dad to see if he could come out and help, when I realised I'd left my phone in the car....


I eventually got out, and had to drape the car seats in bin liners to get home!!! The stench was unbelievable!


Moral of the story - only go where you know, take a torch, take your phone and if in doubt, don't go.


I was made to promise that I'd never go night caching on my own again!!!

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I fell over and slid downhill one time... until my head and shoulders got wedged in a large badger hole and I was unable to get out. Luckily, I had not gone alone... my companion really appreciated the laugh!

I fell down the seawall and into the sea once, but was able to get myself out OK. As in your case, it gave the chap I was with a jolly good laugh!


Rgds, Andy

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I fell over and slid downhill one time... until my head and shoulders got wedged in a large badger hole and I was unable to get out. Luckily, I had not gone alone... my companion really appreciated the laugh!
Why am I picturing Ali wearing an outraged badger like a hat? :blink:


why has Matt never mentioned this?! :unsure:


PS - thanks for the real LOL Ali!

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I too count myself lucky.


Hunting alone one day I attempted to approach a cache from an alternative direction instead of going to the recommended parking place. (I like to do things the hard way)

Following the arrow, I stepped over a low point in a wooden fence that looked a bit like a broken stile. I was soon waist high in brambles so decided to get out quickly. Not wanting to backtrack I went for a gap in the hedge about 50ft away, I had barely taken two steps toward the gap when my left leg plunged down a fissure in the ground I was walking on.

My right leg with knee bent behind me, was pressed into the middle of my back and my rucsack was forced upwards with the waist strap around my chest. It took me quite sometime to escape my rucsack and then struggle out of the hole. With a horribly damaged knee I dragged myself back to my car counting my lucky stars.


Nobody knew where I was, and I didn't have my mobile phone with me, it was left in the car.


I cried at my own stupidity!

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I did something pretty stupid today.




logs like this make cache placing worthwhile! (in a good way! :unsure: ) MrsPP and I were crying with laughter at Doc's adventures! Next time we're at the cache, I shall send MrsPP down to see how she gets on!


Thanks for a great log - and we're obviously very glad you managed to get out again!

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I sat down on a rock once to log a find and it turned out to be two rocks. My weight caused them to move together, trapping my leg painfully. Fortunately it was at the level of my thigh rather than my knee and I was eventually able to extricate myself, but it was a close thing.


Before I enter a place where I think I might have trouble, I check that I have my phone in a safe pocket where it won't fall out, and that I have a signal. But of course the problems tend to strike when you don't think there's any danger - and once you have the cache in your hand, it's easy to be "too happy".

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I went to find a cache with my mum once. It was supposed to be behind a wall along the road. Of course I immediately jumped behind the wall to grab what I 'thought' was the cache. The 'cache turned out to be a used nappy and then I found my self stranded behind the wall. Jumping around looking like a right dork with my mum almost wetting herself did not help. She had to grab and yank me over! Covered in bloody cuts an scratches :unsure: Dont know what I would have done if she wasn't with me though :unsure:

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