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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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OK - a little obscure - and I don't think you ever see him (perhaps at one of the races?) - but the agent/manager for Lightning - he says he can't find Radiator springs on his GPS?


That's Harv. Nope he is never seen in the movie. You're on the right track with your thought process. There is another car in the movie which goes on about a GPS and is seen :anicute:

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OK the couple that pass thru towna nd wont ask for directions? Don't remeber their names. But they head off and still stay lost! i think the wife was Mini


Close enough. Yep Van and Minny are husband and wife. They are lost and pass through Radiator Springs while trying to find their way back to Interstate 40. Van refuses to ask directions, claiming not to need them due to having a GPS, and both of them are equipped with car alarms, which they arm after their encounter with Lightning McQueen when he begs them to call for help. After the end of the credits, Van and Minny are shown to have ended up somewhere lost in the desert, having never asked for directions, and Van has almost been driven to insanity. Their names combined is a pun on "minivan".

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Robbers Pass near Pilgrims Rest was named after a robbery of a coach.

What was the name of the coach company - and what did they use to pull their coaches 9with limited sucess)?


Heh heh....had this question in the bag too... will give someone else an opportunity. Some interesting history around these events.

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This one sounds interesting indeed. :D Although I don't have a clue I am going to hazard a guess on this. Although Kimberley was honoured with the first street lamps and elevator [lift] I don't think the swimming pool fits the bill as it has one currently. I am going to guess that it was Graaf Reinert.

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OK - let's get down to some eliminations here. Not Western Cape as Beaufort West was gonged out. That leaves Eastern cape and KZN to choose from. Both Port Elizabeth and East London have beach front pools so they are eliminated - as does Durban, Margate, Port Shepstone, etc. :(:huh:


My adjusted guess will have to be Grahamstown then. <_<

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Cincol, you're it! <_< Was it you or Carbon Hunter that used to live there?

Evidently the pool was next to the Botanical Garden.


Thanks - yep, I used to live in Grahamstown but certainly didn't know about it having the first public swimming pool in the country!


The next question then. Let's keep it in the Eastern Cape and in Grahamstown. When the British decided to establish a settlement the garrison set up "camp" around the current High Street area. What was the first building that was built in Grahamstown? [Hint: the building is still in everyday use today as a restaurant and is situated about 200m from the main entrance to Rhodes in High Street - and it is not the Cathederal.]

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It is the building that houses Dulce's!? :( My first stop for breakfast when I get to Grahamstown!


That used to be my business!! :huh: Nope - that building is not the oldest, but is pretty old though - about 130 years old. It was originally built as a wool store. It has extremely thick walls and a high ceiling that was insulated with about 9 inches of sawdust. Grahamstown can get very hot in the summer and the wool needed to be stored at moderate temperature. It has also seen service as a furniture warehouse, transport depot, travel agent and is now the home of Dulce's Cafe. <_<

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A Gaol?


Spot-on! :D


The British first built the Provost while they lived in tents for a few years!! :grin: At least the prisoners were safe!


Editing Note: as cownchicken quite rightly pointed out by PM, I got the gaol wrong by referring to the incorrect gaol - the Provost - which was built later. :blink::wacko: The original gaol now houses the restaurant called Yellow House. This was the answer that was required. My apologies to cownchicken et al. Consider myself as being wrapped on the knuckles!! :yikes:

Edited by cincol
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