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  1. One of the 'Biltong and Potroast' actors - the one that sold vegetables: Mel Miller
  2. The letters SOS do not actually stand for anything, rather they are (I think) 3 dashes, 3 dots and three dashes so that anyone could send a distress signal. 3 dashes = S 3 dots = O 3 dashes = S
  3. The DVD costs R10-00, insert the DVD into your PC connect your GPS and follow the wizard instructions. The GARMAP site will let you know what the upgrade will cost (should be R349-00) for the new unlock code.
  4. Anton, You've upgraded more than only the maps - Mapsource too. A lot about the different Mapsource versions was said here: http://www.garmap.co.za/Forum/forum_posts....D=5231&PN=1 Well, I'm back to ver. 6.13.7 - quicker and stable on XP. Anton Must say that 6.13.7 works a hell of a lot better than the newer version, in all aspects.
  5. Garmap Africa Series 2009 DVD's are now available at Allen Associates in Port Elizabeth.
  6. Here's a flyer - Basil D'Olivera. Don't know if ever captained England though?
  7. Pierre van Ryneveld airport in Upington ?
  8. or perhaps this website: http://www.drivesouthafrica.co.za/camper-hire-rv.php
  9. Hi DavidMac Glad to hear that SA may be on your travel plans. Have you thought of perhaps hiring a RV and doing your own thing. Here's a link to a website that you may find interesting. http://www.ananzi.co.za/catalog/Travel/CampingandCaravaning/
  10. Here's a heads up guys. Most of us leave our house keys/remotes in the car. The latest trend is your GPS gets stolen along with the car and the theives simply look for your 'home' waypoint and off they go!! My 'home' waypoint is the shortest distance to my nearest Police Station.
  11. I am in the process of planning a trip from P.E. to Upington and in finding which route to drive I have been keeping caches in mind. The trip will be for the end of 2008 and we'll travel up along the lines of 'going nowhere slowly', with the trip divided into 4 distinct legs of about 250 kms per leg. The idea being that if we find a nice caravan park we'll spend a night or perhaps even 2. Coming back will be 'down' a different route with possibly only one stop before we get home. With this in mind I am looking for caches along the way up and perhaps roadside caches at nice road stops along the way would not be a bad idea. The idea being that frequent rests are taken to avoid driver fatigue. So these would qualify as roadside caches, but perhaps the idea is to take a break every 2 hours or so. So my vote would be yes.
  12. Hi Carbon Just had a look at the satttelite maps for the first time and also got an error message. I always use the 'view in google earth' feature in Mapsource. Another way perhaps is to use Google Earth and add the co-ordinates for the cache and view it that way.
  13. Hi All Hope you guys have a great time at the event. Closing now for a bit of leave, catch you all again in the New Year. Happy holidays.
  14. Hi Neville Would love to help, but Bathurst is a bit far for me.
  15. Wow - how cool is that!!! Thanks Neville and also thanks for taking the time out to assist.
  16. How about getting together for this cache on the 23rd. It's on the Gamtoos river side of PE, may be a bit out of the way for Colin and Alison. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7f-273e754b4bce
  17. I am OK for 23rd. Anywhere in PE will be OK
  18. Sure....we will be ther 5 and 6 Jan 2008 We will be at Komdomo 4, 5 and 6 - see you there?
  19. Hi Vespax Be a bit tight for me - working til the 21-12-07. Maybe Sunday 23rd.
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