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  1. Same issue here. Tried the mustakorppi suggestion and it did not help.
  2. I have waited patiently and try to read most of the posts hoping for a solution to my problems. Nothing yet. I use a computer at work that runs XP-SP3 and IE-6 and I am also not getting the maps. I've tried all the usual things and nothing seems to work and the site runs ALOT slower. A couple of other notes. When I first pull up a map page all I see are the empty cache boxes. When I hit refresh maps the icons show up in the boxes. If I click on one of the caches the description displays but the little red x "close window" is missing. Also we received new 24" widescreen monitors a couple months back and I liked being able to expand the site and maps to full screen. The website does not expand out any more to fill the screen. On a personal note I like the cleaner fonts but there is way too much white space for my preference. Please tighten it up.
  3. I've been watching the drama unfold and kept quiet, but now feel compelled to ask something simple. I'm curious as to GS investigation techniques. It seems that Jenn would be incapable if checking it out personally so she had to of talked to someone else. Maybe the same person(s) that Nomex talked to. Possibly someone who also lives in the Grand Rapids area and would have provided a local accounting. Also the response SF got seems very accusatory. I don't see rogue action. In fact it seemed very deliberate. Normally I would not get involved and really don't enjoy the overt dramatics of the boards here, but I am troubled by the character assassination that seems to have developed and been forwarded by some who should know better. A group of us were planning a trip up to GR to try and cache crash the Jiendo site in hopes of that elusive FTF. This cache had started to take on mythical proportions. And yes I heard some of the grumblings that maybe it wasn't there because he refused to offer any hints. But then it was meant to be tough. It wasn't meant to be one of those 5 star difficulties where all you need is a Phillips screw driver for the lone reflector at hip level. It was meant to be something different, a truly unique and innovative hide that most cachers have never seen before. I personally like a good hunt, and really enjoy seeing unique containers. Although I don't necessarily see the value of a plain nano in the middle of 600 acres of woods or a numbers run of one LPC after another as that gets old also. But I still go after all those caches just for fun and I don't berate the hider for placing them. So I just wanted it noted that to archive this particular cache has taken away something special from the caching community. I don't believe it is GS's intention to stifle innovation and hard caches otherwise they would also be going after many of the other one's that have been mentioned here. Since that hasn't happened elsewhere, there might be some validity to his claims. I nope not, but realistically it seems very plausible. I got to meet SuperFly when a group of us made the drive up to GR and we stopped at the ammo can. Very cool cache! Definitely not a hard find. He didn't come bounding out with welcoming gifts and jokes and a plate full of cookies. Not everyone is a rolly-polly ball of joy. Some people are straight forward and no-nonsense. He struck me as the latter type. And if he says the cache was there I believe him. I don't know the history of all the drama that goes on up there, and yes he has some caches that I have no hope of ever finding (I don't own a cell-phone so shock-codes are out) but when I e-mailed for help on a couple of his puzzles he replied within a couple days and was most helpful. Everyone I've met since I started caching has been pretty nice and has added to the fun of this hobby. But I'm sure like any group or community there will be those who for one reason or another, don't like someone else. It would be great if everyone got along and I try to treat everyone the same way I would like to be treated, but there are huge variety of personalities out there and some are bound to rub others a wrong way. After reading every post in this thread, I see a few from both ends of the spectrum have shown up here. I too have experienced a situation where I believe another cacher went out and purposely stole one of my caches on what only could be termed a temper tantrum. At first I was angry but finally settled down and let it go. It's sad but I don't see an reason to dwell on it. I have not met him face to face but if ever I did, I wouldn't even bother to bring it up. Fortunately it was only a decon, I feel worse for the TB that was in there. I have even had a hand-made custom container go missing. It's the nature of the beast and I got over it. So let's be realistic here, geo-caching is a very, silly game. Yes, a silly, silly game and I'm hooked and I love it! But I'm not going to get all bent out of shape over it (disappointed on occasion maybe!). I think all parties involved here bear some responsibility for poor judgment, inappropriate actions, and childish behavior. That includes anyone who may not have spoken up at all but have tried to hide and get others to do their dirty work. I can also understand where GS may have been forced to choose a side and in a simple business decision, they choose to support the side that would further the companies interests. Since this hobby is growing very quickly, the loss of a single cacher, although regrettable, is far less painful than replacing a reviewer. I do believe it could of been handled alot better. I hope GS would choose to be the voice of moderation, not a proxy. With that said, anybody wanna just go cachin' !!!
