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400 or more Free geocoins to adopt

Tennessee Jed

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Sorry to hear that you are not doing well.


I would be willing to watch a couple of the coins for you. I am new to the game of geocaching and it would be kind of interesting to do.


E-mail Sent. Thanks.



Pssst......hey all you Newbs with 5 coins or less in your collection, you should check out the Todie's Wild Ride topic. You might like what you read!!


Sorry, back to your previously scheduled programming...

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Sorry to hear of your troubles, we'll be praying for you. We'd love to adopt some of your coins. Get well soon!




I don’t know what forum to post this in because part is about selling and part is not. Because of medical problems and bills I will be trying to sell some ‘valuable’ coins soon.


I am also going to release around four hundred or more into the wild. There is no way I can keep track of so many traveling coins so I want to adopt them out if anyone is interested. Though you may never see the coin, you will be able to claim up to ten or more yours as long as they travel.


This will be a long process due to the difficulty of adoption, but if you email me I will get the coin on its journey under your caching name as soon as possible.


P.S. Don't expect me to reply to any requests.

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Adoption papers received and completed for two coins .


I like so many others here wish to say thank you so much for your gift . It will be a pleasure to watch these coins travelling .

I would only consider my self as custodian of the listing and coin. Should you at any time in the future wish to readopt them I will do so with pleasure .Again thank you and best wishes for the future.

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