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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Decided to find out more about the Tesla Roadster (it is a beauty!) and came up with this.

Popular Science talks to dot-com billionaire Elon Musk about why he's banking on American-made electric cars

By Arnie Cooper Posted 12.15.2008 at 10:21 am 7 Comments

If there's a gene for entrepreneurship, Elon Musk has it. From his first project at age 12 creating and selling a videogame called Blastar for $500, to his $1-billion-plus sale of PayPal to eBay in 2002, the 37-year-old South African is every bit the born mogul. These days he's chairman of Solar City, the largest residential solar-power provider in California. He's also the founder and CEO of Space X, a space-exploration company that made headlines last September when it launched the first privately developed rocket into orbit. But lately it's Musk's newly minted role as CEO of the San Carlos, California-based start-up Tesla Motors that is drawing the most attention.

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In 1992 the British won a gold medal at the Olympics but it was also a South African victory as they helped this person not only win the medal but also smash a world record.


The same person went on to smash yet another record in 1996 which is now regarded as an unfair advantage due to this very same South African influence. And was banned from been used ever since.


What was the this unfair advantage that the person had.


Hint: Motor manufacturer involved.

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Chris Boardman won a Gold at Barcelona riding a bicycle that was made by Lotus. Don't know what the SA connection is and also do not know what he did in 1996 that caused him to be banned. :laughing:


Correct. The Bicycle was the Lotus Sport ridden by Chris Boardman. The Carbon Fiber frame of the bicycle was made in south Africa by a company called Aerodyne from Cape Town. Further research proved interesting in that the same company may be responsible for the Dash in the Tesla as well as seats in the Concorde.


The bicycle was deemed as an unfair advantage due to the radical design in which the frame resembled a "Z" and broke away from the usual "Diamond" frame of a normal bicycle. This although accepted by the International Cycle Union (UCI) at the time quickly became banned due to the unconventional shape.


Chris Boardman came onto the scene with the "Superbike" in the 1992 Olympics and went on to win Gold in the 4000m pursuit. He obliterated the records with this amazing bike on his way to Gold. In the final, he caught his German opponent Jens Lehmann, World Champion from the previous year.

The Superbike in the Olympic History Museum

Chris in action at the Olympics


The Bike was also used in the opening prologue stage of the 1994 Tour de France in which the Highest ever average speed was attained for any stage of the tour.


In 1996 again Chris went on the track to smash the World's 1 Hour Record with an amazing distance of 56.375 km. Here the same bike was used but the record was banned as not been within the UCI standards. But the record stands now as the Best Human Powered effort. (Without a fairing)


I remember the excitement at the time of seeing him ride the bike in the Tour De France and seeing our new flag flying on the rear wheel stay. It was our little part in the worlds greatest Cycle event. I was in England at the time and the atmosphere was electric as Chris again let another record topple...

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We just found this quite amazing as nobody has ever heard of this guy and at such a young age he has achieved so much.

Everybody knows who Mark Shuttleworth is, but, Elon Musk we had never heard of before Friday.

As a matter of interest is this the car Charlise Theron drives?

I think they only go into sales later this year. Pre-orders availabkle only currently as far as I know

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OK - here is one for the rugby fundis.


Andy van der Watt played for Natal. He also played for the Springboks. How many tests did he play and where did he play his last test?


3 and Ellis Park? This is a huge guess - I have never heard of him! (My 'better' half would probably be horrified that I don't know who he is!) :)

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OK - here is one for the rugby fundis.


Andy van der Watt played for Natal. He also played for the Springboks. How many tests did he play and where did he play his last test?


3 and Ellis Park? This is a huge guess - I have never heard of him! (My 'better' half would probably be horrified that I don't know who he is!) :)


OK - keep guessing! :D ONE of your answers is correct, but WHICH one is it? :D

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Okay, we'll go with first trying to find where. As I don't know many rugby fields out of SA - I'll try one of the few international ones I do know - Twickenham?

My family already has Super 14 fever (with a huge braai organised for Sat. because the Stormers are playing somebody :) ) and I'm wandering around in the dark here!!

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Okay, I am running out of rugby fields in the UK. Would go for the one in Cardiff but don't know its name. So we'll stick with Ireland. I lay in bed last night for hours trying to come on this name: Landsdown Road?

If this isn't it I'll move on to those in Australia and NZ - I have no idea of any of their names though!

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If for nothing else you deserve to get the thumbs up for playing the entire field on this question! Even covering your bases with Australia and New Zealand too! :D


The only location in the UK you have not mentioned was Murrayfield - but the correct ground was in fact Landsdowne Road in Dublin. Andy played only 2 full tests and 1 as a substitute = 3 caps. He played at Murrayfield and Twickenham prior to his last test at Landsdowne Road on the 1969/70 tour. His last match was on 10 January 1970. The 1st test was under the cataincy of Dawie de Villiers and the subsequent ones with Tommy Bedford as captian. Andy is now a teacher and sports manager at Hilton College near Pietermaritzburg.

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Did try it!!!!


We'll stick with the UK before heading off to the Antipodes. We'll stay with 3 and try Murrayfield.


Now for something completely different: The lyrics quiz!


Name the song and original artist/s:

Sometimes I feel

Like I dont have a partner

Sometimes I feel

Like my only friend

Is the city I live in

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Wouldn't have thought that you were a Peppers fan?


How about Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under a Bridge - from City of Angels - the Nichoals Cage movie?


Why not? We are great fans of theirs. We listen to a wide range of music and some of our favourites would really surprise you - like Pearl Jam for instance! :D


You're right! But it is Under THE bridge.

Another interesting fact is that Anthony Kiedis wrote this song from extracts from the diary he was writing while trying to overcome his heroin addiction!

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Wow, how lucky can one be with a wild guess? Had no idea Strauss was ever in S.A!


On to the next:


On SABC TV, of every hour broadcast in prime time, about twenty minutes is commercials. In the early days, when SA TV was first launched in 1976, no commercials was to be seen.


When did this change?


Name the product brand of the first commercial, as well as the month and year.

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1980, Chevrolette? Or probably some Cigarette Brand?


I still recall that they were not allowed to advertise on Sundays too. Them days we used to enjoy the break as we could watch one or two adverts and the show was back on. Now days it is just a nightmare of watching repeat ads for this and that cellphone junk....

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