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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Three - never winning - (except for 2009 :lol: )


And twice in the S10 I believe


And runner's-up all 3 times as well! <_<


1996 vs Blues 45-21

2001 vs Brumbies 36-6

2007 vs Bulls 20-19 [robbed by an "illegal" try from a knock-on and a forward pass after the siren had gone!! - Yes, I am a Sharks supporter!!]

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<_< Are you perhaps talking about the South African Cricket Team?


And the match shown between India and South Africa that was played in Belfast, only.... the commentator in the movie says that 'its being played in the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.'?


This is just a stab in the dark as I have only read about the movie but not seen it as yet. :lol:B)

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Ka-ching - you're it.


Yep - the game was actually played a year later than stated in the movie in Belfast - not Mumbai.


The only cricketer I really recognised was Andre Nel - but you get a good few shots of the game on television in the movie.


They needed an Oscar Winning acheivement yesterday at the Wanderers - but alas - looks liek they already won their Oscar this year? Hope we still beat some Aussie the rest of the series.

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:lol: OK!! Well I have a question that I hope is as difficult as I think it is!


Either that or it's comon knowledge for everyone but me! B):D


Here goes....


One of the objects placed in the first ever geocache is now a TB and tours the world!!!


What is it and what is the TB's name? <_<

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Fluoride in the toothpaste is not good for you in large doses. Generally brush your teeth and spit it out. There is not normally enough in a single squeeze on your tooth brush. So you may be safe. But if you swallow more it may result in something serious. Enough of that in and it can kill you.

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If you keep swallowing your toothpaste, you will get g*tvol from brushing your teeth, and didn't your mother say you should brush your teeth? Therefore not a good idea to swallow your tooth paste.


I was waiting for a few of these type answers and was almost thinking of giving out a bonus point for the best.


But Wazat is on the button.


Just to enlighten the folks, Kids toothpaste in Europe and SA contains half the fluoride of adult toothpaste. even so, a popular toothpaste for kids reportedly contains more than double the amount of flouride to kill a 2 year old. Thankfully few cases, but a handful of "serious" cases have been reported in the US.


...AND... apparently toothpaste can be used to polish off scratches from glass on watches, GPSr's etc. :D


Wazat, the podium is yours.


Now for some shut eye :)

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:huh: GlobalRat, you are spot on again.


"Density is the level of darkness in a negative or positive film or print. The measurement of density is called densitometry. An instrument called a densitometer is used to measure the density."


The floor is yours once again!!

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Isn't that funny. I hate that when it happens, but don't have a fear of it. Flip the bread upside down and you won't get the peanut butter stuck on your pallet. I was very surprised when I saw that there was actually a fear of that. Just do a search on phobias, one person's fear is another person's chuckle. I asked someone what they thought this phobia was and they gave me a really funny answer.... the fear of Archie's (from the comics) butt. LOL.

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Thanks GPS Storm.


In the 70's a group called "The Conglomeration" won the Battle of the Bands, but the dissoved soon afterward to form another band. This new band did the theme for a popular sitcom at the time. What was the name of this band.

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50% of the starters completed the race! I wonder what the percentages are nowadays?


Let's see what you can ask now that will take longer than 1 response??!! :(:)


errr mmmm... :D ...... :D I take it the guess was correct.....


When were the yellow pages first published?

Edited by GlobalRat
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Somewhere in the turn of the century 1900's not sure of the year but there was some story of the directory been printed on white paper and they run out and all they had was yellow. Later on they added business names to it. But not sure of the year....

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