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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Probably stems from the Dutch word "bottelrij" which signifies a place where bottles would have been stored or made. Seeing as it is prime wine area this would be my guess. I remember that the Bottelray Co-op used to make some fine wines in the late 70's and early 80's. I believe that it is no more now - pity. We used to live about 10km from there.

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It's probably a bit obscure as they must have had their own interpretation of the word. Not for humans.


Mrs Pooks got the info from "Die Buiteposte" by Dan Sleigh


Bottelary typically referred to a provision room on a ship. Not for humans...mmmm ok, take a flyer... they built a storehouse in the area to keep animal fodder for cattle or horses?

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Globalrat - I'll give it to you. According to p197 in "Die Buiteposte" of Dan Sleigh


" 'n Gebied suid van Klapmutsberg, bekend as de Bottelarij is hierna vir die Kompanjie se hooimakery gereserveer (after the original area in the Liesbeeck valley was allocated to vrijburgers). Die naam De Bottelarij is in die sin van 'n spens of hooimagasyn daaraan gegee. Ander name vir die streek was 't Hooiveld en de Grasveld"


Close enough...

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Well, this is a females view. We used it a year or two ago for a carport - i.... bent roofing! :yikes:


Would there be any correlation between "female" and "bent" ? :( :( :(

Sorry CnC, couldn't resist...


Only because I just bought some a month ago... Inverted Box Rib


Once again GR, you're it :)

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Very few of them around - I think it is the $100,000 bill. :blink: Maybe $10,000 but I think it is the larger one.


$100,000 is it. It was the largest legal bill produced by the US Fed. All large tender bills ($500, $1000, $5000, $10000, $100000) were last printed in 1945 and discontinued in 1969.


The $100,000 is an odd bill, in that it was not generally issued, and printed only as a gold certificate of Series of 1934 and only used for inter-governmental transactions. It's also the only non green bill, being orange on the reverse side.

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Bethal, Hendrina or Carolina perhaps, or is it a little non-descript "gehuggie" like Rietspruit or Amsterdam. :?:


There are many mine dumps around - especially in the Witbank area - that have been burning for many years. There are a few old underground workings in Witbank that are also burning. [Perhaps we should use the word smouldering rather as there are no visible flames in any of these cases.] On most winter mornings the Witbank Aerodrome is shrouded in smoke/mist created by the smouldering remnants of mines in the area. Fortunately :rolleyes: nowadays the underground workings are outnumbered by the open cast or strip mining that is taking place in the Mpumalanga coalfields. Whether that is better or not is debatable. Perhaps Carbon Hunter could comment on the merits of open cast mining versus underground mining vis-a-vis environmental impact? <_<

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