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  1. Pooks, thanks for that nudge, pre-occupied has a new meaning these days. Without further adieu, The winner for the second round of the photo competition is.... (drum rolls) Hesamati for his rendition of “ Green Promise” What drew me to this image was the contrasts and emotions that it generated. I would like to congratulate all the other entrants for the awesome pics submitted, it was a tough one to judge , special mention for : CapeDoc - The Devil Makes himself at home Globalrat - Villiers Sunset Rhino and hedgehog - Cathedral Peak the pooks - tankwa Their pics were the runners up (in no particular order) Hesamati, you have the honour of being the next judge..
  2. Thanks Globalrat for the excellent reviews of last month’s competition. The standard has been set. I agree that it was quite a tough call, particularly with reference to capedocs and waynes world submissions. The vibrancy and detail of these pics is truly outstanding (hint hint). I’m looking forward to judging this month’s photos even though it means I’m out of the race for this month. Keep the comments coming. I want to add if we want to keep this geocaching related; we can also add pics of TB’s and not just physical cache locations, the prerequisite being that they need to be logged. Only a few more days to go to the end of the month, let’s get the entries rolling in.
  3. Caught this magical moment down in Tontledoos Camera: Fuji FinePix A310
  4. Dakardrix, BruceTP and all involved. Thanks so much for a such well organized event. It was a great day out and we had LOTS of fun. Was nice meeting up with all the regulars and welcome to some new cachers. Now i'm looking forward to the other 60 odd MF caches that I still need to do. I think that centurion and surrounds can now probably boast with the highest cache density (Citation needed), in SA that is.
  5. Is there going to be a prize for bringing along the most creative cache container
  6. Tshwane Braai – 21/03/2009 Is good for me
  7. Ban the Bag! With some creativity one can come up with the ideal cache container. As an experiment I have used the perfect camo; using the same sand from the area + super strength contact glue + tupperware container, and mayby a small pebble or two. A container like this looks in place and does not draw any attention and can withstand all the elements. Have a look at my cache SKUNK-WORKS GC1H8RK and see all the logs and comments about the container. I have never found a simular cache container as yet, so I claim it as my signature for all my future caches . Next container is already in the process of being made.
  8. Taking a stab at it. Would it be something that you would measure the density of air or light traveling through air
  9. Esitoli


    Hey DamhuisClan I'll second this one. Give me a PM if you want any help organizing. Irene's on my doorstep. We will definitely attend Esitoli & Clan
  10. Hey cincol, Yip, tis your area, you should know it well. Drop me a pm when you in Centurion area. Pitty, I missed the Rustenburg event , was there the week prior. I want to organize a PTA/JHB event. Still thinking where. FTD on bug-mobile still up for grabs.
  11. Esitoli

    I spy

    TeamGinger Spotted in the midnight hour. Doenst do Sleep either
  12. Where's the next Gauteng event? How about a family day, n braai somewhere, sometime? Any suggestions on locations and times. Lets get together..
  13. Esitoli

    I spy

    Hi Fish Eagle and KoosKoos Its seems you never sleep
  14. My new Bug-mobile Check-out my new bug, No discoveries as yet. Putting out a challenge. I will take the FTD (First to Discover) for a beer. Lets see who knows the name of this cache location.
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