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Cache Hopper reached 1500th cache

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How did you get away?


There was a time when dinosaurs walked the earth and you and I were both in just double digit caches and about equal. You have a truck load of young kids, mine have flown the nest. You have a social life that makes Barabara Cartland's life seem just grey - I warm my slippers by the fire. You keep 1001 scrabble games on the go. I have diffriculty reading the screen.


But somehow you are on 1500 and I'm just about to scrape 750. So the only thing I can offer you is bare faced cheek and full frontal congratulations xxxx

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Well done Li.....


Kewfriend... I know how she does it... she just makes that Piratey Bloke go caching ALL day EVERY weekend....


Seriously Liane... well done, and well done to little Meggy and Joshy who also make up part of th'oppers... their legs are only little, yet they cache along brilliantly!

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