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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Somewhere in the turn of the century 1900's not sure of the year but there was some story of the directory been printed on white paper and they run out and all they had was yellow. Later on they added business names to it. But not sure of the year....


Certainly got the right idea. The concept was borne out of the fact that when publishing a regular telephone directory they ran out of white paper and used yellow to complete the directory. Three years later someone created the first official yellow pages directory.


As for the year, you're playing in the right ballpark....

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No Googling! I just work in the media industry and remembered seeing it there after doing some research for a GPS Co-ordinate listings page (Yellow pages) for South Africa.


Was just a jibe :)




No Google - what about Yahoo :)


Yahoo...who :)


Anlufu.... on the button.... you are up

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GR - you're it - yep - after categorising the Karoo layers and sediments (including the post glacial Dwyka Tillites - he started looking at some of the fossils found in the rocks - especially a leaf called Glossopteris. He then found evidence of similar layers and rocks and fossils in India and South America adding weight to a theory that the continents drifted apart (plate tectonic to be precise).


We wait for the next one

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Every pub quiz has an off the wall question, so here it is (well I think so at least)


In 1903 a British Methodist missionary, William Gillmore, introduced the game of cricket to some islanders in Melanesia in the hope that it would reduce tribal rivalry and fighting. The modern form of this local cricket game is a good example of syncretism. How many people per side play in this game of cricket and what is the game known as?

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Half a point to Carbon Hunter.... which half it is, remains to be seen..... mind master anyone :rolleyes:

Well somehow I don't think it's the Kirri-kikkit - as that comes from Wrex Tarr (Yena lo chilapalapa - anyone remember that). Bummer there goes another question that could have been asked!


As far as names go based on the missionary link involved?


How about - "Holy War"?

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