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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Come on GR - waiting 5 days for the answer now!!! That's just not cricket! :)


Alrighty then :P


Every pub quiz has an off the wall question, so here it is (well I think so at least)


Proved right it seems B)


However I thought it was fascinating enough to share and you never know which trivia boffs are out there, or just happened to be watching some TV.


The answer is Trobriand Cricket, and any number of players can compete. It is played on the Trobriand Islands (today officially known as the Kiriwina Islands). The game was also featured on BBC's Last Man Standing Series 1.


Trobriand cricket refers to a unique version of the ball-and-bat sport cricket played by the Trobriand Islanders. They were first exposed to the game by Christian missionaries, who thought the game would discourage war among the natives. However, the game was quickly adapted to Trobriand culture by expanding the number of players, adding dances and chanting, and modifying the bats and balls. Since war between groups on the island was banned, cricket began to incorporate many of the traditional practices associated with war for the Trobriand people. The game also reflects the objects of powers introduced to the islands by its British colonizers and American troops during World War II.


In the Trobriand Islands, kayasa is a form of obligatory, competitive activity done traditionally in the form of ritual warfare. Warfare with spears was replaced by cricket, as a peaceful way of continuing kayasa.


Trobriand cricket has been altered such that the home team is always the winner. There are no restrictions as to how many players on a team; thus, a team can have as many as 40 or 50 players.


Before the match, the ball and bats are given to a local spiritual leader who blesses the equipment for good luck. Also, this leader works on ensuring good weather. Before the match, each team practices chants and dances to be performed at various times throughout the game. Each out is followed by a celebratory dance, choreographed by the opposing team. These dances often have special meaning, commenting on the prowess of the team, their superior skills, or mocking the other team. These dances may also have sexual innuendos and erotic themes.


Bowling is done underarm (as in softball), rather than overarm as in international cricket. This change came about because underhanded-bowled balls are less painful if they contact with a player.


There are ritual entrance and exit dances. One team had a mascot dressed as a tourist (dressed in bright colors, stopping in front of the performances to get a “close-up” view with his pretend binoculars). At the end of the match, there is an exchange of food, with the home team putting on the feast.


Other Trobriand changes to cricket include the following:


The visiting teams bats first

The bat and ball are not regular

Teams bowl alternately from each end of the pitch


Scoring varies considerably — for example, six runs are scored by a lost ball or by hitting the ball over a tree (compare to the standard boundary rules)

The umpire is from the batting side, and when sides change the umpire does as well

Rather than with the awarding of trophies, games conclude with a feast put on by the home team.

Today, cricket holds special meaning for the local population of the Trobriands. It has evolved to take on warlike aspects. For example, bowling is similar to spear throwing. Also, players’ bodies are decorated in bright colors and designs, similar to those displayed by warriors. The field entry and exit dances take on a warlike formation.


Was pretty interesting to watch. When a player is caught, they perform the Octopus dance which looks like a Haka type dance and the words "The octopus is very sticky! The ball sticks in my hand! In my hand!" are chanted.


Kirri-kikkit (?)

As many as you like (an entire village?)


Kilikiti aka Samoan cricket has some similarities to Trobriand Cricket.

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Sien, ek sê mos dis voor my tyd.... Springbok Radio... wie's hulle? :)

My ma het ook 'n plaat met 'Springbok Hits' of so iets..


Ek het maar gaan Google... ek sien nou wat aangaan. Oulike vraag, maar julle diskrimineer teen ons 'jonges' met sulke 'Golden Oldies' hehehehehehehe


no hard feelings! :)

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Sien, ek sê mos dis voor my tyd.... Springbok Radio... wie's hulle? :unsure:

My ma het ook 'n plaat met 'Springbok Hits' of so iets..


As an aside... nostalgia trip


Who can forget those albums, apparently the inspiration behind the naming of the band Springbok Nude Girls.


Anyway, those youngsters that recall the Chappies Chipmunk Club and Jet Jungle and the older members like Wazat :ph34r: that recall the aforementioned The Pip Freedman Show and The Men from the Ministry etc...


All is not lost. Sprinbok Radio is available live on audio streaming here


Back to the quiz :(

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:( Yup Pip worked right to the end - he lived in Pinelands near Cape Town with his family and was into doing shows for charity as well - he was at one stage billed as the Prince of Pinelands, this when Hout Bay declared themselves a republic and issued their own passports - oops that could have been the next question. :ph34r:
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I see that he passed away.... shame. Good to see he was joking to the end.


OK here goes:


It was not much success as a television series by the name of "Big City

Heat" but as a radio series it was a huge success. What was the name of the radio series.


It starred people such as Clive Scott, Dale Cutts, Patrick Mynhardt and Gordon Mulholland.

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