  4. I know Rockin' Roddy lost his unit. Check for him here on the forums and maybe you can help another great cacher.
  5. OK, a minutes up. But I'm really swamped right now, how 'bout I tell what I hate about waiting you in an hour?
  6. OK, a minutes up. But I'm really swamped right now, how 'bout I tell what I hate about waiting you in an hour?
  7. I'll tell you what I hate about waiting in just a minute.....
  8. Sorry to hear about the health issues, it seems every family runs into something at some time, but good luck! I would like to adopt some of your coins too. "moldslug"
  9. 1. I have learned alot of commands in my obedience classes, name 3 commands that I am very good at (they can be any 3 that I have learned and excel at). a.____Sit________ b.____Speak________ c.____Shake________ 2. There is 1 command that I do not like and I will only do it if my mom uses a treat. What command is that? a.______Roll Over________ 3. In my advanced obedience class, I am now starting to work on commands that my mom is suppose to let go of my leash but she stays close. During a double command (requires the use of 2 commands), our owners had to clap their hands to see if we would break our concentration. I got very excited and broke the command and my mom had to keep correcting me. What was the double command? a. ____Down___/__Stay___ 4. My mom taught me a simple trick that I am pretty good at but still working to improve on. It requires the use of a double command. What is the trick (double command, something very close or the right idea will count as the right answer). a. __Sit up___/___Dance____ 5. In preperation for Agility classes, my mom is working with me on some new devices/course obstacles. Name 1 of 2 were are starting to work on. a.____Jump bars__
  10. While driving through Ann Arbor I picked up one of the Tod's Wild Ride geocoins and that was when I first heard about these coins and decided to check out this forum. My wife and I have bikes and I wanted to grab and drop the coin here locally in Kalamazoo for several other cachers who also ride. I still consider myself new to geocaching and I just purchased my first geocoin that was auctioned in memory of Tod. I hope it helps the family. Now that I just received it, I too was wondering whether or not to activate the coin and release it, and the opinions here have helped me decide to keep it safe at home. But I don't want it to be hidden away. So my question is, since I would like to show it to other cachers, should I activate it and just let people discover it? What are "icons"? I'm not sure what the icons are and what they do or even where they are at. Does activating a coin reduce it's value or make it hard to trade? I do know one thing though, these silly little things are like Jays potato chips - you can't stop with one! Bill " moldslug "
  11. Now I can really thank you for the headsup! I won't bother with the cables and I'll look instead for the card reader/writer. If I don't find a book I'll break down and buy one from the LEI site and eat the shipping. I definately need to read the manual before purchasing any of the extra maps and stuff. We are new to geocaching and just started last month with a borrowed 60csx until I found this Explorer cheap figuring I would give it to my daughter or wife. I am actually very happy with how well this thing works even in cloudy conditions and under trees and we have been quite successful. You did convince me to become a premium member and thanks for the link, I've got a lot of reading!
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded the manual, but the desktop doesn't travel well. I was hoping someone out there had some old cords or the card writer and software sitting around. I plan on giving this unit to my 10yr old daughter after I decide on (save up for) a bigger color unit for myself. I noted at the LEI site that there is a combo patch cord that has the 12v power and the data cable in one, but that is almost more than I paid for the unit! No hurry, we are finding things just as quick with the paper print out!
  13. I picked up a Lowrance iFinder Explorer but it did not come with anything. If anyone has a manual, power and/or data cords, or software that would work with this unit please contact me.
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