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Argh, puzzle caches frustrate me!

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I have almost 300 caches logged and only 1 puzzle cache so far because it was an easy one. But I just can't get puzzle caches. For instance: Presidential Puzzler. I emailed the cache owner and he gave me a hint but didn't tell me how to unravel the code.


For instance:

62060 98272 13605 35574

04950 75711 57344 46991


Every block of numbers is supposted to represent a president. There is some kind of code to break to convert those numbers to president names, but I am completely stumped as to how to do that. And the cache owner didn't help me much, all he said was: "Some codes uses spaces to confuse, but the spaces between the numbers is very important for this puzzle. Once you figure out a very obtuse way to convert these numbers into a President, you will zip right to the cache."


Any ideas anybody? I would like to get some of these puzzle caches, but am terrible with puzzles.

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I just ignore the stupid things, they're not proper caches.

If they want me to find it, they can give me the coords.

If they want me to jump through hoops, they can go ****


That's how I feel when I can't solve them :D


Sometimes you just have to let 'em go

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Wow, I'm very puzzle challenged myself but got this right away before reading the hint.


Not to make you feel worse, just to encourage you that you can do this one.


And I am being serious, I am extrmely puzzle challenged, so much so that it is usually easier for me to find puzzle caches without a puzzle solution than it is for me to solve the puzzle. Just seems to be the way mind minds works, or doesn't work.


One way to get moving on puzzle caches would be to find someone else to work with. You share ideas back and forth then log the find together.

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Boy some good posts have been posted here and I sorry you are having trouble with the puzzle. Juicepig's post was very interesting. I too was able to zip to an answer on this one but, I understand your pain. I had a puzzle that the owner and I went back forth 6 e-mails each before I finally got the answer. Hang in there you will get the ah ha moment. This puzzle gets my stamp of approval, like it matters.

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Some people just don't like puzzles. Nothing wrong with that at all, so don't feel bad about ignoring the cache.


I'll also mention that I agree with what others have already posted: asking for help on a puzzle in public forums is a definite no-no. If the answer is publicly posted then it could ruin the puzzle for someone who wants to solve it the hard way.


As for this specific puzzle, if I were confronted with only those 5-digit numbers I wouldn't have a clue. But the owner left several subtle hints in the text of the description plus the actual encoded hint. His previously "private" hint to you contained even more subtle hints.

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I think I found the key to the puzzle, however my solution didn't pass the coordinate verification. Maybe I mistyped something, maybe there is something more to decode. (Did the previous posters verify their solutions?)


P.S. I like to solve puzzles, but I'm not from the US, so it's more complicated for me to "zip for the cache".

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I think I found the key to the puzzle, however my solution didn't pass the coordinate verification. Maybe I mistyped something, maybe there is something more to decode. (Did the previous posters verify their solutions?)

I gave it a shot and managed to get a verification on the first try. It's not incredibly subtle, so the odds are you just didn't transcribe a digit correctly.


Now, am I going to drive almost 2200 miles to log a find? :D Ehhh, probably not. I've driven about 200 miles for a single smiley (special case: FTF on a puzzle), but I think that's probably my limit. Plus there's that whole border thing... :D

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Cache owner here. I don't get to the forums much, but saw a note that pointed me here.


I just wanted to let all of you know how much I appreciate the lack of spoilers in this post. Very mature discussion, and the point of this puzzle is the 'gotcha' once you figure it out.


I know some people hate puzzles and that is fine. Here in Houston, terrain is usually pretty easy so puzzles do provide a nice way to notch up the difficulty a bit. You would think we would run out of ways to represent coordinates by substitution but I'm always amazed at what people think up.


Anyways, thanks for showing restraint. I know snowbird will figure it out - email me again if you need more help (but you know I'm not going to spell it out).



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